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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Little Fish

Jeff and I met as lifeguards, have I mentioned that? We both grew up in water. I did swimming, he did diving and waterpolo. We both love being in the water and are completely comfortable there.

Rach is reenacting our lifeguarding days

Having a child who can't use his lower body stumped me. How in the world would he fit in our family? How would he go to swimming lessons? How would we take him to the beach? What in the world would he do in our backyard pool??

I started taking Kingsley swimming when he was a baby at our Centre which has a very, very warm little therapy pool. At the time we moved into this house last spring, I'd say Kinger was the most comfortable in the water of the three of them. He didn't panic when he was dunked (though he didn't like it either), he could float almost on his own on his back, and he really loved just hanging out in the water.

Through sheer exposure to water, the girls have magically learned to swim this summer. It's truly blown my mind. Rachel has gone from a timid floater to swimming in the deep end all day, every day. Cordelia isn't comfortable in the deep end yet, but she's gone from freaking out if her face got splashed to swimming underwater.

Kingsley is finding his way. He wears a puddle jumper in the water, which is a fabulous invention, in my opinion. In June, I had to be thisclose to him to make sure he didn't tip over and get a big mouthful of water. He didn't know what to do with his arms, couldn't stay level, and only went where we took him. I predicted the most boring summer in the world, having to stand in the shallow end keeping him from drowning while everyone else got to actually swim.

workin' on the chest muscles

Fortunately, I was totally wrong. King is a little fish! I don't even have to be near him, he just swims around using his arms. If his face goes in now, it's because he wanted it to (or because Jeff dunked him). He likes to hang out on the stairs and play with his trains (aka bath toys), take the dog for a walk (aka hang onto the tube for the automatic pool vacuum), do push ups on the lane rope, and ride on my back as I swim around. He's also good at jumping in (aka sitting on the edge and throwing himself into the pool).

I don't know what the future holds for him in the pool. I know there is a place I can access for 1:1 swimming lessons that I'm going to tap in to soon and see if they can teach him to swim without his legs. I'm confident that he'll find his way.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I can't tell you what it took, what extraordinary measures I had to take, but Kingsley is clearing up. I truly can't say, because one day Kingsley will not be two years old and he will never, ever want to hear these details, nevermind know that the whole interweb heard about them. So, I'll just say things are getting better and I never ever ever want to go through this business again.

And like a miracle, my baby boy is back. Instantly.

My sincere apologies go out to everyone who has encountered Kingsley in the last few weeks. That was not my little boy. The scowling, angry, grouchy, moody, yelling kid has finally left the building.

We're not through the woods yet, but I can see the light.

THIS is what he's been doing all afternoon: playing tricks, being sneaky, making jokes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've mentioned before that I love yoga. I love it, love love love love it. I guess it's no surprise that my kids were introduced to yoga before they were even born and that it continued as soon as they came home. I stumbled on the best book called Itsy Bitsy Yoga and dogeared that thing until I knew most of it by heart. Yoga is in their blood.

Truthfully, though, I haven't done yoga with Kingsley as much. The Itsy Bitsy moves are developmental based and he eventually got to the point where the only poses/songs he could do were the young baby ones, which he was bored with. Once he got too heavy for Mom and Baby yoga, that was pretty much it for my teeniest yogini.

Or so I thought!

A few weeks ago, Rachel popped her yoga DVD in and rolled out her mat in the middle of the day. I was running around doing stuff, but stopped short at the doorway when I saw KINGSLEY DOING YOGA. Just sitting there in his Bumbobile copying the video and loving every minute of it.

lousy pictures, I know. I was being stealthy at the doorway and trying not to be noticed

Well, now don't I feel dumb for not including him in our yoga fun. Even moreso when I happened to catch him on video doing some spontaneous yoga in the backyard one afternoon.

Is there such thing as a mat mom? I am going to start a new trend. I see a reality TV show in my future ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Technical Difficulties

You know how technology is really great when it's working and incredibly frustrating when it is not? My laptop has been having issues. First, our wireless modem died, so the only internet connection I had was on my phone, then literally the day after that was replaced my laptop decided to go through 14325 updates and to crash with each and every one of them. After a long month, we have recovered and I have a lot of catching up to do.

But enough about my boring woes, Kingsley seems to have gotten through some of his teething troubles and is still talking up a storm (though 60% of it I do not understand). He does this incredibly cute thing lately - every time I call his name, no matter what he's doing, even if he's in the midst of a tantrum, he will stop and say: YES? So, naturally, I do it about 100 times a day.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I give up.

I completely and utterly resign myself to the fact that there is no point in worrying about Kingsley in any capacity. I worry, I stress, I wonder, I ponder. I question whether he will do whatever and when something will happen.

It's useless.

My latest query is when Kingsley will learn to transfer himself in and out of his gear and how he'll do that, when he'll be strong enough... We've been trying to make some long-term decisions and his timeline for independence is a factor, see. I've been talking to his therapists about it this week, some other families, doing a little Googling and Youtubing.

I think he was listening.

Today, I heard King chase after his sisters in his Bumbobile as they ran for the stairs and then up them. I heard bumps and thumps. I called out and he responded calmly, letting me know he was fine. He sounded amused.

This is what I found him doing:

Right after this, he decided to hoist himself up on the bottom step. He didn't quite get there, but he did manage to get his chest up onto the stair. And then he stole my iPhone, turned it on, found the photo icon, and watched himself pop out of his chair over and over and over.

So, that's that. No point worrying anymore! ;)
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