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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Technical Difficulties

You know how technology is really great when it's working and incredibly frustrating when it is not? My laptop has been having issues. First, our wireless modem died, so the only internet connection I had was on my phone, then literally the day after that was replaced my laptop decided to go through 14325 updates and to crash with each and every one of them. After a long month, we have recovered and I have a lot of catching up to do.

But enough about my boring woes, Kingsley seems to have gotten through some of his teething troubles and is still talking up a storm (though 60% of it I do not understand). He does this incredibly cute thing lately - every time I call his name, no matter what he's doing, even if he's in the midst of a tantrum, he will stop and say: YES? So, naturally, I do it about 100 times a day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Bump in the Night

I don't live in a state of constant worry. I thought I would, especially when handed the list titled: Signs of Shunt Malfunction. Fortunately, Kingsley doesn't give me a whole lot to worry about. There was his first autumn that caused me a huge amount of anxiety, obviously. Then there was this past autumn where I lost sleep a few nights. Then there have been a smattering of why is he crying?? moments where the the big bad shunt monster crossed my mind. But otherwise, no worry.

Last night, I didn't sleep. It was one of those nights where I did worry.
Kingsley wasn't sleeping. Again.
He's been off, not himself, grouchy, whiny, tired, miserable. My happy little boy is anything but happy.
Last night, as I rocked him in his room, the evil thoughts started creeping in...

Shunt. Cord. Chiari.


Oh, the dread that can creep into your mind at two in the morning.

Kingsley eventually went to sleep, after a dose of Advil and a long hour of rocking. In the morning, he was grouchy again, but I was able to run through all of the tests I could think of to make sure he still had all of the same movement and functioning in his legs that he had a month ago.
I mentally went through the Chiari warnings while we went about our morning and didn't find any that raised red flags.
I went through the all-too-familiar shunt watch list in my head and didn't check enough to warrant concern.

Then I stuck my finger in his mouth and rubbed his gums while he practically purred.




It's so much easier to think clearly when the sun is out, isn't it?
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