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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Kreacher

Harry didn't know whether to laugh or not. The elf straightened up, eyeing them all malevolently, and apparently convinced that they could not hear him as he continued to mutter. 

"...and there's the mudblood, standing there bold as brass, oh, if my mistress knew, oh, how she'd cry, and there's a new boy, Kreacher doesn't know his name. What is he doing here? Kreacher doesn't know..."

~ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, JKR

can you see the resemblance? 

There's a character in the later Harry Potter books named Kreacher who is an old elf, a bit senile maybe, and who does not realize (or perhaps care) that his internal dialogue is external - he says exactly what he's thinking at all times. He also speaks in third person. This is exactly what it's like hanging out with Kingsley all day. From the moment he wakes up, he is talking and telling me exactly what he's thinking. It sounds like this:

"MOMMY!!! Open my door! I awake! Oh! There's Mommy. Mommy opened the door. Hi Mommy! Mommy's awake. Mommy's turning off my light. No! Don't change Kingsley's bum. Where's my iPad? Oh, there's my iPad. I wanna watch Thomas. Where's Thomas? I can't find Thomas. I found Thomas. I don't want this Thomas. Where's Thomas and Percy? Here's Percy. Mommy, wanna see something cool? Hey, there's Edward. Oh, Mommy's taking off my PJ's. Mommy, I hiding! Oh, there's Rachel. Hi Rachel! Rachel's awake. Mommy and Kingsley are awake. Cordie's not here. Mommy and Kingsley and Rachel are on Kingsley's bed..." and on and on and on. His speech isn't perfect, but I saved you the trouble of trying to interpret what he meant by not typing the way he actually speaks. 

He stops for breath occasionally, but for the most part, if he and I are alone and he's not eating, it's the constant stream. He is also a killer backseat driver. I almost made a video of him driving to playgroup this morning because it was so funny, but it's illegal to play with my phone, so I didn't. Here's some of the transcription:

"Mommy and Kingsley are in the car. Mommy can we please, please, please go to playgroup? Oh! CEMENT TRUCK!!! CE! MENT! TRUUUUUCK!!!! I see a cement truck! Mommy! FASTER!!! Where's the cement truck! OH NO! Cement truuuuck!!! GO FASTER MOMMY! [the cement truck was in the other lane and was turning, we were going straight. this was devastating]. Bye-bye cement truck. OH! A dump truck! Pretty, pretty please? I really, really, really want to go to playgroup. Move, car! Mommy, go faster! MOVE CAR! That car is in the way. Move faster! FASTER!! A school bus! I see a school bus. I love school buses. The school bus has a door. There's a school bus. And a city bus! I see a city - TWO CITY BUSES!! What are you doing, Mommy? Mommy, are you getting your coffee? Oh, Mommy doesn't wanna coffee, Mommy has a tea. FASTER MOMMY! Mommy, do you have your tea? Where's your tea? Why aren't you drinking your tea?"

He seems to save these monologues for when he's alone with people or just around people he is used to, because he doesn't do it in groups. My parents had the kids overnight this past weekend and my Dad had to spend an hour alone with Kingsley. His response: he talks a lot

"hey gwampa, I wanna tell you sumpin..."

Quite a change from last year, no?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tinsey Talk

I was swimming with Kinger today and another mom asked how old he was, then commented on what a great vocabulary he has.

Kingsley. Vocabulary.

It completely blows my mind that Kingsley is doing so well with his speech. He speaks in sentences, has little conversations with me, tells jokes, listens to everything we say and has definitely caught up to his age. He did this in six months! Six months took him from 12 months to 30 months. Rockstar.

It's not entirely clear yet. He has some sound substitutions that I'm told are normal. The biggest one is subbing the sound T for all K sounds. He calls himself 'Tinsey', which I think is absolutely adorable. He will politely put his hand on his chest and say, "Me, Tinsey," if you introduce yourself, then point to me and say, "Mommy," as if these two things are all you would ever need to know.

The other thing that cracks me up is that he calls both Rachel and Cordelia, "Waychie," as if he couldn't be bothered to distinguish one sister from the other. I think it's his subtle way of snubbing Cordelia, who adores, smothers and harasses him every chance she gets. He knows she's Cordelia and will call her "Co-die" if asked outright who she is, but when talking TO her, she's Rachel.

One of my favourite thing he says right now is all the Super Why characters names. He *loves* Super Why. I've tried catching it on video because I just have to preserve how adorable he is yelling: "MOMMY! I'm Sue-pah Why-ee! To dah wescue! Wit' Won-dah Wed! And Pin-pess Pee! And Alpa-pid!"

So, there. Another time everyone gets to say 'I told you so!' about all the panicking I was doing over his lack of speech. It was slow, but it happened. The end. ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Technical Difficulties

You know how technology is really great when it's working and incredibly frustrating when it is not? My laptop has been having issues. First, our wireless modem died, so the only internet connection I had was on my phone, then literally the day after that was replaced my laptop decided to go through 14325 updates and to crash with each and every one of them. After a long month, we have recovered and I have a lot of catching up to do.

But enough about my boring woes, Kingsley seems to have gotten through some of his teething troubles and is still talking up a storm (though 60% of it I do not understand). He does this incredibly cute thing lately - every time I call his name, no matter what he's doing, even if he's in the midst of a tantrum, he will stop and say: YES? So, naturally, I do it about 100 times a day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Love You

Kingsley is talking endlessly now and imitating everything we say. He'll imitate labels, names, sounds, phrases. He's doing amazing.

I was waiting though. After your baby first says MOMMY, the next thing you wait for is I LOVE YOU. Nothing melts a mama's heart like those three little words. They're usually all jumbled up and mushy, but there's no mistaking it when you hear it. 

Three days ago, Kingsley said it. He was in his stander watching Sid the Science Kid, I was running around cleaning up just before we went to get the girls from school. I walked in the room. King's eyes were glued to the TV as he said:

"Sid," [pause] "I wuh wu" [pause] "Mom."

Then he looked at me. I'm not sure if he looked at me because the 'I love you' was meant for me or if it was because I was laughing so hard and that pulled him away from his beloved Sid. Either way, it was a priceless moment. 

Since then, he's said, "I wuh wu" to random strangers at the library, the neighbour, one of Rachel's classmates, and today, he really truly said it to me - the TV was not on. ;) 

Be still my heart. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


They all said it would happen. They all said it was coming. Just be patient. Just wait him out. No reason not to. All in his own time.

And as usual, 'they' were right.

Kingsley is starting to talk. Just like that. Out of nowhere. His vocabulary has pretty much tripled if not quadrupled in the last two weeks. Now, given that he had a vocabulary of about 5 words, it's not like he's caught up or anything, but in time.

He's babbling, he's making new sounds, he's imitating, he's labeling and requesting (manding folks, I have manding!!).

he also got a rockstar hairdo this week

Naturally, we start speech therapy next Wednesday.

I think this is it. He's mastered sitting and crawling and transferring from crawling to sitting. He's a pro at rolling and steering and every other gross motor skill he can tackle right now. The kid is doing chin ups for Pete's sake. He's playing and colouring and eating (sort of). He's kind of run out of things to master, other than the talking. So, talking he is.

*sigh of relief*

Once again, I reference one of my fabulous mentors who has never yet been wrong. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Miracle

Kingsley is fine, just fine.

We saw his neurosurgeon today. She said his syrinx is still there, still significant, but stable. She asked a whole bunch of questions about what we've been seeing, what Kingsley has been doing, what the concerns are, what changes he's had. She believes they are because he is doing so much more, using so many more muscles in different ways and so there are some side effects - his hamstring is tight because he's realized he can bend that knee to move around and so bends it (he doesn't have the quad muscles to stretch it straight again). The increased twitching is enervation and conscious movement where before it was passive. He's just doing well.

One small shadow: his Chiari area is a bit tight. She asked about his eating and if he chokes and whatnot. He isn't showing any symptoms that concern her, so no surgery now. She is not keen to jump in and open it up more without a really good reason, as doing so could cause more problems so there's no point in putting that risk out there without a very good reason. The same with putting a shunt in his spine to drain the syrinx - there are no guarantees that it would help the situation and no guarantees that it wouldn't make things worse. So, while everything is stable, no surgery. If he has significant changes, we'll have to look into those things.

More good news! His brain is perfectly wonderful. His shunt is working perfectly. There is nothing there that would be causing language problems, as far as she could see, so the delay is just a delay that he will work through, as far as anyone can tell.

This is all pretty much beyond what I could've hoped for. I was imagining terrible things and not a single one of them came true. It's like Christmas morning, his birth day and winning the lottery all in one.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

This afternoon, my sister came home to celebrate with us. Really, they came home for Christmas, but this was a pretty good second reason. ;) Christmas can officially begin again. All is well.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strong and Silent Type

So, Mr. Kinger is digging his heels in now about this talking thing. He was cruising along, doing just fine, did the babbling, picked up a few signs, was able to effectively tell all the nurses last winter NOOOOO, BUH-BUH and do the frantic 'all done' with his hands. He said Mama, Dada, Nana and had a running list of other approximations. He imitated... things were coming right along.

Then he stopped.

What is with my boy and regression? As of 18 months old he was doing just fine, despite not talking much anymore. Just as long as he didn't continue to regress, we were okay.  He hasn't regressed any further. Problem is, he also hasn't made any gains. I think there comes a point nearly every hour where I pause the thoughts in my head and remind myself: THIS WILL COME. ... right??


I keep saying it's just because he's working so hard on everything else. He's doing some ah-mazing gross motor gains, his eating is trucking right along, his play and problem solving skills are flying. When I look at everything he's learnt to do in the last 4 months, I'm in awe. Everything but talking.

I KNOW he can talk. He has talked. He will talk again. He will talk more. I'm good at this waiting thing now.

While I wait though, I figure we'll give him a little push. I have started taking this course called The Hanen Program. I'm not going to lie, it feels a little weird being on this end of a parent education series after leading so many. I have to consciously stop myself from critiquing teaching style or making comments like I would if I were co-teaching. I am there to learn. I must stop telling myself that I know all this. If I knew it all, Kingsley would be talking, right? It's always the annoying know-it-all parent who is doing the most obvious no-no's. ;)

I think this is him subtly telling me to leave him alone

Good news. When we started, Kingsley was saying Mama, Dada, Da-Du (Rachel. And Cordelia actually), and signing all done. Three weeks in, he now vehemently shakes his head no while saying, "Ooooooooooo!!!!" and says ma-meh for movie (Elmo on the iPad). I'll take it. By Christmas, he'll be reciting sonnets.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Music to my ears.

Kingsley had a speech assessment last week and came out AVERAGE. Then we looked over a whole bunch of measurements for development and he's coming out just fine. Obviously bottoms out in gross motor, does great in fine motor, personal-social is alright (brought down by things like 'comes to you for help doing something' and 'drink from a glass' or 'uses a spoon' which cause me zero stress), problem solving and communication are both good.

He'll be reassessed in 6 months when he's 2 years old, or sooner if he doesn't hit a language burst in the next few months. In the meantime, I have accepted that King learns in spurts and he likes to keep me on my toes. He's gone through some steep learning with the bumbobile, worked really hard to sit up on his own (which he mostly does now), has suddenly started eating 'real' food more, and is getting really interested in toys. So, he hasn't focused on speech or taking care of his personal needs, oh well. He will.

The way I figure it, he was held back by his cumulative month in the hospital and all those long weeks of recovery. Correct his age a bit, subtract all of the measures that are irrelevant to his situation and my boy is a rockstar. ;)  Which I already knew.

Hey there, handsome. 
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