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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'll love you forever...

The other night I was getting ready for bed when I heard Kingsley call my name from his bedroom. I went in and he looked up at me with his big, sleepy, blue eyes and smiled.

"Mommy. It's Mommy. Hi, Mommy."

I asked him if he wanted some snuggles and he nodded and reached out his hands, opening and closing his fingers like he was grabbing at something. I picked him up and sunk down into the glider.

It took only one brief moment to realize that this was the best decision ever. I felt the whole weight of his body lean in against mine and I was so surprised by it, by how big he was. I carry him all the time, up and down stairs, in and out of the van, from one chair to another, and we even snuggle in this glider all the time. Even though I do this fifty times a day, on that night I really, really felt him, all nearly-three-years-old of him.

Birthday's are such sap-inducers, aren't they? All I could think about as I held him and noted how his knees folded in my lap so that his chin could rest on my shoulder, was how careful I had to be holding him at first. How his newborn (and drug-swelling) chub and pudge fooled you into thinking he wasn't as delicate as he was, with that scar in his bum crack and the one behind his ear. How I would be so conscious of where my hands were, where the blanket rubbed, if his diaper had twisted, the angle of his head... I longed to be able to just grab him and breathe him in. Now I can and I love it.

Kingsley's baby days are numbered. They're ticking away so quickly! He's going to be THREE. We're working on potty training, I bought him a real bed, he talks, he wheels, he is so independent. Kingsley is not that fragile little baby that stole my heart.

I sat there, rocking and snuggling, for a long time that night. Then, like that (creepy) Robert Munsch book, I laid down next to my sleeping Rachel and snuggled up with her for a bit, then bed hopped to snuggle with Cordelia and marvel at how fast she was growing up... until she put her hand in my face and I took the hint and left them alone.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh, Sad Times

I've gone through this before. Three times, actually. You'd think I'd be used to it, but I am not. It's unsettling, it's disruptive, it's sad: nap times are being dropped. TWO naps to be exact. Both Cordelia and Kingsley have decided that they would rather go without naps - Cordelia in the afternoon, Kingsley in the morning.

I've had a pretty sweet set up for the last 7.5 months, really. Rachel goes to school in the morning and Kingsley napped, so Cordelia and I got time together. Then, in the afternoon Cordelia and Kingsley napped while Rachel and I spent time together. With appointments, therapies, hospital stays, feedings, diaper changes, and all the lovely midnight wakings, Kingsley and I have never had a shortage of one on one time together.

That's all over now!

Kingsley and I have had activities Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings for the past few weeks and he's done quite well without his nap. Thursday, he went down without trouble, but when I tried to put him down in the afternoon he was having no part of it. That resulted in quite the cranky kid later on as you can probably imagine. So, today I tried keeping him up even though we didn't go anywhere. By lunch time he was tired, but he's in the midst of a nice long nap right now. *sigh* Babyhood is ending. I guess I should be happy that the double naps lasted this long!

Cordelia now, whew! That's interesting. I've been dreading this, to be honest! ;) She just up and decided on Tuesday that she was done with her nap and that was the end of it. I haven't fought it much since there's not much point to fighting with Cordelia if you can help it.  If I recall, this is about the same age that Rachel stopped napping as well. An equally sad day.

So now there is no quiet time with Cordelia on the mornings that she's not at preschool because we've got Kingsley with us (Oh, who am I kidding? Cordelia was never quiet) and now there is no quiet time with Rachel in the afternoon. It's well timed I suppose because it will leave the mornings open for Kingsley, Cordelia and I to go for walks and get out of the house which we could rarely do with the double nap scenario. With spring weather here, I can finally get yardwork done in peace in the afternoons without having Rachel at my heels begging for attention - she has Cordelia!

And in my wildest dreams, less sleeping during the day will lead to more sleeping at night... right?? One day, one day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Forward

When Kingsley was in the hospital, we were sent a huge planter with daffodils in it. A couple of days ago, I came downstairs to find...

Tulips! Who knew? All along, I had the tulips in my house. Can't escape Holland if I tried. ;)

Kingsley is doing well. He's recovering nicely and I am counting the days until we can just pick him up and go. The last few days have been long, attempting to keep him occupied on his tummy is exhausting!  However, it's a small thing to be whining about when he's doing so amazing otherwise.

His OT arrived with the scooter boards! She brought two different ones, one was a banana looking thing and the other was a padded square with wheels. The padded square did not go over well with him. It raises him up pretty high off the ground and then his arms dangle up in front and he has to keep his head up all on his own, like cobra with no hands. The banana thing however ended up being kind of cool. It allows his arms to move freely and he can put his chin down if he wants. 

He went on it alright, but then promptly decided that he did not enjoy it. He even figured out how to roll off of it, sneaky kid. I tried it again the next day and it was much better! He moves backward, but it's a start. He's got the hang of pushing himself. He went down the hall all by himself.

 Hi Mom, yeah, this might be alright... No! I can't take it! Get me off!!

Baby steps. He'll get used to it! We're trying to keep him occupied while on it and give him reasons to want to be on it. Soon enough, he'll get there. In the meantime, Rachel and Cordelia are loving the scooters.

They're blurry because they're action shots. The spinning is great. ;)

His PT came on Thursday, but no castor cart. She found a great one, but when she was signing it out she discovered the tires were flat. We're going to get it on Tuesday when we go into the centre to get the stander fitted.

Two more fabulous Kingsley things! The first (which I figure if I say it enough I will go beyond jinxing myself ) is that Kingsley slept through the night last night FOR THE FIRST TIME!! *heaven* It was fantastic. He woke up a bit early for my liking (a half hour before my alarm), but I forgave him for that. ;) Since he's come home from the hospital his sleep has gotten better and better. Thank goodness! Rachel started sleeping through at 10 months and I think Cordelia was about 12-13 months (I know I was back at work), so I'm not exactly surprised by this, but it still has been a long 13 months - 17 really when you tack on those 4 sleepless nights of my pregnancy.

The second is also bed related. Kingsley has to sleep on his tummy right now.  I have to sort of barricade him with blankets so that he doesn't roll over. I tuck them along his side, under his armpits.  Three times I've come in the room to find him moved! He's usually pretty darn pleased with himself as well, like he knows he's done something cool. Today, he got up far enough that he was able to roll over. He has to be pretty quick about doing it as well since I hear him wake up and I'm in there within a couple of minutes.  I wish I could see him doing it to see how he's doing it. I've been trying desperately to recreate it on the carpet, but nothing entices him.

The purple pillow there and his giraffe are out of his reach usually and his armpits are level with the top of the folded blankets. 

That's it for my King. Things are good. I like it. Spring is coming. :)
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