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Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Parents

On the first week of school we had Kingsley's teachers put a letter in all of his classmates communication bag to be sent home. This is something that we will likely do for the first few years he is at the school, until he's able to just talk about himself to his peers on his own.

Our reasoning for this was a few things. First, we know that people are curious. The parents of his classmates are going to wonder why a kid his age is using a wheelchair. The kids would find out, but if other children are anything like my children the parents will only hear half the story and it will be a very confusing half. We don't want his wheelchair to be the elephant in the playground that no one wants to ask about. We don't want awkward hushing when kids comment on it. We don't want Kingsley to be left out 'just in case'. There is fear of the unknown. We put the parents out of their misery and just told them outright.

Second, people don't know what SB is and this is a simple way to spread awareness about what Kingsley's diagnosis means for him and where to get more information on it.

Third, it was a quick and easy way to establish our hands-off policy regarding Kingsley's wheelchair and let families know to start watching out for latex.

And finally, we want parents to be able to talk about SB and Kingsley easily with their children. If their child does come home with a question about whether or not Kingsley can stand up for example, they have the information to answer them frankly and discuss at their child's comprehension level.

Here is the letter that we sent home (it had a cute picture of King at the top that Jeff added in at the last minute and I don't have, so I'm faking it with this one). Like I said, I have had a few parents mention how much they appreciated it.

Dear Parents,

My son, Kingsley, is in your class this year. He is easy to spot - he’s the one on wheels! Some of the SK’s might remember his sister, Cordelia, from their class last year. It’s natural to be curious about people that are different and we want his friends to be comfortable around him instead of making him and his wheelchair a taboo subject.

Kingsley was born with spina bifida - a hole in his back where the spinal cord was exposed and nerves were damaged. The hole was repaired right away, but the damage is permanent. He is not sick, it is not contagious, and he is not in pain. He is just like every other kid in the class, except that he is paralyzed below the hips and cannot stand or walk. He is okay with this! He loves his wheelchair and is very independent with it.

His wheelchair is pretty cool, but we are very strict about kids not moving it. This is both for his safety and because he doesn’t like it. It would be like another child picking him up and moving him against his will or giving him a big shove - a little bit rude and also pretty dangerous. It’s okay to look though! And if you’re quick you can get a look at his sticker collection or the flashing front wheels.

Kingsley has a suspected latex allergy. He has to stay away from it as much as possible. If you bring in something special to share at holiday times, please make sure you do not send in balloons, latex erasers or pencils with latex erasers.

If you want more information about spina bifida have a look at If your child comes up with more questions that you’re not sure how to answer, feel free to email me anytime (email address).

See you at school!

Jill, Jeff, and Kingsley

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Footwear has been an ongoing challenge for Kinger. For starters, his ballerina foot makes it hard to get shoes on at all and then they just fall off if not incredibly tight. Second, he doesn't have control of his feet, so it's similar to getting shoes on a doll. Third, he has very small feet for his age. Really small. And lastly, for months he had just the one AFO and now he wears two. Those suckers are hard to get shoes over.

In warmer weather he just went barefoot a lot or just wore socks and AFO's. Last winter he had Robeez booties and a one piece, footed snowsuit so we never worried about anything more.

This fall, we have challenges. It is getting cold here and even though he won't be running around in the snow and rain, he does need something to keep his feet warm because I'm finding they're cold a lot. He has his cute Elmo Robeez, but they aren't warm or weather resistant.
I started asking around and today, I bought him the best. boots. ever.  They are made by a company called Stonz Wear and although they are not marketed for kids with AFO's, they should be!  They're a wide boot that you essentially just slide over the foot and then cinch at the ankle and/or the top to hold and form a 'boot' look. No wiggling or stretching over, they just pull straight up when his foot is flat. They're warm, water resistant, Canadian made, and cute!

I am in love.

Even better, because Kingsley's feet are so small he only needed a size Medium, which means he has two more sizes up before he outgrows the booties.

And even though I wasn't really looking for any, I also found a pair of super cute shoes that fit over his AFO's really well also made by WeeSqueak. The velcro straps open right up (why do most kids shoes not allow that to happen easily?) so the shoe is open to the toe.

I love happy endings. :)

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