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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Bog

In my search to find places I can take all three kids to hang out, my friend recommended the Sifton Bog. I've been there exactly once in my life and it was with a client way pre-kids. I had completely forgotten about this little gem!

It was a nice, sunny day today and we had nothing to do, so I dragged the kids into the van and off we went. Let me tell you, it was a hard sell. When I explained it, Rachel and Cordelia kept repeating: "But that's it?? Just walking? Nothing else? But what else do we do there? That's it?..." and on and on.

The Bog is basically just a boardwalk. It starts with a stretch of gravel, which was well groved and impossible for King to push himself along. Short trip, then it was wood planks.

It's nice, even planks, very easy for Kingsley to go down. The only trouble was that it dropped off on either side, as in - one wrong wheel and King would've face planted down a foot or so into the dirt and trees. I didn't worry about the girls, but Kingsley loves to watch his wheels light up when he goes very fast (his preferred speed) and that means he doesn't look where he's going. I just held his handle the whole walk and it was all fine.

The boardwalk leads to:

There were a bunch of tween-ish boys when we got there, which ended up being awesome. They had nets and were getting right in where they shouldn't have been (so glad I'm not their mother!) pulling out turtles, tadpoles, and frogs and attracting fish for my kids to watch.

All three were in heaven. We stayed on that dock for nearly an hour, just watching and exploring.

I didn't get any pictures of Kingsley because I either had a death grip on his wheelchair to make sure he didn't wheel himself over the edge or later crawl over the edge when he was lying on the dock, dangling over so he could play with the water.

I will admit, I am not a fan of all of natures creatures. They're all fine from a distance, so it took a lot of effort not to shudder and run away when these boys were running over with turtles and frogs to show Kingsley. At one point, two dragonflies landed on my shirt. I know, dragonflies are all cool and pretty and whatever, but seriously, it took all of my energy to force a smile and not scream as Rachel took this picture. She was thrilled. I was paralyzed with fear.


All in all, a gold star trip. Thumbs up for the bog, we'll be back! (with bug repellent)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is Where the Sidewalk Ends

Allow me a moment to whine. 

I have a whole other post planned about how there isn't all that much to do around here when you're rolling, but one of the biggest... I don't know what to call it... Struggles? Frustrations? Disappointments? It's my other backyard. 

Across the street from us is a water drain off thing which is basically a pond, a beautiful, peaceful, grassy, space with wildlife and wildflowers. There's also a ravine and a few pathways and so much to explore. Unless you are using a wheelchair. <insert sad face>

It's been a rough couple of months watching it all blossom from my window or front porch. I desperately want to take King over there to explore. The dilemma is that I can just now walk on uneven surfaces and I can just now start to carry his weight, but I cannot do both at the same time, not by a long shot. 

Today, we had a perfect spring morning, Jeff was home and I just grabbed Cordelia and left the house. It was awesome. We saw new little geese families, snails, singing birds taking baths, hawks soaring. We picked wild flowers and listened to the wind and the water lapping. 

It was so bittersweet. 

Usually, the restrictions that a wheelchair places on us don't bother me all that much. Today, they did. 
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