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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I suppose I should start off with excuses about this blog being dead (oops). I don't have much. My laptop was dying a slow death and I have a new one now.

Kingsley has been in school for a month and a half now. I was very anxious about kindergarten. In Ontario, kids start Junior Kindergarten the year they turn four, followed by Senior Kindergarten the year they turn five. Both are optional and both are full days, all day. The majority of kids go.

We had a few preliminary meetings with the school through the spring. I was feeling pretty confident right up until the week before school when I discovered that staff had been shuffled and Kingsley would be having new teachers we did not know, a new principal we had not met, a new ECE we didn't know and whether he'd have an EA in the classroom and how much and who it would be was all unknown also. And new secretaries who would not tell me anything.

I may have panicked.

A lot.

Thankfully, the school VP stepped in and we were able to see the classroom, meet the teachers and get names for everyone else before the big day.

The Tuesday after Labour Day, I dropped Kingsley off for his first day of school. He was beyond excited. Like, angry-at-me-for-taking-so-many-stinkin-pictures excited. Begging-to-go-RIGHT-NOW excited. "See ya, Mom" and not-looking-back excited. He was just so ready for it.

The girls also had great first days. They were more anxious about who their teachers were and who would be in their classes, whether they'd be with friends. It all worked out!

Amazingly, there have been very few blips. He LOVES school. He is so disappointed by weekends, asks every morning if he can go to school. He loves to be there, loves his friends, loves the playtime. He doesn't love the school work part, his pre-printing skills are feeble attempts at best. Whether this is a lack of interest or a long history of taking his time to develop skills, I'm not sure.

As with preschool, Kingsley is blending in like every other kid. I went in and spoke to the class about spina bifida and Kingsley's wheelchair in the first week. They were completely unfazed, mostly wanting to discuss their various scars or differences. I also sent a letter home for all of the parents explaining briefly that Kingsley has spina bifida, what it is, that he is paralyzed but otherwise just like their kids. It went over really well with the families I have since spoken to.

So, things are going well here. School is a piece of cake! Who would've thought?

 he's SO MAD that I stopped them for one more picture!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Help Yourself

The other day, in the midst of holiday chaos, Kingsley dripped something on his shirt. This upset him. He wanted a new shirt. I was busy. 

Before that moment, the ridiculousness of such a scenario had never occurred to me. I (we all) had just fallen into that dreaded trap I swore I would never let happen: we were babying Kingsley. At that moment of frustration and annoyance, I looked at my nearly-four-year-old boy and said the most obvious thing...

"Go get it yourself." 

Despite the fact that we had built a completely accessible home, with an accessible bedroom, with an accessible closet that had low shelves and racks that he could access, I had just never before let him get his own shirt. How silly of me. 

That day, I showed him how to open his closet, pick a shirt, and take it off the hanger. Something my girls could do by the time they were two years old. 

Then came the next conundrum: he couldn't take off his shirt. Or put on the new one. I've been talking about teaching him how to do this, but always said I didn't know HOW. How do I teach a kid to put on a shirt while he's sitting on a chair? Enough wondering, we started working on it, figuring it out together. 

Today, Kingsley took off his PJ top and his undershirt all by himself. He was proud. I was proud. Another random milestone. 

My kid took off his own shirt. 

Who would've thought something so simple would give me so much joy? 

Next on our list is brushing his teeth. More excuses from me: he can't reach the sink. We brush his teeth while he's having other things done. It's another thing I have to stop and do everyday, but it will be worth it. And, really, it's past time for this stuff. 

So, I put him in his wheelchair, put a cup of water and his brush and paste on the counter and let him go. He dips his brush, opens the (Thomas, fluoride-free) toothpaste, puts some on the brush, then closes it. We each take a turn brushing, then he rinses the brush in the cup, lines everything up and carries on with whatever we're doing. He loves it. 

He's also able to be more independent in the bath, now that they aren't power-baths, trying to get him clean in the 30 seconds before he poops ;) We have time to let him wash his own body, help wash his hair... Basic stuff. Important stuff. 

Kingsley is turning four soon. Very soon. Time to let him grow up. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rockstar Milestones

Kingsley has hit another milestone. This one is so... strange. New-normal-strange. 

He moves his legs. With his hands. 

It's a pretty big milestone, if you think about it. He's going to have to move his legs around to get dressed on his own, transfer himself from his chair to wherever, and I don't even know what else. 

It's been so strange watching him come to this realization. The first time I saw it was when he was sitting and he had moved, which traps one leg underneath him - he leaned back and then pushed his foot forward with his hand to get back into a crossed-legged position. Prior to this, I had always had to adjust his legs for him. The next thing I noticed was in the van, in his carseat. Apparently he has a preference for how his legs dangle, so he moved them. 

Before now, his legs have just been there. He touches them, he knows what they are and that they're his, he'll move what he can if you tell him to, but that's about it. Now, he'll lay on his back, lift from the hips and ask me to help him pull his legs up with his hands, tucking his knees to his chest. 

Something so simple. I'm guessing there are a whole bunch of these milestones that he will hit that I'm completely oblivious to right now. I can't think of what they would be, but he will. 

That's pretty freakin cool. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Forgotten Milestone

I was having some delicious girl time with some dear friends on the weekend and one of my girlfriends was lamenting that her one year old still used a bottle and it occurred to me that I've kind of dropped the ball on a few skills with Kinger - like the fact that he doesn't use a cup at all, just sippy cups.

I don't actually care that he uses a sippy, I don't think I'm traumatizing him or that he'll drink his first beer out of a sippy cup or anything ;) It's simple and it doesn't spill and I can toss it in my purse and go, you know? It is also gross to clean milk and/or medicine out of a water bottle, much easier from a cup with a lid!

But, I figured I should introduce him to this wonderful thing called a Cup with No Lid.

He was thrilled. Thinks he's Mr All That with his little plastic cups at the dinner table (because I have no time to change his clothes after breakfast and lunch when he spills it down his chest).
I've also had a few reminders of how strange life can be with a kid who doesn't feel his legs when King dumped his milk in his lap and didn't notice at all. He just kept looking in his empty cup and asking where the milk went. You just gotta laugh.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

With No Segue

Our new house is awesome. No, we do not yet live in it. Long, boring story, but hopefully very soon we will be moving. In the meantime, I torture myself by daydreaming about how amazing it will be to actually live there. It is a Dream Home in every sense of the word. ;)

The potty action started great, then as I should've anticipated, everything went out the door when the holidays hit. Bedtimes were all over the place, we were all sick, lots of grandparents needing to babysit... Anyway, as soon as our routine started up again, I dusted off the potty and we got back to it. It's so very strange to potty train when nearly every factor is in my control and he has none.

All in all, things are going well. Lots of clean times during the day, lots of potty action, but it's still a learning curve I'm trying to master. All in time.

Remember the pregnant Mom I met at the library? In this city, six degrees of separation is really only about two degrees, so I was able to find her! And of course, she blogs ;) Her beautiful daughter, Ava, was born on December 4th and she's doing very well. This little fighter and her family are amazing. You can follow her story here.

Kingsley turned three this week. It feels like his first year was really heavy and consuming and action packed, and the next two have been kind of chill and just a chance to settle in and be comfortable. He really does feel like a three year old though. He didn't feel much like a one year-old when he was one because of the absence of walking and talking or all of that physical growth stuff. He didn't feel much like a two year-old because of the lack of language and tantrums (aw, shucks!) and toilet training trials that happen then. But three feels like three. I think three is going to be a good year for him.

For those of you who keep track of these things, tomorrow will also be his three year shuntiversary! He's still rocking Billy the First, which is awesome.

We are officially  members of the YMCA. Kinger and I went in there last week and had our tour, signed the papers and got our cards. We went for a workout Monday and had a wee snag though. When I dropped him off, I was one of the first there and they asked if he could stand. No. Could he crawl? No. No biggie, just have him sit there on the play mats. When I picked him up, I realized I had put him in the baby room and he was surrounded by infants. Today, he hung out with the kids his age and I had to drag him out of there (not) kicking and screaming.

And whatever is a mama to do when her camera stinks and her photorific sister refuses to cross the country to update her ancient blog header? Well, obviously, I went back to Laura! So. Ridiculously. Cute. The restructuring is a work in progress. I still need to play around a bit. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Big, Stinky News

Alright, so Kingsley is almost three years old (*sob*) and as he is nearing the end of what I would consider his babyhood, I suppose the time has come for me to stop discussing things that would make him cringe to read as a teenager. However, this is a big deal and he's not yet three and people talk about potty training all the time, so I'm going to also.

We started potty training Kingsley.

Okay, so yes, I realize 1/3 of you are thinking: "Sure, that's cool. Have fun." and that's just because you don't understand the ramifications of an announcement of something like this for someone like Kingsley. IT'S HUGE!!!
1/3 of you are scratching your head wondering vaguely what in the world this would entail, how..???
And the other 1/3 of you have kids with SB and have either already heard the gross details or are wondering what the gross details are.

I'm not sharing gross details here! But if you really want to know, you can ask me on Facebook or somewhere else that I can discuss it where Kingsley won't ever read it. ;) I will share some G-rated details though.

In the long laundry list of diagnoses that Kingsley has on paper, neurogenic bowel and bladder have been on there since just after he was born. Basically, he doesn't have control over that part of his body. Everything functions, just not within his control.  He will never be 'toilet trained' the way other boys will be. We use a combination of medication and catheters to control the bladder business and when that is working, he is dry during the day. Yay!

The other stuff is a bit more complicated. He's been on various medicinal interventions since he was six months old to make sure that he doesn't get constipated (like September!), but that just means he goes. All. The. Time. No control means that if he laughs, cries, yells, sneezes, coughs, bends, turns... yeah, you get the picture. I've had about enough of this, so decided it was time to do something about it.

My first change was adding probiotics to his diet. THIS IS A MIRACLE WORKER!! I can't express how amazed I have been by this one change. I put Kefir in his milk in the morning and voila! There was a change. There's no way change two would've happened without this change first. I wish we had done this ages ago. The 'change' is graphic though, so I will spare you those details. You're welcome.

The second change was the actual bowel training, as it's called. We are now training his bowels to empty when we want it to and not empty when we don't want it to. Isn't this just lovely talk? Bowel bowel bowel. It's such a gross word, but why would it be anything else? Anyway, we have started with the least invasive technique that doesn't require very much effort and that I'm not describing here. Then I put him on the potty seat and he sits there, playing on the iPad, happy as a pig in... Well, anyway, he sits for about 20-30 minutes and *knock on wood* then the magic happens and he goes and that's it! We throw a party, he yells out, "I poop on potty!!" even though he has no real clue about what this means and then I put him to bed and call my mom to celebrate and send disgusting pictures to my poor sister who also celebrates.

This may all be premature as it's only day four of the Training and it's only been the last two days that the magic happened, but I have high hopes. He wore one diaper all day long! It was clean! Like underwear!

Underwear, dude. It's a comin'.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Love You

Kingsley is talking endlessly now and imitating everything we say. He'll imitate labels, names, sounds, phrases. He's doing amazing.

I was waiting though. After your baby first says MOMMY, the next thing you wait for is I LOVE YOU. Nothing melts a mama's heart like those three little words. They're usually all jumbled up and mushy, but there's no mistaking it when you hear it. 

Three days ago, Kingsley said it. He was in his stander watching Sid the Science Kid, I was running around cleaning up just before we went to get the girls from school. I walked in the room. King's eyes were glued to the TV as he said:

"Sid," [pause] "I wuh wu" [pause] "Mom."

Then he looked at me. I'm not sure if he looked at me because the 'I love you' was meant for me or if it was because I was laughing so hard and that pulled him away from his beloved Sid. Either way, it was a priceless moment. 

Since then, he's said, "I wuh wu" to random strangers at the library, the neighbour, one of Rachel's classmates, and today, he really truly said it to me - the TV was not on. ;) 

Be still my heart. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


They all said it would happen. They all said it was coming. Just be patient. Just wait him out. No reason not to. All in his own time.

And as usual, 'they' were right.

Kingsley is starting to talk. Just like that. Out of nowhere. His vocabulary has pretty much tripled if not quadrupled in the last two weeks. Now, given that he had a vocabulary of about 5 words, it's not like he's caught up or anything, but in time.

He's babbling, he's making new sounds, he's imitating, he's labeling and requesting (manding folks, I have manding!!).

he also got a rockstar hairdo this week

Naturally, we start speech therapy next Wednesday.

I think this is it. He's mastered sitting and crawling and transferring from crawling to sitting. He's a pro at rolling and steering and every other gross motor skill he can tackle right now. The kid is doing chin ups for Pete's sake. He's playing and colouring and eating (sort of). He's kind of run out of things to master, other than the talking. So, talking he is.

*sigh of relief*

Once again, I reference one of my fabulous mentors who has never yet been wrong. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I Love

It's Valentine's Day!!  What better time to think about the things that you love, right? ;)

Right now, I love...

My artistic little boy 
I'll confess, introducing him to crafts didn't even cross my mind. So many things just don't seem to occur to me! He didn't show any interest, but again, that was probably because he hasn't had the same experience with exploring that the girls did. Once I (*ahem* or maybe his OT) brought the craft supplies to him, the floodgates opened. Now he's constantly rolling up to his sisters' craft table and causing mayhem. 

Saying goodbye
There have been so many points along this journey where I pause, panic, and wonder: "Is he EVER going to learn to..." and eating non-jarred, non-pureed food was very top of that list. Because of Kingsley's Chiari, he didn't mouth toys or really anything. He had an extremely sensitive gag reflex which meant he easily tossed back to me anything that I tried to get him to eat. Once he had his decompression, we finally began making very slow progress with him eating food. Eating puree's was an accomplishment. Donating all of these leftover jars to the foodbank is an even bigger accomplishment. I'm thrilled to be saying good bye to puree's once and for all. 

Opening wide
I zoomed in as he was opening wide to shove more of his cupcake in. Yesterday morning, he actually got mad when I tried to feed him his oatmeal. It was the first time ever that he wanted to feed himself a food that he wasn't one of his favourites. He wants to eat now and he wants to feed himself. It's been a great year. 

Curious King
He's fascinated with the stairs. Neither of us really knows where this is going to go or how he's going to finally master these things, but he is enjoying testing his limits and I'm enjoying watching him. So far, when he's at the top he just pulls himself forward until his torso is off the step and his arms are on the step below. Then he doesn't know what to do, so he pushes back up to the top. Repeat, repeat, repeat. At the bottom, he's just aching to hoist himself up. He's too small right now, but it's only a matter of time. 
(don't freak out - he's not allowed near the stairs unless I'm there! the baby gate gets locked at the top unless I'm sitting on the stairs ready for him)

My sweet date
Kingsley and I are taking a break from some of our activities right now and just hanging out more. Last week we went on a date to the mall. He used to hate elevators, but now he loves them.  He also loves timbits, people watching, spinning in his wheels and blowing kisses to all the older ladies that stopped to say hello. He likes to check out the wheels that other people are driving. He also likes to show off how fast he can go. He's a fun date. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Years and Two Blades

I almost missed the fact that yesterday was Kingsley's two year Shuntiversary. This is a very exciting thing in our world.

Kingsley has hydrocephalus - which means that there is too much CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) in the ventricles in his brain. This is a problem as it would just make the ventricles grow and put pressure on his brain causing damage. Years ago, people with hydro would've passed away or had severe cognitive impairments, but in the last 30-40 years, a shunt has changed the lives of people with hydrocephalus. It's like a little valve/pump device that is behind his ear, through his skull and into his ventricle. It drains the fluid out of his brain and through a long tube (that you can see under his skin if he's topless) down into his abdomen where it is reabsorbed by his body.  No pressure on his brain, no damage caused.

The one downside of this shunt is that it is not perfect. It can malfunction, become clogged, get infected or even break apart. It's quite common for people with shunts to need a shunt revision - in fact about 50% seem to need at least one surgery in the first year with a shunt. I think most kids need a revision by the age of five, but more and more I'm hearing about kids passing that marker just fine. Regardless of when/if there are problems with the shunt, at some point Kingsley will need the tubing changed as his body grows and gets longer.

For now though, going two years without shunt problems is pretty awesome and worthy of recognizing. So, yay for Billy the first! Here's to many more years in harmony. :)

Kingsley is borrowing some more new equipment! Up here in the cold, not-so-snowy north, we skate. By 'we' I mean most of the population except for people like me who just stay inside and make hot chocolate.... up until this year anyway. Jeff has been itching to start the family skating ever since I mentioned that I saw a mini-sledge at our centre in the fall. We all got skates for Christmas and now Jeff is even more excited. So, today, Kingsley and I picked up the sledge.

Sledge hockey (called sled hockey in the USA) is a pretty major sport. It's essentially the same as ice hockey, except it's done on a sled (metal contraptions with blades) instead of skates. The other big differences is that the sticks they use are about 1/3 the size of a regular hockey stick and they have picks on one end. To move, you use the pick end, then flip it over to hit the puck. I actually know very little about the rules of hockey and thus, sledge hockey, nor am I even sure if I'm using the right terminology here!

I have no idea if this is actually a 'cool' sled, it just looked cool when I googled ;)

Kingsley is going to be on the toddler-skate equivalent of a sled - a platform with a seat and two skate blades underneath. We hemmed and hawed about giving him picks, but once I had him strapped in and just showed him the picks, it was pretty clear that he was going to want them. As soon as his belt was done up, he started rocking back and forth as if he was trying to get the sledge to move. I handed him the picks and he immediately held one in each hand and poked the ground for leverage to get moving. He's a natural!

The local sledge hockey league doesn't accept kids until they're 7 years old, so Kingsley has a few years before he's old enough to really get going, if he decides he actually likes it. In the meantime, I'll take lots of pictures... you know, just in case I ever need to do a Paralympic bio talking about how he's been on the ice since the age of two. ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012


My sweet little boy turned two today.


Two years ago he was born. I get so emotional when my children have birthdays. Remembering their births is so lovely, there just aren't words for how it feels to bring a child into the world. It's magical. Kingsley's birth was no exception, but since I've gone on and on about his birth day at various times, I will spare you today. ;)

I know it's kind of cheesy to say that I'm inspired by my own son, but I truly am. He doesn't do anything that any other kid doesn't do. He just goes about his days, his weeks, his year learning, trying, playing and developing. But when Kingsley does it, he's defying odds. 

I cannot even begin to count the number of times this year I have been reminded of the brilliant words my friend, Cassie said about her own son, Caleb: I've seen him do things I didn't think he would ever do. So many moments this year, I have seen Kingsley do things that amaze me. Things that I wasn't sure he would ever do. Things that if you told me one year ago today: this is the year Kingsley will do THIS, I would probably have doubted you.

This year, Kingsley showed us for the fourth time that he is a fighter. That he will bounce back. That he will continue to be resilient. He learnt to play. He learnt to hold his own cup. He learnt to hold a spoon (although, he did also learn to throw it instead of use it to eat. Baby steps). He learnt to eat. I forget that a year ago he was barely eating solid foods at all, nevermind finger foods, that he didn't even start eating solid food on a regular basis until the spring and that I still have a cupboard shelf full of baby food because he only just stopped eating it a couple of months ago. He learnt to communicate with us... in ways other than words, but he does get his point across! He learnt to sleep through the night - ALLELUIA!!  He learnt to roll over both ways (again). With support, he got up on his feet for the first time.

This year, Kingsley learnt to MOVE. His world grew exponentially at the end of the summer when he learnt to make his Bumbobile GO. And then his dynamic stander. And then his wheelchair. And then his body as he learnt to roll and twist and wiggle and finally crawl. Alongside all of the moving, Kingsley also learnt to sit. On his own, on the floor, with his hands up, playing, reaching, clapping, slipping into an Elmo's World coma.

It has been a big year for my little rockstar.

Yesterday, we had a little party to celebrate the big year that he has had. He was not that impressed. He cried, a lot. Covered his ears, his eyes, whined, and then finally accepted that no one was leaving and so joined in the festivities. What else are you going to do when you're already all dressed up, right?

Besides, there were presents. Can't be grouchy when there are presents. 

Right beside him, cheering him on every step of the way, were his two bestest friends and biggest fans:

We did it all over again today, because that's just what you do when you're two.

 Kingsley's second year was incredible. It was not without heartache, frustration, and impatience, but those things were so overwhelmed by the joy, excitement, and pride at the incredible kid Kingsley developed into this year.

I am so excited to see where he goes in this next year.

Happy Birthday, Kingsley!!

We love you so much!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Full of Awesome

Blogger ate my last post. It was a whole year review, but only half posted and then I have not had the motivation to redo it. I hate when stuff like that happens! I know, I know. Those of you who read it are hanging on, desperately waiting for the whole thing ;) One day.

I have a good reason for my blogger-slacking. Kingsley has been doing SO MUCH that I literally dread having to do posts for each and every amazing thing that comes up. It feels like everyday he springs something new on me.

So, here is my attempt to recap Kingsley's last 6 weeks or so.

He started crawling. Rachel started crawling at 7 months, Cordelia at 8 months, Kingsley at 23 months, but who's counting! ;) Actually, it caught me so off guard that I left him in the upstairs hall one day with the girls and answered the phone in my room. When I came back, the hallway was empty and I nearly keeled over in panic. He followed the girls down the hall and into Rachel's bedroom, a nice red rugburn developing on his pretty little bare knees. He was pretty proud of himself. It's a bit of a lopsided commando crawl. I had halfheartedly left up the babygate at the top of the stairs after Cordelia stopped needing it. I've never been so happy to use it!

Other big news... he got his wheelchair! This feels like it deserves it's own post, for sure, but here you are. Yay! It's harder for him to move around the house than his stander and Bumbobile, but he does love it. He can throw quite the tantrum if you dare try to steer him or get him to stop/go when he does not want to. Unlike Rachel and Cordelia whose biggest fear seems to be getting left behind in a store aisle, Kingsley takes off and couldn't give a care in the world as to where I am. The world is his playground. :)

I couldn't get a shot from the front. he won't sit still! 
I sacrificed my toilet paper roll just to get these

His upper body strength is getting a little bit ridiculous. He is doing feats of bravery that make my heart leap out of my throat. OK, so he is no Aaron Fotheringham, but in his own way he is becoming quite the daredevil. He has learnt to wheel up to things (like the fire place mantle), grab the edges and pull himself OUT OF HIS BUMBOBILE. What the heck! I mean, really. Consider that he has no functional use or feeling below his hips, the Bumbo is a deep, heavily supported seat, and you can kind of see why this both amazes and horrifies me. He has also pulled himself out of his bath seat by grabbing onto the side of the tub (I've watched him do this twice, so dumbfounded that I didn't think to intervene). Today after I had gotten him out of the bath, he decided to do chin ups on the side of it. Incredible.

action shot - he's up off his legs here, just holding on

Bedtime has also developed a few problems. He woke up one morning with two welt-like marks on his leg, one on the front at the top, one on the back at the bottom. Seems he had poked his leg through the bars of his crib and twisted for quite some time. We put the bumper pads on and he is slightly less impressed with this addition. To say that he hates them would be an understatement. He spends most of his nap trying to dispose of them. 

poor little guy in his cell...

What I love most about Kingsley learning these new things is the look on his face when he does it. It's like he KNOWS how awesome he is. His whole face lights up and his eyes twinkle with such a mischievous pleasure, I can do nothing but laugh and cheer.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

"I don't know how to ask this, so I'll just say it..."
"I hope this isn't a stupid question..."
"That's amazing... I don't get how it happened."
"Yeah, explain that to me, I mean it's awesome, I just... how...?"
"So... I saw your Facebook status. How did he do it??"

It's okay, everyone asked. ;) The other day, I posted on Facebook that Kingsley had pushed himself up onto his hands and knees and then posted a picture of him there. I got a lot of texts, emails and phone calls. Everyone was really excited, but no one knew how it was possible! 

The truth is, I have no idea either. He just did it. 

He's been rocking from sitting in a cobbler pose to leaning forward on his hands, then back, then forward, over and over. Sometimes, one of his feet will pop out behind him (think of a really early pigeon pose if that makes sense to you) and then he won't be able to rock back and he'll be stuck until I rescue him or he wiggles the other leg free and flops down onto his belly. That's part one. 

While all of that has been happening, we've been working in PT on getting him to increase his arm strength by putting him on his hands and knees and having him hold himself there. He has gone from holding for about half a second to holding for about 30 seconds. He's so strong! 

Add those two things together and out of nowhere, five days ago, Kingsley went from cobra to table! He just pushed his hips back. He even rocked a bit, like how babies do. I was... ecstatic. I think it was a combo of his abs and hip flexors working and AFO's digging him into the carpet so he didn't slide backwards. Amazing!! 

Once he got there, he screamed. Loud. I think it freaked him out. 

Or maybe it was my screaming that freaked him out, who knows. ;)

Well, that was exciting, what can top that, right? Ha. Pssssht. 

Today, Kingsley and I were working on it again, trying to cue him to push his hips back again and get his belly up. Once again, he was hollering while up on all fours, but then he started moving his hands in under himself and I got a brilliant idea. We worked on that for awhile. I got Rachel all set up recording it on the camera... 

Sorry! The video is lousy, Rachel's five, what can I say? She doesn't get lighting angles yet ;) But, he's pushing himself up all by himself, my hands aren't touching him. 

Over and over and over I tortured him helped him do it. Then I gave up and let him relax, left him on his belly to play with a toy. I looked away to get the camera, put the cap back on and when I looked over at Kingsley again, he was PUSHING HIMSELF UP INTO SITTING ALL BY HIMSELF!!!  

Tears! Screaming! Cheering! And a chocolate bar that Kingsley inhaled in about 5 seconds. I tell ya, for a kid who doesn't like to eat, he sure can hoover back a mini Hershey's. 

He wouldn't repeat it, but I'm still giddy over seeing him do that. Unbelievable. 

And on that note, I want to link you to something that has stuck with me since January. Cassie is another mom blogger out there. It's funny how you can feel so close to someone you've never met, isn't it? Cassie is a huge source of encouragement for so many of us mom's of younger kids with SB. Her son Caleb is 6 and he defines Rockstar. Cassie was constantly telling me that Caleb was just like Kingsley once. Caleb took a long time to get where he is. Caleb wasn't always a walker. I have to be patient, Kingsley will show me in time. Then with this post, she showed me what she meant:  Rarely does a week go by that I don't think of this post at some point or another. I have no idea where Kingsley will end up or what he will accomplish, but reminders like this and days like today make it very clear to me that I can never say never. 

that's for you Kris ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strong and Silent Type

So, Mr. Kinger is digging his heels in now about this talking thing. He was cruising along, doing just fine, did the babbling, picked up a few signs, was able to effectively tell all the nurses last winter NOOOOO, BUH-BUH and do the frantic 'all done' with his hands. He said Mama, Dada, Nana and had a running list of other approximations. He imitated... things were coming right along.

Then he stopped.

What is with my boy and regression? As of 18 months old he was doing just fine, despite not talking much anymore. Just as long as he didn't continue to regress, we were okay.  He hasn't regressed any further. Problem is, he also hasn't made any gains. I think there comes a point nearly every hour where I pause the thoughts in my head and remind myself: THIS WILL COME. ... right??


I keep saying it's just because he's working so hard on everything else. He's doing some ah-mazing gross motor gains, his eating is trucking right along, his play and problem solving skills are flying. When I look at everything he's learnt to do in the last 4 months, I'm in awe. Everything but talking.

I KNOW he can talk. He has talked. He will talk again. He will talk more. I'm good at this waiting thing now.

While I wait though, I figure we'll give him a little push. I have started taking this course called The Hanen Program. I'm not going to lie, it feels a little weird being on this end of a parent education series after leading so many. I have to consciously stop myself from critiquing teaching style or making comments like I would if I were co-teaching. I am there to learn. I must stop telling myself that I know all this. If I knew it all, Kingsley would be talking, right? It's always the annoying know-it-all parent who is doing the most obvious no-no's. ;)

I think this is him subtly telling me to leave him alone

Good news. When we started, Kingsley was saying Mama, Dada, Da-Du (Rachel. And Cordelia actually), and signing all done. Three weeks in, he now vehemently shakes his head no while saying, "Ooooooooooo!!!!" and says ma-meh for movie (Elmo on the iPad). I'll take it. By Christmas, he'll be reciting sonnets.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Check

Slow and steady, this kid is. I realized he 'should' be learning to eat with a spoon on his own. He'd never reached for the spoon or had any interest in it so it hadn't occurred to me! Bad mom ;) So, I passed him over the spoon a few times and at first he looked at me like I was crazy and tossed it. Then yesterday, he picked it up and just started eating.

Sometimes, I wonder what other skills he's just sitting on, sneaky kid.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stink Eye

This past few weeks something has occurred to me: I have a one year old.

I know, earth shattering, right? It has been rather earth shattering though. It's like Kingsley went from a baby to a 'toddler' overnight. The lack of toddling part has made it hard to notice. Fortunately, he's enjoying his wheels again and that's started to cause him to get into trouble, just like any other one year old.

He's exploring.

Exploring leads to trouble and trouble leads to...

The Stink Eye.

He's mastered it.

He's still pretty cute though. It's actually hard not to laugh whenever he flashes it at me.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silly Mom

Hi, it's me, Kingsley.

I heard my mom talking about me not doing stuff. She's so silly! I was just teasing. This weekend I decided to give her a break and show off a bit. 

I got myself dressed (check!)

Mom said layering on all of her hats and scarves was not exactly what the checklist meant by 'getting dressed' but I disagree. After all, we do live in Canada!

I ate my whole lunch all by myself (I've never done this before - check!)

No veggies though, those things are gross! I tossed them off my tray. 

She said I couldn't stack three blocks and she was so wrong...

I can stack four. 

I can also point to my nose (half a check!) and point to a few things in a book (another half check!)

Someone has to tell her to relax! ;)
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