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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am a behaviourist by training and as any behaviourist will tell you - motivation is where it's at. I have realized that Kingsley does not have a lot of secondary reinforcers. He doesn't love any stuff. That's a problem. I can't tempt him to talk, to move, to eat, to do anything! The only thing that works for him are me and the girls, and when we're the ones putting demands on him, our value drops pretty quickly ;) I need to make him want to say words, to ask for things and to label them. I need to make him want to look at books and point to pictures. I need to make him want to move to get something he really wants. Because right now, it's amazing how he can make the one word MAMA mean so many things (go away, give me that, stop bugging me, pick me up, make her go away, I'm shy, where are you? are we done yet? I'm done, etc.) and as a result, need nothing else to say or do.

Enter: Elmo.

Before Rachel, I thought the red guy was a big gimmicky annoyance. Even after Rachel came around, I didn't really get the appeal. He's cute, sure. He laughs, yeah. Kind of scared Rachel. Regardless, I have acquired a bunch of Elmo stuff over the years and I decided it was time to break it out and attempt to turn Kingsley into an Elmo lover. It's working.

It started with this video, which is now the top cathing entertainment Elmo and Ricky Gervais: Celebrity Lullabye It actually makes me laugh out loud, even after watching it 50 times this week. Kingsley smiles as soon as Ricky appears with his guitar. He looks at me for my reaction every time it gets to the end and Elmo says "Mr Ricky's done enough!!" (I'm actually laughing as I write that).

Anyway, now I have him pointing to Elmo in books, actually looking at the TV when Elmo is on (yeah, I really am TRYING to get my 18 month old to watch TV :p), scootching across the floor to get to my iPhone to hold it while Elmo is on. Progress.

And really, this little red guy isn't all that annoying. I kinda love the way he dances. These are some more of our favourite videos:
Outdoors, Jason Mraz
Elmo's Song
1, 2, 3, 4, Feist
What I Am,

On a related note, I'm also trying to get him attached to a lovey. The girls are both so attached to their blankies, and as annoying as that can be, it's really helpful for them to have a comfort item. If any kid needs a comfort item, it would be Kinger! The reality of King's situation is that one day he'll be back in the hospital for a stretch and I'm working on getting somethings to keep him comfortable and settled when that happens. He sleeps with his Monking, but now I'm consciously taking it out of his crib and bringing it places with it so he can play with him more. It's so adorable to see him hug his monkey.

Then there was the blanket issue. You would not believe the number of gorgeous, sentimental, handmade blankets the three kids have received over the years. Have any of them decided that they love them? Not a one. I can only sigh. Rachel's blankie is a second hand crib blanket that I picked up at a garage sale for $5.  Cordelia's is a generic, green fleece Winnie the Pooh blanket from Zellers, and Kingsley has decided he also wants the ratty old green Pooh blanket as his. Oh, boy. As a consolation (to end the tug o' wars that were happening), I pulled out from our stash a similar generic, mass-produced blue one with footballs on it, of all things and he began snuggling instantly.

 Again, I sigh. At least he's happy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(not my) iPhone

Jeff got me an iPhone for Christmas and within the hour of me taking it out of the box Rachel was playing on it. Cordelia was right behind her and as you may have noticed, Kingsley is also a fan. The phone has saved us from many a loooong boring appointment wait, diaper change, and other tough moments that have required distraction. I don't know how a 16 month old baby can figure out technology so easily, but he does. His latest favourite thing to do is use the camera like a mirror. It ends up with lots of pictures of him that make me laugh. He's so darn cute.

Also, in case anyone else has a similarly tech-loving child, his latest favourite app is Fart Piano. For real. His two little fingers get going and he creates a symphony of... farts. Thanks Rebecca ;) 

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I still think this surgery (detethering) is far easier than the last (decompression).  Kingsley is doing fabulous. He is far more alert and 'himself' than he was 3 days post-op last time. I can't even begin to explain what an amazing boy he has been. He takes these huge events so well, as if it were just another day. As if it were normal to wake up and find yourself face down on a hospital crib unable to go anywhere, with a big bandage on your spine. That is my baby. He puts the Star in Rockstar.

Twenty-two hours after his surgery, he was moved from the PCCU (paediatric critical care unit) to the regular children's ward. I had mentioned after his decompression what a challenging time we had on the floor last time - packed ward rooms, lots of noise, lights, people, action. Poor Kingsley had such a hard time. Since then, a brand new wing of the hospital has opened up and all of the children have been moved. It is a DREAM on this floor! It's HUGE, absolutely monstrously huge. I love it. There's no more 'nursery' wing, it's all kids on one big floor. Because it is still cold/flu season, there are a lot of contagious kids and kids with more critical things than Kingsley right now, so he is in a semi-private room. His roommate is a 13 year old girl recovering from surgery for scoliosis. They are a strange pairing, but she's quiet and her family is lovely. It's been great.

We haven't seen a lot of movement in Kingsley's legs since the first day, but we are not discouraged. His spine has gone through a big ordeal and spinal shock is normal after this sort of surgery. I am very hopeful for what will happen once the swelling goes down and healing is complete. Anxious and impatient, of course. ;)

Thursday, Kingsley slept a lot. He was dopey and disoriented. He kept pushing up on his hands to look around and see what was going on. It freaked me out and I spent a lot of time trying to coax him into lying back down.

Friday, we started to get small smiles from him. Just little ones. He was still pretty quiet and sleepy.

He refuses to look to the right for the most part. He's always had this preference for looking to the left, since he was born really.  We had to work on it when he was a newborn, again after the decompression and it seems once again we will have to work on it when he gets home. For now, he looks to the left and as a result has a very puffy right eye. 

He misses his sisters. The first smile I got out of him was when I showed him a picture of Rachel. He just pats the pictures all day and then will hand them to me as if he's saying, "Hey Mom, bring me her, okay?"

Then his wish came true and the girls came for a visit! The GRIN on his face was unreal - ear to ear, he pushed right up and just kept reaching out to touch them with the most happy face you could imagine. It was priceless. The girls were equally pleased to see him and give him kisses and comfort him.  Lovefest all around.

Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to occupy a 12 month old who has to stay on his belly all day. My iPhone is the best thing ever. I can let him scroll through the pictures of the kids, watch videos of them, and play his favourite games. His top two, in case you were interested ;) are Peek a Boo Barn and Duck Duck Moose's Wheels on the Bus (we have it voiced over with Rachel singing and he recognizes her voice).

This morning, I was greeted with this:

All smiles and all for me! There's my little man. :) Today was fairly uneventful. His incision is clean, dry and healing well.  No leaking or problems at all. He is allowed to roll onto his side or back while awake, but still has to sleep and spend most of his time on his tummy. There's no word on when he'll be released.

One other fun thing about this hospital stay is that Kingsley keeps getting brought meals. I know this is going to sound odd, but I love hospital food, so I was pretty excited when the trays began arriving. It's nothing elaborate - mostly soup and jello and stuff, but since Kingsley doesn't actually eat any of that or drink ginger ale (really, who makes these menu's??), I've been getting a lot of regular snacks. Today, he was brought ice cream twice! Score! The second time, I thought I'd at least offer him some, expecting a refusal when low and behold - he loved it!

You're probably thinking 'love' is a bit of an overstatement based on those faces, but for Kinger voluntarily opening his mouth for anything is a big deal and he was all over this stuff. Maybe he is my kid after all ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So, This is Christmas...

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? ;)  It's not just the day (although that is fun as well), but the whole season - the build up, the preparation, the journey. It's just awesome. It's not quite over. There is still the rest of this lull week where you incorporate all of your new things into your old life and do a lot of cleaning, purging, and casual gatherings to catch up on how everyone's Holiday was, so much eating to be done while the calories don't count and you can just say, "Diet starts next week!" and actually mean it. Then comes New Years Eve and some old boring party (that is not my favourite part)... and then it's all over and life begins again, fresh and new with a new year.

I can't believe how much has happened in a year. Where we were a year ago is so far and away different from where we are now, I never could have imagined it even if I tried. Last year, we were holding our breath. Waiting to go to war. Saying good-bye to our old life, knowing that the new year would bring changes that we would never come back from.

And now, here we are. Just over two weeks until Kingsley's first birthday, nearing the end of a fabulous Christmas season. Our house is so FULL (and not just because of all of the new toys). The kids are so happy, Kingsley is doing well, and the new year doesn't hold dread.

So. Here is our Christmas photo recap. ;)

 Snuggles together on jammie days
 All dolled up for Christmas Eve mass
 Some of my many, many attempts at getting a decent shot of the three of them
 Some of our attempts at getting a good family shot
 More attempts at getting a good shot of the three of them in their Christmas jammies. Right after the last photo was taken, we told Rachel that we thought Santa was going to be here soon and she nearly tossed poor Kingsley off her lap. She knows Santa does not come if you are not asleep in bed and did not want to risk that happening!
 Christmas morning. Amazing that they needed some encouragement to get up!
Santa brought plasma cars for the kids! The girls were so excited. I'm sure Kingsley will be excited about his one day. ;) In the meantime, it's a spare for when friends come to play.
 All dolled up at Grandma's house.

 No, Santa did not bring Rachel an iPhone for Christmas... he brought me one! :) However, Rachel has claimed it as her own. I am amazed at how easily these kids pick up on technology. It's baffling. Both her and Cordelia can turn my phone on, scroll through the apps, find their games and play. Unreal. Cordelia got a Leaptop from Grandma. She will periodically announce: "Need to check my emails!" and run off to do that. Hilarious!
More attempts at family photos at my families' Christmas yesterday.

I'm sad to see the Holidays ending, as usual. It's been awesome having Jeff off work for reasons that don't involve a hospital stay. I love getting everyone all dressed up and then having random pj days where you sit inside and snuggle with new toys and movies. Any excuse to do random baking is always welcome. Christmas music, Christmas movies! I'm going to try and hang onto the warm fuzzies for a few more days. Rachel keeps asking when we're going to take down the tree, which makes me wonder whose kid she really is. ;) I feel like we just put it up! I want to snuggle in the warm Christmas blankets a bit more. We can make the beds fresh next week.
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