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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still Here

I just saw the resident and he went over the results of the u/s yesterday. Everything was fine, there was no indication of abruptia or anything that indicated that I was in labour at all. He said they think it was one of those random blood pooling things like how you get water retention and vericose veins and stuff and it was pretty normal sounding. The little man is weighing in at the 90% percentile, right on track with where Rachel was at this time! What's with my chubby babies, eh? His head is still small, but yesterday the tech got a much better measurement and it's only 3-4 weeks behind, which is fine. There's clearly a lot of variation in u/s's though since he now weighs nearly a pound more in 4 days, but I like yesterdays report a lot better than Friday's and the tech was very excited about getting good shots, vs Friday's who admitted her angles were bad.

If the on call OB gives me the okay after reading the report then I can come home today.

My sister, brother in law and two nieces are coming home tonight. I haven't met my littlest niece yet and I'm aching to get out of here to see them!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Small Head?

We had another ultrasound and OB appointment today. He's measuring on track with everything except his head. It's small. This doesn't make sense to me and is freaking me out a little bit. My OB said it's not a good measurement, but she's obligated to tell me about it anyway. It's 5 weeks behind the rest of him. So now I'm trying not to google microcephaly or whatever this might mean. The forums say that the small head is common in utero. Going to start blocking this one out now since I really don't need anything else to worry about!

One more week of work to go. My replacement is starting on Monday and is going to shadow me all week. I'm getting so excited and nervous. Just this last week, then Christmas, then we're in the home stretch. Still no idea what date - they have to wait until the neuro gets back from her time off to coordinate. That means we won't know until January 4!
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