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Monday, July 29, 2013

Four Eyes

Remember last year when Kingsley went cross-eyed and scared the pants off of us thinking there was something major going on and it turned out to be a random thing that corrected itself?

We went to the eye doctor today and turns out he's still doing great, his vision is great, his eyes are healthy, everything is fine still. Same with the girls, 3 kids with 6 healthy, perfectly working eyes. Unfortunate, kind of, since they are so ridiculously cute in glasses...

I wasn't so lucky! It's funny how a lot of people don't know that I wear contacts, considering how bad my eyesight is (-7.00 and -8.00 for real). Sadly, I rarely ever wear glasses. The ones I have are from before I even got pregnant with Rachel, so, I was a bit overdue for a new pair. As always, I have big ambitions to actually wear my new glasses in public. We'll see. ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I scared of bunnies

I remember learning at some point in my career that when you have an important meeting with a parent that you should write down the important points for them. Something about only remembering 10-30% of what is told to you (perhaps I should've written this information down, eh?). When we were in the meeting getting the SB diagnosis for Kingsley, I vividly recall yelling at myself to PAY ATTENTION! RETAIN MORE THAN 30% JILL! LISTEN!! It worked, I can remember that whole meeting.

I bring this up because we had our ophthalmologist follow up this week and it would've done me well to remember to focus and remember the information. Instead, I immediately forgot 75% of what was said.


Anyway, it went pretty well, overall. There were tests, playing with toys, labeling letters (he LOVES doing that!), watching Dora, playing pirate... everything was going great.

You know those toys that are kind of old fashioned and often featured in thriller movies (and Toy Story 3), like the monkey with the cymbals? They had a bunny at the other end of the room. She turned it on with a remote. If there's one thing Kingsley fears and loathes above all else, it is inanimate objects that become 'alive' without warning. To say he lost his mind would be an understatement.

Well, the rest of the appointment went in fast forward. There was a lot of prying of the eyes to get drops and lights in. There was a great deal of relaying history over screams. There was a vain attempt to get Kingsley's hands off of his ears. Then there was a very happy boy yelling: "BYE!! BYE!! See you yater!!" and wheeling like the devil was chasing him.

Over the screams of terror, I was able to hear the doctor (who was fabulous) tell me that Kingsley's vision and eyes were perfect. No need to come back. No need for glasses. No need for concern. Her theory was that the random illness he had in September was likely a virus that caused inflammation/swelling in his brain on some nerves that control his eyes [here's where that 75% of lost info would've made me sound smart]. When the virus went away, the swelling went down, the eyes returned to normal. Yay!

Kingsley clammed up when I tried to talk to him about the appointment. All he would say was: "I scared of bunnies." Poor guy.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I realize I'm dreadfully overdue for a Halloween report, to the point where no one even cares about Halloween anymore! But, some big things happened on Halloween, so trudge through it.

Firstly, Kingsley rocked his boat. He has been asking at regular intervals to go to a Halloween party and anything remotely resembling a pirate his him growling: "I'm a piwate! AARGGH!!" He was a huge spectacle (like that's new) and everywhere we went on Halloween he was fawned over. I'm telling you, wheelchair costumes are unheard of here, to the point that a lot of people did double and triple takes before they realized that it was actually a wheelchair and not just some insane mom putting a huge box on their child and making them walk around with it.

Halloween morning, King had his follow up with his neurosurgeon. The MRI had shown nothing that would cause the eye issues. Great news! Especially since his eyes have gone back to normal...?? We're all a bit baffled. I have photographic evidence, this crazy eye thing was witnessed by a lot of people, it wasn't in my head. Now it's gone and there was nothing to cause it in his brain. His ventricles were a tad bigger, but she has decided that it's because he is bigger and thus, his brain is also. September (and October) were a bunch of mostly-unrelated, flukes that sum up Kinger. Good enough for me!

Except one little blip where she said that at some point he is going to need another decompression because there isn't a lot of space back there. She said we will wait until he needs it, to watch for the signs. Insert knife directly into my heart and twist. Ouch. I'm not thinking about this one. I will deal with it when I need to.

Anyway, next up was a party at his playgroup, home for a nap, and then we got the girls and were ready for Trick or Treating! It was a dark and stormy night, unfortunately. Ever since Rachel was old enough to go out, we have been going Mall'oweening. This has worked out perfectly since curbs, driveways, walkways, and porches are terrible obstacles when you're a wee one on wheels and our malls are accessibility dreams come true. My charming little pirate cleaned up at the mall, to the point where I felt badly for the other kids ;) He got double candy at pretty much every store, despite my protests that a two year old really didn't need *that* much candy. We did attempt a few houses when we got home, which Kingsley was all for, but I was cold and wet and was pretty Halloween'ed out. All in all, a successful day.

Lastly, for those of you who have an interest in wheelchair costumes, Cassie from Beyond Measure has started up a blog to share costume ideas. If you've made a wheelchair costume before and want to share it or if you want to attempt to make one or just like stalking random things, check it out!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I left you all hanging!

Everything is fine. We saw Kingsley's neurosurgeon last week and she decided that the growth in his ventricles was not that severe and likely due to him growing. He is showing zero signs of a shunt failure, his shunt is all in tact and he's a happy kid. She is interested in his eye, which I now notice he's not using as much, sort of overcompensating with his right eye by turning his head everywhere to see things out of that eye. He's been referred to an ophthalmologist. And just to be sure, he's on the list for an MRI and should get in for that in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, he's doing great. Happy, healthy, good ol' Kingsley. :)

Our house is going on the market this week. It's been a little bit intense getting to the point where we are ready for this, so pardon my lapse. Hey! Here's a cute picture of Kingsley to make you happy:

 my mother is a cleaning freak!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Changeling

Someone has stolen my happy, sweet, charming little boy and replaced him with a grouchy, hollering child who is impossible to please. It's been three weeks and I'm exhausted. He's had days and moments where he returns, as delightful as ever, and then just like that, he's gone again.

It's come down to this. He got a cold at the start of September which lead to a change in eating habits for Kinger. This wouldn't be a big deal for most kids, but for a kid who needs certain things to remain a certain way, it was a big deal. I'll let you work that one out for yourself... which is exactly what King is not doing ;)

After a long week of trying to make things work again, we went back to the doc, who suggested all of the same things that the wonderfully helpful SB community had already told me. Unfortunately, Kingsley hasn't responded to any of that. That leaves us with one choice left: the dreaded hospital. That's where we're heading tomorrow. Ho hum.

In other news, we also got in to see the eye doctor last week for a whole bunch of tests and King is just fine. There was a very good explanation for his crossing eyes and it's not strabismus or farsightedness or shunt-related or anything that he was concerned about. He said it will go away on it's own and that we will just need to follow up every couple months to make sure he outgrows it. Phew! Although, not gonna lie, I was a teensie weensie bit disappointed that he wouldn't be getting glasses. You know where I'm going with this? How insanely cute would King be as Harry Potter flying on a broomstick for Halloween? *sigh* Maybe next year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You See What I See?

Haha! September did not let us off that easy. Kingsley is doing so so so great. He's feeling great, he's back to his super happy, sweet self. We went to the paediatrican yesterday and everything is great.

Except for this eye thing. Do you see it? It's not the angle. It's sporadic, not constant, and it's brand new because we watch this carefully for it. Off to call the optometrist...
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