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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Race

Last Sunday was the Forest City Road Race in support of the children's centre that Kingsley gets most of his services through. It was the 30 year anniversary of this race and my mom has ran in about 25 of them, as well as a billion other races from 5k to marathons. This was her first race since she retired though. I have ran in a total of one 5k run in my entire life and it wasn't timed other than on my cousins watch.

To say that I was nervous was an understatement!

But I had good reasons to suck it up and get out there anyway.

First, of course because people had pledged! I had a lot of people backing me up for this one.

Second, I had my own cheering section.

And then of course, there's this little face.

The race was amazing. The day was perfect for running - or so everyone said. I thought it was cold, but I'm used to running in my basement, so what do I know! Everyone there was so happy to be there. The energy was great, it was really well organized and there was a huge turnout.

I ended up feeling pretty good through most of the run and came out with a personal best time of 28:26! In my age group, I was 8th of 56, which I will endlessly brag about because I'm pretty impressed with myself. My mom came in just behind me and was first in her age group! She is pretty keen on doing the half marathon or the 10k next year. I will cheer her on from the sidelines, LOL! Next year, I'll do the 5k again for sure and then do the 1k fun run with the kids. I'll train them all through the winter ;)

You know that scene in the Princess Bride when Buttercup and the Man in Black are trying to avoid the ROUS's and the end up in the lightening sand and you think they are goners, but then they pull themselves out and take that huge, gasping breath? My brother and I used to reenact that scene all the time. I bring it up now because I'm pretty sure that's how I sound when I run. It's a good reason to run at home on your treadmill in the basement, not with an audience, which is the only place I will be running until October.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A few months after Kingsley was born I stumbled upon the Couch to 5K running program and started running. I am not a runner, really. My mom, my brother, and my sister all run and when I was in school I was on the track teams doing distance running, but I did not like it. It's one of those things that I am moderately alright at doing, but hate... Until baby weight starts jiggling and then I was desperate to try anything! ;)

Running may seem like a symbolic choice of activity for me - doing something that Kingsley can't do - but I choose to look at it in the other way: running is something that I can do. No, I don't love it, but occasionally I get a mild euphoric rush when I feel moderately good about doing it and it allows me to do some good by participating in a few (very few) select races that raise money for things that are important to me. 

One of those races is coming up in 11 days (*gulp*). It's called The Forest City Road Race and it raises money for the centre that Kingsley gets services from. So many of the services we access are not government funded and are free to us because of donations and fundraisers like this one, so I am happy to help them out a little bit by participating.  My mom and I are doing the 5k together. Like I said, she is a runner, so although she is almost 30 years older than me, she's faster, more fit, and has been training better for it. I'm getting nervous! 

And when you get emails like this, how could you possibly not do something? 

Forest City Road Race top banner
 Issue: April 2012    
Thank you for registering for the   

Have you set up your pledge page and started collecting pledges?  100% of the pledges go directly to services and programs at TVCC, that support kids like Kingsley.  There's still time. 

Meet KingsleyKingsley
Kingsley is just one of the shining stars at Thames Valley Children's Centre. He was born with Spina Bifida. 

Like many of the children and at TVCC, Kingsley and his family need help and support to give Kingsley the life he deserves. That is all made possible by you. It's your dedication and support of the London Life Forest City Road Races that make it possible.    

Please spread the word and share this Newsletter with Family and Friends   

beyond disability 

If you would like to make a donation or pledge, click here:  **Note: those are not my legs ;) 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Centre

I don't know if I ever mentioned it before, but I pretty much grew up at the children's centre in our city. My mom worked there for decades. I remember playing with the toys in the therapy rooms, waiting in the lobby for her to come out, and of course attending all of the picnics and fundraising events over so many years of my childhood. When I was in grade 8, my mom decided I was old enough to start volunteering there, so I did. Eventually, they started paying me and I did various lifeguarding and contract positions there until 2001 when I moved out of the city for a few years.

When we were first told that we could be referred to the SB team at the centre, it was like someone had tossed me a life preserver in the ocean of chaos we had found ourselves in. Yes!! Send us there! These were my people. I knew them, I trusted them. It was like going home. Some of these people had seen me grow up, they knew my parents. I've worked with them, I've gone to school with them, I've even babysat their children and had some as guests at my wedding! I'm pretty sure I know people in nearly every department in that building from one phase of my life or another. I sometimes joke that I can't leave an appointment there without giving myself a 20 minute time buffer to chat with whomever we happen to run into on our way out. To say the people working there are awesome would be an understatement.

Over the last two years, we have just taken advantage of every opportunity they throw at us. Kingsley and I do playgroups for babies/toddlers that they help run, we do swimming lessons (for him, I already know how to swim ;)), we go to clinic there, we receive PT from there, we've gotten Kingsley's splints from there. After Kingsley was born, Jeff and I attended a group for new parents of kids with special needs through them (where we met some amazing parents that we still keep in touch with). We've also received a ton of equipment from them on loan for various reasons and of course they made Kingsley's fabulous Bumbobile! Once a week I take Cordelia and Kingsley there for a playgroup that they attend while I sit around chatting with other moms, which is a much needed sanity break for me and the kids.

Do we love this place? Oh, yeah. :)

So, when they ask us for something in return, I am quick to say yes.

First they asked if I would mind being interviewed about the importance of playdates for my kids and myself. Not at all! So, during one of our restful mornings there, I was interviewed with another mom and they took some pictures of our kids for the article. The article isn't online yet, but we have the hard copy. (incidentally, Aaron Fotheringham was on the cover that month!)

Then, they decided that the picture was pretty cute and asked if they could put it on the homepage.
Thames Valley Children's Centre
Cordelia will one day hate me for saying this, but she is absolutely head over heels for this kid. She carried this picture around and 'introduced' him to all her dolls with big sighs and swoons. She doesn't even acknowledge that Kingsley is in the picture. He is pretty cute ;)  

Next, we were asked if Kingsley would like to be one of the faces on the advertisements and website for one of the centre's biggest fundraisers and just like that we had Christmas in June and Kingsley was decking the halls for the Holiday Home Tour: (a fabulous event if you are in town).

2011 Holiday Home Tour, presented by the Thames Valley Children's Centre Auxiliary

And if that wasn't enough, I was asked if we'd like to have him featured on the annual mail outs that go out to people who will (hopefully) make donations to support some of the awesome non-government-funded programs at the centre. Of course, we said yes!

I may be slightly biased, but I was immediately compelled to make a donation when I saw that handsome face. 

They do so many amazing things at that place. We are so lucky to have somewhere to go for not just the support, the programs, and the equipment Kingsley needs, but also the laughs, the reassurance, and the hope they inspire.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The People Who Made Me

My Mom and Me ~ March 9, 1978

 Rachel Renee ~ March 19, 2006

Cordelia Capri ~ May 20, 2008

Kingsley Kieran ~ January 15, 2010

These four people have made me the mother that I am today and for that, I am so grateful. 
I simply love being a mother.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gorgeous Surprise

My mom surprised me with a painting today. I absolutely love it. So timely. My mom is awesome.
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