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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Six Questions

I was tagged by Mary Evelyn over at What Do You Do Dear, which means that I have no choice but to answer six questions about myself, because her and her little boy Simeon are so cute and I would hate to see them cry. No one wants to be the reason a little boy is crying. And Cassie did it, so that means all the cool kids are involved. [insert sheep noises]

Here are my six.

1. Is this how you imagined your life would be?

Yes, exactly. Only in the sense that I never really imagined what life would be. Thinking too far ahead gives me anxiety, so I had vague plans about having a partner (but no dream wedding plans whatsoever), I definitely wanted kids, and assumed I'd be brilliantly educated and working with children with special needs of some kind. So, check, check, check, and check. Yep, livin' the dream! ;)

2. What's your drink of choice when out with girlfriends?

I almost feel like I should act like this doesn't happen that often, but... I do really like white wine. Pinot is my preference, but I won't turn down a gross bar white. I prefer to think of it as not being pretentious. I also like Pomtini's. And Palm Bay's.

3. What hobbies do you have that you don't mention in your blog?

This is dreadfully boring, which is probably why I don't mention it in my blog. I like to read, but I go in spurts with it. I love yoga, but sadly don't do enough of it. I took up running, then soccer which ended both my running and my soccer days. Now I've gone back to swimming, which I haven't done in about 15 years but turns out I'm still pretty good at. I also spend a lot of time online reading blogs, research articles (aka Facebook links), and self improvement websites (aka Pinterest). There is also the occasional Mensa-level, brain challenge (aka Candy Crush).

4. Name one thing about yourself that has surprised you.

I don't have control over my facial expressions. If I'm not making eye contact with you it's because I'm thinking something I don't want you to know and so I'm hiding it. This was awful when I was working and was something I would constantly be working on. Dead pan, non-judgmental expressions are hard. Shock. Horror. Amusement. Anger. Disbelief. Confusion. I used to think I was good at this, but turns out I'm not. At least I know now and can try to hide it.

5. How did your blog come about?

OK, so total giveaway question. When I was pregnant with Kingsley we read a lot of blogs and Jeff told me I should start one also. I didn't actually start four years ago, I started after he was born and then back dated stuff I had written in other places. Scandalous.

6. If money were no issue, I'd purchase...

Holy blaze, there's a lot of things I would purchase. I'd do that third-wish-for-more-wishes thing and purchase a huge, jackpot-winning lottery ticket. But if money were no issue, perhaps I would have already won the lotto and this would be overkill. Is it wrong to say a Cure? I'm not sure what for though. Can you purchase a long and happy life for yourself and your family? That's what I'd buy.

OK, now it's your turn. I'm supposed to tag people and taunt them with threats to continue the trend, so Kristin, Amanda, Laura, you're up!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Cuz's

July has been a super busy month, due mostly to my sister visiting with her crew. They live way across the country, so we don't get to see them that often. Fortunately, when she does come, I steal her camera card and take all of her pictures so that I suddenly seem way more adept at photography than I really am.

 at the drive-in, while King was trying to escape and roam free in the weeds

 don't you sometimes wish you could still sit at the kid table? 

 I love how this shows their growth with their legs

 movie night!

this picture just makes me laugh, from cross-eyed Rachel to Kamille's gansta face

summer is not complete without a lemonade stand 

I love how these 5 get along like they're always together, they just gel. Something about their ages this visit was just perfect - they never fought. Can't get better than cousin besties. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

So... Pinterest, right? Weird site. I don't entirely 'get' it, but I do find myself opening the app and suddenly hours have passed and I regret it when I have to get up in the morning. On one of those random nights in which I look at things done by people far craftier than me, I stumbled upon a picture of a row of cousins all wearing shirts with their age on them. Awesome!

My brother does not have children and my sister has two who happen to be born on the alternate years that I did not have kids. That means that from September 2 until January 8 of any given year, our kids are sequential in age - so right now they are 1 (Kingsley 2010), 2 (Karis 2009), 3 (Cordelia 2008), 4 (Kamille 2007), and 5 (Rachel 2006). In two weeks Kam will turn 5 and ruin it all ;) but for now, we decided we should try recreating that very cool idea.

We gave it a valiant effort.

first, add the big girls

second, add the little ones. give numbers. so far, so good. 

practice smiling. hmm...

add backdrop and hold up your numbers!

demonstrate how to hold up numbers for Kingsley - which he thinks is funny

intervene with the little ones. 

Kingsley is annoyed with my attempts to get him to actually HOLD the number.

ok, numbers on the toes then. pretend I'm still holding the backdrop correctly.

fleeting attempts to revive the photo shoot. 

...and we're done.

Now scroll back up and look at Cordelia in all the pictures. She makes me howl. 

Rachel is a pro. 

We plan on doing this whenever they/we visit. I think it'll be cute to see over the years. 

Whole Lotta Christmas Going On

I know Christmas is generally a busy time for everyone, but for us, this year was/is exceptionally insane. We have been going nonstop for about two weeks now. It started on the 15th with Kingsley's MRI and my aunts passing, which of course meant family time as my relatives came to town for the visitations and funeral. The funeral blended into our first Christmas when my brother and sister-in-law were home. The next day we hosted Jeff's extended family. Then we got our Christmas miracle and had our second Christmas with my sisters family. A triple date to see Stuart McLean was next and both girls had their Christmas concerts and last days of school that week as well. Then another Christmas party and we had Christmas Eve and of course the big day itself. Boxing Day was lower key, but was followed by early birthday parties for Kingsley, my sister and my niece, which rounds us out with today when the girls went to the theatre with Jeff's mom and I did a little too much online shopping with all my free time (oops). We have two more parties this week and 5 playdates to arrange for next week while everyone is off. No biggie. ;)

Fortunately (for me) my sister being home means that I got to have someone with a really awesome camera take all the pictures! There are so many cute ones, I cannot possibly post them all, but here's a glimpse at our awesomely insane Christmas 2011.

day one of the insanity - waiting for the MRI with Daddy

my brother and sister-in-law gave King this ridiculously cute hat. he loves it and wears it all the time.

put my girls and my sisters girls in a room together and what do they do? 
Jillian Michaels workouts. 
for real. 
even Kingsley was entertained.

pretty much sums up my thoughts on that first week.
(can you see his scar? people have noticed it a lot more with his recent haircut)

hey! it's me! still feeding Kingsley. sigh.

tracking Santa's progress on Norad. 

could hardly handle the cuteness on Christmas Eve. 

it is really really really really really hard to get a good picture of all 5 kids at once.

time for bed! 
um. yeah, those are the same pj's as last year. they still fit! if it ain't broke...

Christmas for 11 = a very full tree

one of my favourite gifts for Kingsley.

wowing my sister and brother-in-law with his wheeling abilities. I can't count the number of times people watched him with amazement as he rolled around over the past few weeks.

"So many girls. So much giggling. So much squealing."

Phew! OK, I'm done. I have a lot more exciting news, but that's another post! ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Miracle

Kingsley is fine, just fine.

We saw his neurosurgeon today. She said his syrinx is still there, still significant, but stable. She asked a whole bunch of questions about what we've been seeing, what Kingsley has been doing, what the concerns are, what changes he's had. She believes they are because he is doing so much more, using so many more muscles in different ways and so there are some side effects - his hamstring is tight because he's realized he can bend that knee to move around and so bends it (he doesn't have the quad muscles to stretch it straight again). The increased twitching is enervation and conscious movement where before it was passive. He's just doing well.

One small shadow: his Chiari area is a bit tight. She asked about his eating and if he chokes and whatnot. He isn't showing any symptoms that concern her, so no surgery now. She is not keen to jump in and open it up more without a really good reason, as doing so could cause more problems so there's no point in putting that risk out there without a very good reason. The same with putting a shunt in his spine to drain the syrinx - there are no guarantees that it would help the situation and no guarantees that it wouldn't make things worse. So, while everything is stable, no surgery. If he has significant changes, we'll have to look into those things.

More good news! His brain is perfectly wonderful. His shunt is working perfectly. There is nothing there that would be causing language problems, as far as she could see, so the delay is just a delay that he will work through, as far as anyone can tell.

This is all pretty much beyond what I could've hoped for. I was imagining terrible things and not a single one of them came true. It's like Christmas morning, his birth day and winning the lottery all in one.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

This afternoon, my sister came home to celebrate with us. Really, they came home for Christmas, but this was a pretty good second reason. ;) Christmas can officially begin again. All is well.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

My two nieces and my sister watched Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber movie. And when I say 'watched' I mean they had it on Netflix and watched it about a dozen times in about as many days. And when I say 'a dozen' I really mean three. They became big Bieber fans. So, when I was at Costco a couple weeks ago I was thinking of them and I grabbed Justin's new Christmas CD with the intention of listening to it a few times and maybe ripping it for them passing it on to them. However, it turns out my nieces aren't the only ones who love "Justin Beaver" because all three of my children have clung to this CD like it's the best music in the world and they insist on listening to it all. day. long. Truthfully, I don't mind. I love Christmas music and if you haven't heard the CD it has a remix of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas which is one of my favourites.

Over the last couple of weeks while this CD has been on repeat, the words of all of his songs have blurred together and played in my head even when it's not on. There's one message that comes up over and over in so many of the songs: All I want for Christmas is you. Tell Santa I'm good this year, my present is standing right here. If you're the only thing I ever get for Christmas then everything I've wished for has come true. I realize Biebs is probably singing about a girl, but when I hear these words, I look at the kids and I think: YES.

I have been walking around the house, just savouring the drawn out Holiday buildup. The lights are up outside, Buddy the Elf has returned, the mail has gotten really exciting, we're going to put the tree up this weekend, lists are being made and checked twice, pictures are done... we're in the Christmas spirit and there's this feeling of just soaking it in and enjoying it all. A true appreciation that we are so incredibly lucky to all be home, to all be healthy, to all be together.

When I was thinking last week about Kingsley being in the hospital a year ago, I remember the rush to do things in the week leading up to his surgery. I remember doing my online shopping from beside his hospital bed. I remember the heavy reality that with one sudden fever, we could be spending our Holiday season in the hospital instead of at home. Getting released on December 2 was one of the best Christmas presents ever.

And the year before that with the sudden scare and hospital stay mid-December before he was born.

We just don't have a lot of luck with this month. Kind of like September.

Which is why I have one wish for Christmas. Just one.

I want Kingsley to be home. 

Because what I didn't want is for his PT to have concerns about his legs. And I didn't want the concerns of September to be brought up again. I didn't want to see their faces when I mentioned some things I had noticed. I didn't want to see the look on my moms face when I told her the concerns that people are mentioning and see that she has the same concerns.

I don't want to hear back from the neurosurgeon and I don't want to know what the inevitable MRI is going to show. I want to continue appreciating that we are all home together and not subconsciously start planning how we are going to get through this month if we get bad news and have to be split up.

It could be nothing. It could all just be explained by... something else.

Or these changes could all be related.

I think we might need a Christmas miracle on this one.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer is


We've been having a record breaking heat wave and non-stop action here. Since school ended, my sister and her daughters visited, then the girls had a week of mornings at camp while Kingsley and I started 108 home reno projects, and now we have finished the first of two weeks of swimming lessons for the girls, so days revolve around the pool. Playdates, out of town visitors, birthday parties, ice cream, what's not to love about summer?

I love being busy. I love being wrapped up in our own fun stuff. I love how little things can make your house just that much more your home (even though we're doing it so we can LEAVE our home!). I don't even mind the heat. Kids are fabulous, life is going well.

And for those few of you who don't already know (*ahem* Kristin) the last Harry Potter movie was incredible. Ah, gives me shivers.

I don't think Jeff will volunteer to go see it again with me. And if for some reason we ever end up having another boy, his name would possibly end up being Neville. ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Auntie Kristi

My sister and her daughters have been visiting for the last week.

It's been a whole year since we saw her and my younger niece, Karis. A year is too long! We've made up for it with Canada Day celebrations, trips to the beach and Storybook Gardens, and tons of time just hanging out. She is a far better photographer than I am and has a swank camera, so I let her do all the capturing for the week. And then we couldn't figure out how to get all the pictures from her hard drive to mine. We are brilliant. Anyway, things have been good. We have been busy. Summer is off to a great start.

The girls are going to be at camp together in the mornings next week and while they're there, Kingsley and I are going to do some renovations around here. We're looking forward to it. ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year in Review... How Cliche ;)

I'm so nostalgic. Usually, New Years Eve is blah for me. I gave up on caring about what to do and what to wear about 10 years ago. So overrated.

But this year is so different. I keep thinking back to the past year and feeling the need to celebrate. To toast what a year it was. Amazing, challenging, heart wrenching, and fantastic. I feel like after nearly 5 years, I'm only now really learning how to be a mother. I appreciate the little things like I never have before. Nothing is taken for granted. Although it feels like everything this year has revolved around Kingsley, that's not really the case. It's definitely revolved around my family, all of us. We've all grown and changed and become so much closer. I adore my little family. I think I may look back on this year as one of the most influential in my life.

Here are the most memorable events:

JANUARY: Well, no question, it was Kingsley's arrival. His diagnosis rocked me in 2009 and his birth just changed everything. He filled the void in our family that we didn't even know was missing (I am just full of cliche's, forgive me!).  He completed us and made us better by showing us his strength and beauty. I didn't know the true meaning of the word AMAZE until I met my little King.

FEBRUARY: this may seem strange, considering January's highlight, but the Olympics were the best part of February. I have never been more proud of my country or of being a Canadian. There was something so unifying about the Games. Everyone was watching. Everyone was cheering. Everyone was singing. I get teary just thinking about it!

MARCH: this month will always be for my first baby, my lovely Rachel. She turned four years old in March and seemed to turn into a little lady before my eyes. She has grown so much this year and the pride I have for her is unbelievable. This month also marked a new milestone for me as a mother: my first experience with the flu. That was disgusting. I am not a puker and prior to March, my girls had not been pukers either, so my experience with this sort of thing was limited. One night of Jeff, Rachel, and Cordelia taking turns throwing up every 15 minutes was one night too many. By some miracle, Kingsley and I avoided getting sick. So. Gross.

APRIL: I feel like April was when I really resolved and accepted a lot of things within myself regarding Kingsley's diagnosis and the previous year. At three months old, I finally felt like I could relax and just breathe. My baby boy was doing fine, the weather was shifting, life was awesome.

MAY: When I think of May, I think of being outside with my three little angels. How heavenly! We spent so many warm days out in the backyard, I thought that was how our whole summer would be. I also started running and moving on from my c-section. My sweet little Cordelia turned two years old.  It was a great month that I wanted to last forever. Sadly, (or not, depending on your preference), the weather shifted the next month and got unbearably hot and we spent a lot of the summer inside avoiding the humidity. :) Gotta love Ontario!

JUNE: My sister came home! And brought my two little nieces with her. I miss seeing them grow up in front of me, so I cherish any visit we have. The cousins love spending time together. We has a whole week at the beach, which is something we definitely have to make an annual event.

JULY: Kingsley was baptized! We had HVPI coming regularly by then, it was very hot, Rachel took swimming lessons and Kingsley started solid food. I started toilet training with Cordelia, so I think that pretty much consumed us.

AUGUST: Another month of heat. We had a disastrous three days in Toronto.  :) Kingsley had stopped progressing physically this point and I started to realize it.

SEPTEMBER: Rachel started school! September seems to be a rotten month for me. We had the anniversary of King's diagnosis commemorated with finding out that he was not going to walk and no one could provide us with answers as to why he wasn't doing more with his legs. Not a gold-star month around here.

OCTOBER: the highlight was my niece Kamille coming to visit! Cordelia, Kingsley and I were doing playgroups and support groups and swimming lessons and I was trying to figure out what was going on with Kingsley - torn between accepting and fighting.  Luckily, I chose the latter. Halloween was a ton of fun with my little girls.

NOVEMBER: Answers! Surgery! And the start of our Christmas season.

December: All fantastic-ness. Kingsley came home, the girls were SO into the Holidays, time with family and friends and just so much joy.

What a year, indeed. I love that it started and ended so well and that in between, there was a lot of laughing, snuggling, tickling, and smiling.
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