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Friday, February 8, 2013


Winter must be making people bored. I keep seeing blog posts with 48 Questions or Facts About Me or the like. Well, get excited, because here are some Things You May Not Know About Kingsley.

1. He's the youngest of five grandchildren on my side and the only grandson.

2. He has been in two commercials.

3. His nicknames are King, Kinger, Kings, Kingy, Kingsy, Kingabing, Binger, Bingy, Bubba, Bubadoo, Bubs, Kiki, Buddy, King-gi, Frog, Frogger, Baby Boy. He responds to all of them.

4. His favourite shows are Toopy and Binoo and Max and Ruby. If you put either of them on, he'll yell for everyone in the house to come and see that they're on.

He was actually saying: "OH NO! Don't turn off Toopy and Binoo!" when this was taken

5. His favourite App is Another Monster at the End of this Book. He laughs so hard, over and over and over. It doesn't get old for him.

6. He does not like my singing and will tell me to stop and close my mouth. He doesn't really like anyone else's singing though, so I'm not offended.

7. He's had four surgeries. February 2nd was the two year anniversary of the last one. We know there's a good chance he'll have two of them again, we just don't know when. And then some others.

8. He loves to swim. He uses a puddle jumper and floats on his back and his tummy.

9. We compare his attitude lately to that Grumpy Cat with all the memes. His answer to everything is an automatic NO. Then, he'll think about what you said and sometimes say yes. You have to wait him out.

10. He is a MASTER of Blue Steel. He does it immediately after telling you NO. He also does it after making demands, as if to challenge you to say 'no' back to him.

11. His hair grows incredibly fast. He needs a haircut about once a month, but it takes me about another month to face this fact and do something about it.

12. He loves to tell Knock-Knock jokes. They don't usually make any sense.

13. He still sleeps in a crib, but we have a new bed on order for him.

14. He loves pirates, hippopotamuses, school buses, city buses, and white buses, ambulances, trains, his 'painting' (aka travel-sized, strawberry Doodle Pro), chocolate, Curious George, and Thomas the Train.

15. He takes after his dad and my brother in appearance.

16. He calls all men Daddy, which has made for some very awkward encounters with strangers.

17. He is still a terrible eater. He eats the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a constant battle.

18. Turns out he loves the snow. Who knew? I thought I would have one child on my side. The inside. Of the house.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've been a total blog fail!  I've been blanking on anything to blog about lately, which I suppose is a good thing, right? We've just been doing boring life stuff, no excitement, no drama, no scares... just the way I like it!

And so for the second  time this year already, I'm going to do a pathetic little recap of all the big things in our life that we are currently consumed with...

1. Rachel's birthday. It's on March 19 and we are planning an epic Mermaid party to beat her Fairy party from last year. When I say 'epic' I do not mean that this will be the type of party that ends up on pinterest, because I am just not that put together, but it will be awesome for her... thanks to pinterest ;)

2. My birthday!! It's next week and to celebrate, I'm going away for the weekend. I've never done this before. It's funny because I'd be the first to give someone a funny look when they say they can't leave their non-breastfed kids, but even though King is no longer attached to me I just haven't ever gone away. So, I'm going. Two days without children or Jeff. I'm giddy with the thought of it!

3. Kingsley finally got his custom seat for his wheelchair! It's GORGEOUS and makes his ride look so cool. He loves it, I love it. I have no pictures. Total fail.

4. Skating! I took Kingsley and Cordelia with my friend Jen and it was a total success!! I'm just so proud of the two of them. We're going to start going a lot more regularly.

5. We are waiting to start speech therapy. He's at the top of the list and we just need to get ready for the call. In the meantime, I feel like he's communicating more and more. I'm so torn on this whole speech thing, it should probably have it's own post, but oh well. ;) I swing from KNOWING that Kingsley does things in his own time and worrying that things don't always go the way they're supposed to with him. Really, if I don't think about it, it doesn't bother me at all. I understand most of what he's trying to communicate to me and he responds as if he understands everything I'm saying to him. Speech will come.

6. Yoga. OK, this is just what my life is revolving around! My beloved Moksha Yoga finally opened another studio TWO MINUTES from my house. 'Love' doesn't begin to describe it, I pretty much want to camp out in their parking lot. I used to go to hot yoga all the time before kids, between pregnancies, and then life just got insane after Kingsley and I haven't been back on my own. I didn't know how much I needed this until I stepped into that hot room and felt like the weight of the last three years just lifted. I get up at 5:15 in the morning to go, that's how much I love it. The downside is that I tend to go to bed a lot earlier and obviously my blogging time has faded away. I'll work that out.

7. Crafts. We've created a crafting monster. Actually, I love it. The three kids sit at the kitchen table together and craft. Kingsley's mediums are crayon and sticker. He's getting quite talented. Mostly, I think he just loves being there with his sisters doing big kid things.

And, yep, that's about it. King's doing great, he's gotten over his colds, he flies around the house getting into trouble, and he's expanded his Love List to include Tyrone from the Backyardigans in addition to Elmo. He's having another brush with fame, but that I really will save for another day. ;)  And I'll start taking pictures, too!

Happy March!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


My sweet little boy turned two today.


Two years ago he was born. I get so emotional when my children have birthdays. Remembering their births is so lovely, there just aren't words for how it feels to bring a child into the world. It's magical. Kingsley's birth was no exception, but since I've gone on and on about his birth day at various times, I will spare you today. ;)

I know it's kind of cheesy to say that I'm inspired by my own son, but I truly am. He doesn't do anything that any other kid doesn't do. He just goes about his days, his weeks, his year learning, trying, playing and developing. But when Kingsley does it, he's defying odds. 

I cannot even begin to count the number of times this year I have been reminded of the brilliant words my friend, Cassie said about her own son, Caleb: I've seen him do things I didn't think he would ever do. So many moments this year, I have seen Kingsley do things that amaze me. Things that I wasn't sure he would ever do. Things that if you told me one year ago today: this is the year Kingsley will do THIS, I would probably have doubted you.

This year, Kingsley showed us for the fourth time that he is a fighter. That he will bounce back. That he will continue to be resilient. He learnt to play. He learnt to hold his own cup. He learnt to hold a spoon (although, he did also learn to throw it instead of use it to eat. Baby steps). He learnt to eat. I forget that a year ago he was barely eating solid foods at all, nevermind finger foods, that he didn't even start eating solid food on a regular basis until the spring and that I still have a cupboard shelf full of baby food because he only just stopped eating it a couple of months ago. He learnt to communicate with us... in ways other than words, but he does get his point across! He learnt to sleep through the night - ALLELUIA!!  He learnt to roll over both ways (again). With support, he got up on his feet for the first time.

This year, Kingsley learnt to MOVE. His world grew exponentially at the end of the summer when he learnt to make his Bumbobile GO. And then his dynamic stander. And then his wheelchair. And then his body as he learnt to roll and twist and wiggle and finally crawl. Alongside all of the moving, Kingsley also learnt to sit. On his own, on the floor, with his hands up, playing, reaching, clapping, slipping into an Elmo's World coma.

It has been a big year for my little rockstar.

Yesterday, we had a little party to celebrate the big year that he has had. He was not that impressed. He cried, a lot. Covered his ears, his eyes, whined, and then finally accepted that no one was leaving and so joined in the festivities. What else are you going to do when you're already all dressed up, right?

Besides, there were presents. Can't be grouchy when there are presents. 

Right beside him, cheering him on every step of the way, were his two bestest friends and biggest fans:

We did it all over again today, because that's just what you do when you're two.

 Kingsley's second year was incredible. It was not without heartache, frustration, and impatience, but those things were so overwhelmed by the joy, excitement, and pride at the incredible kid Kingsley developed into this year.

I am so excited to see where he goes in this next year.

Happy Birthday, Kingsley!!

We love you so much!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday Season

There's this cyclical thing that happens in our household. It starts with Christmas and the discussion of Jesus's birthday. Without fail, it leads to: "Mommy, when is MY birthday?" My niece, Kamille's birthday comes first. She turns the same age that Rachel is, which is an even that pleases Kam quite a bit. It also spurs Rachel to literally start counting the days until her birthday, when she will again be OLDER than Kamille. Between January 9 and May 23, we have Kamille, Kingsley, Auntie Kristi, Uncle Kevin, Grandma Marilynn, me, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Connor, Rachel, one of her BFF's Eric, and then finally Cordelia and my brother, Dave. Jeff is in June, but by then the girls are over it and counting the days until we can start it all over again.

This weekend is not the first party for us. Since my sister and her crew were here over the Holidays, we decided to have an early party. For me, it was a test run to see how Kingsley would handle things.

 oh, he's playing bashful. see that smile? he loved it

 more! more!

 yay!! sing it again! sing it again!

 he didn't blow them out, I had to do it for him. he just wanted to look at them and make us sing again

 Kam's an old pro!

love this big five year old! she picked the icing colour ;)

So, I have three days. Two until his party, three until my baby boy is no longer a baby. I can't believe he's going to be TWO. Reliving his birth this year is so different from last year. I think most people wouldn't understand when I say that this year we are so far removed from the SB stuff, considering the fact that we just got his first wheelchair, he's starting speech therapy soon, we're talking new braces for him, and a few other not-so-typical things are in process. That's all just life stuff though, just the same way we're shopping for new boots for Cordelia, teaching the girls to skate, and finding new ways to challenge Rachel's brilliance. Two years ago, we were drowning in the unknown and preparing ourselves for surgeries. A year ago, we were drowning in the unknown and preparing ourselves for another surgery. This year, we're wondering where we can get a sledge so King can go skating, too. We're wondering what to do with the toy store that exploded in our house last month. We have simple, pointless problems. We are just. so. lucky. 

Are you ready for Elmo cupcakes? I sure am! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Oh, hush now. I know Halloween was a week and a half ago, but I had good reasons for delaying this post.

Firstly, as usual my kids were stinkin adorable and had a blast. We did Mall-O-Ween with our friends and Grandma as we do every year. It was not lost on me the irony of the pain I was going through a year ago, accepting the fact that Kingsley would be a wheelchair user, when this year I was incredibly annoyed that he didn't have a wheelchair to use! Instead, the poor kid just watched his sisters trick or treat from the stroller where he sulked and had Elmo try to eat his head.

After a quick dinner, I took the kids out on our street. Without suitable wheels for Kingsley to push, I carried him. And it started to rain. So, Kingsley went to the two neighbours who would be most excited to see him/us and then he went home to hang out with Daddy while the girls and I did the rest of the street. He was adorable - my little Elmo zipping to the door in his Bumbobile every time the doorbell rang. ;) He doesn't eat candy anyway.

But! The really exciting thing is what will happen next year for Halloween. See, the week of Halloween, we ordered Kingsley's first wheelchair and a Rifton dynamic stander. Which means that next year, Halloween will rock here! I am inspired by a few mom's in my circle who make a kid on wheels the coolest thing ever. Have a look here at Caleb: scroll down, scroll down, scroll down... BATMOBILE!! Scroll down a bit further and you'll see his incredible costumes from the last three years. Then there's Greyson who is the most ridiculously cute astronaut I have ever seen  And then there's Nate the construction worker. I mean, come on!!

Kingsley has some big wheels to fill, but I think we can do it.

I may have to start planning now.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh, September, How I Hate Thee...

I had four days left in the month, just four short days and we would've been free from the grips of the Month That Hates Us. Unfortunately, I noticed some strange things with Kingsley...

OK, I'm getting into stuff you may not want to read about. If pee-pee talk is gross, skip ahead to the picture of Kingsley while everyone else reads on ;)

Last warning.

OK then...

So, Kingsley started wetting his diapers. A combination of meds and bladder things means that Kingsley doesn't often wet his diapers and if he does, it's not that much. But three days in the past two weeks, Kingsley has SOAKED his diaper at night and actually even leaked. Daytime diapers were also noticeably wet. So strange. He has even peed on me three times which he's done a total of twice in his entire life before this.

Naturally, I emailed one of his nurses thinking I'd just give them a heads up, figuring maybe he just needed a med adjustment or something. Instead she asked if he could have a UTI or said maybe this was a sign of a re-tethered cord.

Wahn-wahn waaaaaaahn... As Rachel would say. Obviously, not what I wanted to hear.

Bowel and bladder control are at the bottom of the spinal cord, so they are often the first to change when something is happening. If his cord is retethered and is causing problems, he'd need to have another surgery like the one he had in February.

(the Elmo-thing sort of caught on. ;) this smile is brought to you by the letter E and the number 1... and the fact that Elmo's World had just come on TV the moment before I took it)

We could still be fine. I've taken in a sample to be tested for an UTI and I'm waiting and hoping it's just something minor like that. Or maybe it'll just go back to normal and be a random blip. Or maybe he really does need a medication alteration. Or maybe the September curse is hitting us again and this is the start of another very stressful autumn. Or maybe he'll restore all functioning starting down here at the bottom and working up?!?! Oh, come on, I'm allowed to still believe in miracles. ;)

While I wait for results and try to figure out what comes next, we are doing some fun stuff around here! Kingsley is blowing my mind with some of the awesome things he's been doing lately. Have I mentioned that he's a rockstar? Yeah, he is.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am a behaviourist by training and as any behaviourist will tell you - motivation is where it's at. I have realized that Kingsley does not have a lot of secondary reinforcers. He doesn't love any stuff. That's a problem. I can't tempt him to talk, to move, to eat, to do anything! The only thing that works for him are me and the girls, and when we're the ones putting demands on him, our value drops pretty quickly ;) I need to make him want to say words, to ask for things and to label them. I need to make him want to look at books and point to pictures. I need to make him want to move to get something he really wants. Because right now, it's amazing how he can make the one word MAMA mean so many things (go away, give me that, stop bugging me, pick me up, make her go away, I'm shy, where are you? are we done yet? I'm done, etc.) and as a result, need nothing else to say or do.

Enter: Elmo.

Before Rachel, I thought the red guy was a big gimmicky annoyance. Even after Rachel came around, I didn't really get the appeal. He's cute, sure. He laughs, yeah. Kind of scared Rachel. Regardless, I have acquired a bunch of Elmo stuff over the years and I decided it was time to break it out and attempt to turn Kingsley into an Elmo lover. It's working.

It started with this video, which is now the top cathing entertainment Elmo and Ricky Gervais: Celebrity Lullabye It actually makes me laugh out loud, even after watching it 50 times this week. Kingsley smiles as soon as Ricky appears with his guitar. He looks at me for my reaction every time it gets to the end and Elmo says "Mr Ricky's done enough!!" (I'm actually laughing as I write that).

Anyway, now I have him pointing to Elmo in books, actually looking at the TV when Elmo is on (yeah, I really am TRYING to get my 18 month old to watch TV :p), scootching across the floor to get to my iPhone to hold it while Elmo is on. Progress.

And really, this little red guy isn't all that annoying. I kinda love the way he dances. These are some more of our favourite videos:
Outdoors, Jason Mraz
Elmo's Song
1, 2, 3, 4, Feist
What I Am,

On a related note, I'm also trying to get him attached to a lovey. The girls are both so attached to their blankies, and as annoying as that can be, it's really helpful for them to have a comfort item. If any kid needs a comfort item, it would be Kinger! The reality of King's situation is that one day he'll be back in the hospital for a stretch and I'm working on getting somethings to keep him comfortable and settled when that happens. He sleeps with his Monking, but now I'm consciously taking it out of his crib and bringing it places with it so he can play with him more. It's so adorable to see him hug his monkey.

Then there was the blanket issue. You would not believe the number of gorgeous, sentimental, handmade blankets the three kids have received over the years. Have any of them decided that they love them? Not a one. I can only sigh. Rachel's blankie is a second hand crib blanket that I picked up at a garage sale for $5.  Cordelia's is a generic, green fleece Winnie the Pooh blanket from Zellers, and Kingsley has decided he also wants the ratty old green Pooh blanket as his. Oh, boy. As a consolation (to end the tug o' wars that were happening), I pulled out from our stash a similar generic, mass-produced blue one with footballs on it, of all things and he began snuggling instantly.

 Again, I sigh. At least he's happy.
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