Saturday, December 21, 2013

One Giant Leap Forward

I remember the glory of my children sleeping through the night, like, really sleeping straight through the night. That heavenly feeling of going to bed at night and knowing that I was not going to be woken up at all, just left to sleep... Bliss. All three of them sleep 11-12 hours a night still and it's delicious. They didn't always though, before they realized sleeping was where it's at, they woke up. A lot. So, when the change happened, I celebrated. 

That amazing experience is happening again in the form of diapers. As in, I don't have to change them. As in, they're not dirty. As in, hallelujah, the clouds are parting, we have SUCCESS!!!! 

It's amazing. I cannot state enough how much of a game changer this is for us. Nearly four years of all. the. time. ALL THE TIME. And now I've got it all figured out. BOOM. Merry Christmas to ME! 

To celebrate, Kingsley takes a lot of baths. Don't make me elaborate on why he didn't have a lot of baths before. Now, he bathes all the time. Anytime. He can take a one hour bath if he wants, I just let him play. 

And just when I was having visions of underpants, something else changed. He's wetting his diapers. Soaking them. I don't know why, it's so strange. He literally has never in four years soaked a diaper during the day or even really wet it. I am completely stumped. There's nothing obvious going on here, just that. Much better than the previous situation, but a bit confusing. Another riddle for us to solve.  


  1. I would take wet diapers over dirty! We're at the other end with Mason at the moment - trying to get him to poop at all. It seems surgery throws him for a loop and even enemas are not working. ugh

  2. Yay! I'm glad you are having success!
    We have had the exact same experience. Where Nick was always dry and it was just the poop, and once we got that figured out he was leaking.
    I talked to his urology and we increased his Ditropan, but nothing consistent.
    If you get an answer I'd like to know

  3. Congrats!! How did you do it?! And I hope you get the pee situation figured out soon!

  4. What is it like to be able to sleep through the night? I envy you! How exciting not to have to worry about the dirty diapers anymore. It sounds good to me that he's wetting diapers...isn't it? I mean something new for sure but it sounds like a good step forward...


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