Friday, November 1, 2013

Almost Halfway

Kingsley is still doing great. He gets his casts off on November 18. We saw the surgeon last Monday and she took off his big white casts and replaced them with lighter blue ones (to match his Thomas costume, of course!). I finally got a look at his legs and his incisions. Well, sort of, they were under bandages still.

It all looked good! The surgeon said I could take off his zimmer's to give him a break and some air, but he doesn't really care if he gets a break or not and his bare legs kind of give me the hibbie jibbies. I'm so afraid of messing things up. Once a day I take them off, inspect his legs, have him bend a bit and then I put them right back on. I did end up taking the bandages off all of the way to see the incisions. I really need to toughen up because there was a lot of squeemies and even a bit of nausea. They look great, they're healing well. I just couldn't get Molly Weasley's voice out of my head (please, someone tell me you know what I'm talking about).

His legs are so much straighter. It's so strange. The bend and tension in his legs was so much a part of him, to have his legs just straight and flaccid is a little disconcerting. They seem really long!

the top ones are his legs at rest before surgery. that's how his legs pretty much always were.
the bottom are one week post-op when he got his new casts. his legs rest a bit straighter than that even.

Kingsley is still doing great and is completely unbothered by his casts or splints. He moves around just fine (the splints are FILTHY) and he hasn't had any trouble sleeping, which is good because I'm going to make him sleep in these splints for the rest of his life. He does great in his stander.

So, yup. Halfway there now. Still incredibly grateful that this is going a million times better than it could have gone.


  1. Such a rockstar just like his Mama. Been thinking of you and so happy the healing is going great. Keep it up!!

  2. I got some funny looks in hospital the last time when I openly said I would not be looking at E's back. I wait until his back is mostly healed and then will look at the incision site. There are lots of 'gross' or medical things I do and see for him...but early post-op on his spine is not one of them! It is funny when I think of things that should have grossed me out (the EVD) versus the things that did gross me out (his first g-tube). But I'm pretty much the person who changes out his g-tubes and they don't bother me at all right now. Hopefully it won't get to that stage with Kingsley where you've seen and done it often enough that it doesn't bother you...I think it is perfectly fine to have some things we don't like to see/deal with. Glad he is healing so well. His legs look great!


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