Friday, October 25, 2013

The Little Bull

It started with Cordelia. She and Kingsley like to play. She's a bit of a rough-and-tumble kid, so she appealed to King's daredevil side and started tossing his wheelchair around. She'd push him, he'd go flying down the hallway, hands raised and a big scream flying out. It evolved into him spinning around and chasing back after her for more, then just him chasing her down. Somewhere along the line, he started running into her. At first she thought it was funny. It's not funny anymore.

I first realized it was a problem when he almost took out an 18 month old at preschool pick up. He had that gleeful look in his eye that he gets when he and Cordelia are playing. Cordelia and Kingsley and I have had many talks since then about not running into people and not enticing anyone to run into them.

It's not working.

Two days ago, he plowed into Cordelia unprovoked and when she fell down, he attempted to roll on over her. Ughhhhh...

he always looks so innocent...

Let me tell you something: it is really awkward disciplining a child on wheels. When I put Cor or Rach in a time out and they didn't want to be there (shocker) it was very easy to pick them up and plop them back into their spot. It feels wrong to put King's brakes on and park him in a corner. It felt more wrong to put the brakes on his stander, because he can't take those brakes off. I could also put him on his bed, his booster at the kitchen table, his carseat and he wouldn't be able to go anywhere (but I don't). It's strange having so much control over a child his age. It's creepy. Until he started seeing everyone as his personal matador, I haven't had to discipline King much at all. He's a pretty easy going kid whose biggest offense was trying to speed down ramps. This is going to take some figuring out for both of us.

In the meantime, please keep all red capes away from him, okay? Or just watch your back.


  1. Um yes. The only thing Lewis will tell me he does at school is "chase Lola." And when I ask if they were laughing while playing, he says, "I was but Lola wasn't." Sigh....

  2. Thanks for the giggle. :) He's too cute. Good luck! :)

  3. I have not caught up in months. This is hilarious, and I have a very similar problem with Charlie. I don't feel at all guilty about braking him though - the problem is, he takes the brakes off and is gone before I can reach him again...

  4. It sure is hard to deal with discipline, isn't it?! E will either swing out when angry or he will pull at hair both of which we discourage but it is hard knowing he can't really control his environment and swings his arms or kicks his legs if he's angry. And then there is the guilt of raising my voice at him in those moments. one ever said it would be easy, eh?! (In Kingsley's defense, it does sound like fun to actually be able to 'get' someone.)


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