Thursday, August 22, 2013

Autumn is Coming...

Autumn sucks for Kingsley. 

We discovered the syrinxes in autumn 2010 (and had a bunch of surgeries).

This year, I figured I'd flash the bird at Autumn and beat it at it's own game: I planned a surgery for Kinger. So there! We already know that autumn is going to suck and we know why. I was all: IN YOUR FACE! right up until I hung up the phone on Tuesday with a surgery date and pre-op appointment scheduled. Then I felt like throwing up. 

His hamstring and heel-cord releases (are these even the real surgery names? I may be making them up) are scheduled for October 15. King and I will be meeting with the ortho surgeon two weeks before that to finalize the details. His PT wants her to consider doing some work on his ballerina foot as well to get it less ballerina-pointy and more flat footed. Either way, he'll be in double leg casts for four to six weeks afterward. 

I haven't really figured out how I'm going to tell Kingsley all of this. Right now, I discuss it in front of him, but not with him. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of time and thinks that anything I mention in the future is imminent - for example, thanks to Costco having Christmas wrap out already, Kingsley thinks Santa is coming any day. I don't want him to live in a state of constant panic at the thought that any car ride is going to end at the hospital with him having surgery. It's very different from the last four times when he was an infant. On the other hand, I do need to talk to him about it eventually. It would be rather cruel to take an unsuspecting child into the hospital and have him wake up in double leg casts. SURPRISE! 

One other itty-bitty thing causing me a bit of anxiety is that he has an MRI booked for next Tuesday. It's supposed to be just a routine see-how-things-are kind of MRI. Pleasepleaseplease pretty please with a cherry on top, can this just be a routine MRI and not some fake-out where we discover something we don't want to discover??  I did tell King about the MRI next week and the mask that is going to help him fall asleep. He was not pleased. Apparently, he remembers the Mask of Doom from last year and freaked out a bit when we were talking about it. Eek, poor guy. :/

we had the pre-admit appointment today. I think he handled it pretty well.


  1. It is always scary when you have to bring the in for surgeries/sedations! E has his MRI early in Sept...for his routine follow up. Hope you get good news from his MRI! We don't tell E about his surgeries and I think the last one was a real doozy for him...but then I don't know if he really understands about them either... Fingers crossed all goes well for Kingsley and that recovery is quick (although unfortunately we know the casts won't be).

  2. I don't have any suggestions how to tell a child about a surgery. I think that you are stressing out more than he will.

    With Nick's MRI last year (we don't have one this year - not sure why) they gave us a mask to take home and play with. Maybe you could see if you can get one?

    You'll get through this autumn, just like all the other autumns

  3. Aw, the thought of telling that adorable little bucket head about surgery breaks my heart too! Look at that face!!! :( I hope the MRI went well.


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