Sunday, June 2, 2013


I've noticed a lot of other mom bloggers who have kids with SB sort of trail off posting after their kids turn three, which I am totally guilty of. I have one explanation: the unmentionables. 

King is almost 3.5 (holy crap!!!!) which means he's at the age where a lot of his peers are doing or done the potty thing. By 4, most kids are there. I have lofty dreams of winning this battle by about that time, but for now, it's a daily angst. 

Imagine your worst potty training experience. Multiply that by one neurogenic (aka totally ignores your pleading and plans) bowel and add in the fact that this is 100% out of Kingsley's control and you have my frustration. 

I can't talk about it much because 1. It's poop and poop is gross, 2. No one wants to read that, 3. King will one day keel over from embarrassment that I've said this much. 

So, this is our life. 

There have also been a few other minor ortho-type stressors, but by some miracle everything has started to work itself out as of a week or so ago and we have a bunch of appointments lined up that should start to ease my stress and hopefully give us a plan. 

When I'm not dealing with that unpleasantness, we are living smack in the fishbowl that is our house. The yard has been in progress for weeks, but pretty soon it will be done and I won't be literally surrounded by work crews and various tradespeople stopping in to do this or that. It's all worth it, but it's a bit strange. 

We are hiding in the basement so we aren't on display. 


  1. Oh my goodness! I've noticed the lack of SB blogs after age 3 too. Can we please try to keep it going? I totally look to you guys who are a few years ahead of me for advice and even just to see how fun life can be regardless of SB. Glad you're still posting (even if it's about poop). :)

  2. You know we would love to hear the poopy talk because we're headed that way with Mason. We already are struggling to keep his bowels moving and we're nowhere near that lovely potty training age. Yes, I realize he may find it embarrassing down the road. I know Mason will too because I try to blog everything. BUT I think it is important that we share the good, the bad, and the messy because this life is so different and those living with or caring for someone with SB needs this 'community help' to know they're not alone trying to figure it out. (It's why I blog separately about our homeschooling, we fit a niche with a large family homeschooling that is different than homeschooling one or two would be, and it comes with it's own challenges.)


  3. We just started a program with L and it is going great!! It's super easy and he's totally clean. I should have done it ages ago. Let me know if you want the details!


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