Sunday, October 7, 2012

Emergency Room

Yesterday, Kingsley and I spent a lovely day in emerge. All. Day. We went in about 10:30 after taking our time getting up and ready, spending a bit of time with the girls, then we were off.

It started as a pretty quiet day in the ER. He got a bed right away, the resident came right over. He appeared to be quite baffled by King and the story I told him, as if his instinct was to label me as crazy, but that I was so convinced of it and there was that wonky eye, he had to follow through. The next doctor knew about shunts and asked all the right questions before paging neuro.

Tricky thing here is that this is our Thanksgiving long weekend, so both of the neurosurgeons who have done Kinger's big surgeries are away until Tuesday. Bad timing, buddy!

Our first trip was X-ray to check the physical structure of the shunt. It's all there, in one piece looking like it should. Phew. Neuro sent down the message that it didn't sound like shunt, but go for a CT just in case.

Hours later, we attempted a CT scan. It was King's first and it did not go well. Lie perfectly still on a bed with your head restrained? No thanks! That was about 6 hours into our visit and the first point where I almost cracked. We were so close to answers!! Fortunately, the nurses decided to give him some meds to make him sleepy.

I may have mentioned before that Kingsley is a rockstar. At this point, we had spent the whole day in emerg, not eating as much, not drinking as much, not napping, and not really going anywhere. I had 4 books, 1 car, and the iPod to keep him entertained. Kingsley, however had his wheels and his smile, which kept the nurses entertained and flocking to help out, which meant he had popsicles, bubbles, stickers, movies, and a hallway to race up and down. It wasn't a bad day.

Then he was given this sleepy med, right around shift change and the kid turned into an angry, drunk toddler. It was a bit amusing, to be honest, though not that much. He slurred, swung his arms wildly, and kept yelling about getting on his wheels and finding his own stinkin chocolate pudding since we were holding out on him. A topped up dose finally knocked him out and off to CT he went.

By this time, the ER was a very busy place. You aren't given a lot if privacy, really, given that kids are often loud and dramatic and only a curtain separates you. I kept catching myself feeling badly for the other parents... Aw, that's rough, their kid is in so much pain, that's so hard, I'm lucky King's not in pain and we're just... WAITING TO FIND OUT IF HE NEEDS ANOTHER BRAIN SURGERY. Nevermind, I win. Oi.

Angry, drunk toddler returned as the meds wore off, just in time for me to meet the Sr NS resident and find out that King's ventricles were enlarged - an indication that his shunt wasn't doing its job and that part or all of it would need replacing. He wanted Kingsley admitted and to have more tests the next day to figure out exactly what wasn't working and where.

So, here we are.

He was finally settled in his room and went to sleep just before 2am. I've had a very short sleep on a very uncomfortable chair-bed, but he's still dozing. I think today will be a sedated MRI and a shunt tap/shuntogram which I'm too tired to explain right now. I'm glad we're here, thankful in a weird way that this is 'just' his shunt, and looking forward to getting it dealt with and behind us.


  1. I'm sorry. It's not fair, and it break my heart. I know if could be worse (it could always be worse), but I wish King and you and your family didn't have to go through this. Prayers for the little rock star!

  2. Oh no :( I am so sorry, but I am so glad you took him in! Mama instincts are usually right, I hope they get everything figured out soon. Thinking of you all!!<3

  3. Jill, this post was so helpful to me! We just brought our two year old daughter home last month through adoption, and so we're very new to this whole SB world. I had heard about the classic symptoms of shunt malfunction, but I didn't know that vision problems could signal shunt malfunction, and that helped me research a few of the not-so classic symptoms that weren't mentioned by the neurosurgeon just a couple weeks ago... All that to say, this post may have saved my new daughter from a lot extra damage! We just got a MRI done yesterday, and not only in the shunt not even in her brain anymore, but she also has quite a bit of syrinx (which we hope will decrease after we take care of the shunt issue). Now we're weighing the options between another VP shunt and ETV, which will happen in a week. We're jumping right into this world of SB! I hope things are going ok for King! Praying!

  4. Please update us Jill? How is Kingsley doing? How are you doing? I hope he is well...if I' known you were in on the weekend, I would have popped by when dropping treats. You're in our thoughts!!!


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