Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Post in Which I Vent

It may sound strange, but I like the hospital. We've spent a lot of time there and although the news isn't always good, it's also the place where things are made better. Things are fixed. Problems are solved. Answers are given. It's a huge place, but I usually know where I'm going, will see familiar faces, and feel comfortable being there. I've even worked there, way back in the day.

Today, I am not so pleased with the hospital. I had one of those experiences that I've heard people talking about where nothing happens and you have to fight hard to keep the stink eye from creeping up onto your own face.

Kingsley's blocked. Last week we saw his pediatrician and she said to try getting him cleared out at home. I talked to the smartest people in the world (aka my SB peeps) and they told me to give him mega doses of PEG and try a suppository, then stand back and wait for the magic. I gave him the mega doses, give him the suppositories. Four more days of nada. We went back to the pediatrician who told me to give him the mega dose of PEG and head to the ER for a clean out if it didn't work. We've done the PEG and now Kingsley is boycotting all fluids, so this afternoon I took him over to the ER.

After explaining everything that we've gone through in the last two weeks they suggested that I give him a mega dose of PEG. Really? Fabulous. Welcome to WE DID THAT LAST WEEK and he doesn't want to drink anything. He suggested juice. Brilliant. Apparently missing the part when I said he stopped drinking juice and eating fruit which caused the constipation in the first place. Then said to put it in chocolate milk, at which point I stopped talking and just nodded and asked if we could leave now, because really, if I hadn't already tried any and all fluids I'd consider myself a bit of a moron and I'm not a moron.

So, if this Brand New Idea to hide his PEG in something he really wants to drink doesn't work, then we have to take him back to the ER next Monday and he'll likely be admitted and fed the PEG through an ng tube until he clears out. Sounds like fun, eh?

One more bracelet for the pile.


  1. UGH that really sucks and I can tell your annoyance level is high. Hopefully things get flushed out soon for your little guy. Where's the prune flavoured Blizzard when you need one!

  2. That is terrible, and I am so sorry. Did anyone suggest Senna? (we use it...)

  3. That is so frustrating! I feeling like yelling at someone with you!
    You could try to go to another hospital (or today there is probably a different doc on) and say you want him cleaned out for real. X-ray to see what is there before saying keep doing what is not working.

    Glycerin suppositories never worked for us, Nick has gotten really blocked a couple of times (usually around a holiday weekend). We did the PEG megadose along with a buttom/up approach of an enema.

    We even used a pediatric enema with no results. I think I had to repeat it twice in a day and finally an adult fluid amount worked. Our ped did give me suggestions, but the RN at our clinic was the one who gave me the all clear to try other stuff. I'll try to find her email and send it to you.
    Right now we are using ducolax suppolitories (1/2 of an adult size) that seems to get things moving right now.

    When Nick has been on a fluid strike I will dissolve his PEG in a bit of water, suck it up into an oral syring and give it to him that way - like his meidicine. Giving PEG through a ng tube still doesn't seem to be an answer, no one every suggested something to help if there is an actual blockage?

    Keep trying! Monday seems so far away (and I'm really sorry for the novel) apparently nothing gets me typing more than poop!

  4. Oh no! Willing that poop to come out without a hospital stay!!

  5. That so sucks Jill! As if you don't know what you are talking about...did you talk to his GI doctor as well? I would hope by now they know better! We've had to push harder for E too...even to the point of saying we're not leaving until it is figured out.


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