Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Bump in the Night

I don't live in a state of constant worry. I thought I would, especially when handed the list titled: Signs of Shunt Malfunction. Fortunately, Kingsley doesn't give me a whole lot to worry about. There was his first autumn that caused me a huge amount of anxiety, obviously. Then there was this past autumn where I lost sleep a few nights. Then there have been a smattering of why is he crying?? moments where the the big bad shunt monster crossed my mind. But otherwise, no worry.

Last night, I didn't sleep. It was one of those nights where I did worry.
Kingsley wasn't sleeping. Again.
He's been off, not himself, grouchy, whiny, tired, miserable. My happy little boy is anything but happy.
Last night, as I rocked him in his room, the evil thoughts started creeping in...

Shunt. Cord. Chiari.


Oh, the dread that can creep into your mind at two in the morning.

Kingsley eventually went to sleep, after a dose of Advil and a long hour of rocking. In the morning, he was grouchy again, but I was able to run through all of the tests I could think of to make sure he still had all of the same movement and functioning in his legs that he had a month ago.
I mentally went through the Chiari warnings while we went about our morning and didn't find any that raised red flags.
I went through the all-too-familiar shunt watch list in my head and didn't check enough to warrant concern.

Then I stuck my finger in his mouth and rubbed his gums while he practically purred.




It's so much easier to think clearly when the sun is out, isn't it?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Like a Pig in...

The other day, my friend Jen was over hanging out with us. It was a gorgeous May day and we were lounging on a couple of lounge chairs, half paying attention to the kids.

OK, probably not even half paying attention.

some of those kids were trying harder than others to get our attention

I was vaguely aware (based on the number of fights I was breaking up between the girls regarding water sharing) that there was some big developments happening in the sandbox and that there was a lot of water being mixed in with the sand. I recall warning the girls a couple of times not to let Kingsley in the water.

When dinner time arrived, I headed on over to the sandbox to bring Kingsley inside and found this:

Rachel isn't hurt back there, she's just relaxing

Then, Kingsley showed me that he had learnt a couple new awesome words from Cordelia while we weren't paying attention: "FWO MUN!" which translates into THROW MUD. 

Oh, yes he did.

See those brown lumps there in front of him? Those were his pretty blue and white AFO's sitting snuggly in his pristine-because-he-doesn't-walk sneakers. And he was wearing white socks.

This was the day Kingsley had his first hose down.

I have to give a big, huge THANK YOU to the YummyMummyClub.ca for adding me to their list of the 24 Mom Blogs You Should Be Reading I'm absolutely flattered and really happy to share my King with others.  Kinglsey is blowing bubbles of thanks, too. ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Race

Last Sunday was the Forest City Road Race in support of the children's centre that Kingsley gets most of his services through. It was the 30 year anniversary of this race and my mom has ran in about 25 of them, as well as a billion other races from 5k to marathons. This was her first race since she retired though. I have ran in a total of one 5k run in my entire life and it wasn't timed other than on my cousins watch.

To say that I was nervous was an understatement!

But I had good reasons to suck it up and get out there anyway.

First, of course because people had pledged! I had a lot of people backing me up for this one.

Second, I had my own cheering section.

And then of course, there's this little face.

The race was amazing. The day was perfect for running - or so everyone said. I thought it was cold, but I'm used to running in my basement, so what do I know! Everyone there was so happy to be there. The energy was great, it was really well organized and there was a huge turnout.

I ended up feeling pretty good through most of the run and came out with a personal best time of 28:26! In my age group, I was 8th of 56, which I will endlessly brag about because I'm pretty impressed with myself. My mom came in just behind me and was first in her age group! She is pretty keen on doing the half marathon or the 10k next year. I will cheer her on from the sidelines, LOL! Next year, I'll do the 5k again for sure and then do the 1k fun run with the kids. I'll train them all through the winter ;)

You know that scene in the Princess Bride when Buttercup and the Man in Black are trying to avoid the ROUS's and the end up in the lightening sand and you think they are goners, but then they pull themselves out and take that huge, gasping breath? My brother and I used to reenact that scene all the time. I bring it up now because I'm pretty sure that's how I sound when I run. It's a good reason to run at home on your treadmill in the basement, not with an audience, which is the only place I will be running until October.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Love You

Kingsley is talking endlessly now and imitating everything we say. He'll imitate labels, names, sounds, phrases. He's doing amazing.

I was waiting though. After your baby first says MOMMY, the next thing you wait for is I LOVE YOU. Nothing melts a mama's heart like those three little words. They're usually all jumbled up and mushy, but there's no mistaking it when you hear it. 

Three days ago, Kingsley said it. He was in his stander watching Sid the Science Kid, I was running around cleaning up just before we went to get the girls from school. I walked in the room. King's eyes were glued to the TV as he said:

"Sid," [pause] "I wuh wu" [pause] "Mom."

Then he looked at me. I'm not sure if he looked at me because the 'I love you' was meant for me or if it was because I was laughing so hard and that pulled him away from his beloved Sid. Either way, it was a priceless moment. 

Since then, he's said, "I wuh wu" to random strangers at the library, the neighbour, one of Rachel's classmates, and today, he really truly said it to me - the TV was not on. ;) 

Be still my heart. 

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