Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A few months after Kingsley was born I stumbled upon the Couch to 5K running program and started running. I am not a runner, really. My mom, my brother, and my sister all run and when I was in school I was on the track teams doing distance running, but I did not like it. It's one of those things that I am moderately alright at doing, but hate... Until baby weight starts jiggling and then I was desperate to try anything! ;)

Running may seem like a symbolic choice of activity for me - doing something that Kingsley can't do - but I choose to look at it in the other way: running is something that I can do. No, I don't love it, but occasionally I get a mild euphoric rush when I feel moderately good about doing it and it allows me to do some good by participating in a few (very few) select races that raise money for things that are important to me. 

One of those races is coming up in 11 days (*gulp*). It's called The Forest City Road Race and it raises money for the centre that Kingsley gets services from. So many of the services we access are not government funded and are free to us because of donations and fundraisers like this one, so I am happy to help them out a little bit by participating.  My mom and I are doing the 5k together. Like I said, she is a runner, so although she is almost 30 years older than me, she's faster, more fit, and has been training better for it. I'm getting nervous! 

And when you get emails like this, how could you possibly not do something? 

Forest City Road Race top banner
 Issue: April 2012    
Thank you for registering for the   

Have you set up your pledge page and started collecting pledges?  100% of the pledges go directly to services and programs at TVCC, that support kids like Kingsley.  There's still time. 

Meet KingsleyKingsley
Kingsley is just one of the shining stars at Thames Valley Children's Centre. He was born with Spina Bifida. 

Like many of the children and at TVCC, Kingsley and his family need help and support to give Kingsley the life he deserves. That is all made possible by you. It's your dedication and support of the London Life Forest City Road Races that make it possible.    

Please spread the word and share this Newsletter with Family and Friends   

beyond disability 

If you would like to make a donation or pledge, click here:  **Note: those are not my legs ;) 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I give up.

I completely and utterly resign myself to the fact that there is no point in worrying about Kingsley in any capacity. I worry, I stress, I wonder, I ponder. I question whether he will do whatever and when something will happen.

It's useless.

My latest query is when Kingsley will learn to transfer himself in and out of his gear and how he'll do that, when he'll be strong enough... We've been trying to make some long-term decisions and his timeline for independence is a factor, see. I've been talking to his therapists about it this week, some other families, doing a little Googling and Youtubing.

I think he was listening.

Today, I heard King chase after his sisters in his Bumbobile as they ran for the stairs and then up them. I heard bumps and thumps. I called out and he responded calmly, letting me know he was fine. He sounded amused.

This is what I found him doing:

Right after this, he decided to hoist himself up on the bottom step. He didn't quite get there, but he did manage to get his chest up onto the stair. And then he stole my iPhone, turned it on, found the photo icon, and watched himself pop out of his chair over and over and over.

So, that's that. No point worrying anymore! ;)
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