Thursday, March 22, 2012


They all said it would happen. They all said it was coming. Just be patient. Just wait him out. No reason not to. All in his own time.

And as usual, 'they' were right.

Kingsley is starting to talk. Just like that. Out of nowhere. His vocabulary has pretty much tripled if not quadrupled in the last two weeks. Now, given that he had a vocabulary of about 5 words, it's not like he's caught up or anything, but in time.

He's babbling, he's making new sounds, he's imitating, he's labeling and requesting (manding folks, I have manding!!).

he also got a rockstar hairdo this week

Naturally, we start speech therapy next Wednesday.

I think this is it. He's mastered sitting and crawling and transferring from crawling to sitting. He's a pro at rolling and steering and every other gross motor skill he can tackle right now. The kid is doing chin ups for Pete's sake. He's playing and colouring and eating (sort of). He's kind of run out of things to master, other than the talking. So, talking he is.

*sigh of relief*

Once again, I reference one of my fabulous mentors who has never yet been wrong. :)


  1. Awesome! Kaitlyn is in speech a few times a month and has really started saying more too. I have no doubt they will be jabberjaws in no time :)

  2. I've been so frustrated with speech lately. Lewis started saying three words consistently about a month or so ago (and two of them are mama and dada). So he's definitely behind. Everyone says it will just take off but I always think what if MY kid's just DOESN'T!? Anyway, all that is to say this post makes me happy for you and hopeful for me :)

    1. Fabulous Kingsley! He sure likes to keep you on your toes!

  3. That is totally how Caleb was, had 5 words one day and then talking in sentences the next (okay, maybe not that quickly but his vocab really did explode out of nowhere)
    "fabulous mentors" ♥

  4. Yay Kingsley! I love his new hairdo. Perfect.

  5. Awesome!!! He is a Rockstar!! Love his haircut!

  6. Way to go Kingsley! Keep up the great work!

  7. I swear I read so many of your posts and its like you are talking about Alex most of the time. Our boys have soooo much in common!!!! Especially the cuteness and rockstar qualities but I digress. So happy to hear Kingsley is getting more vocal. Alex is JUST starting to take off in that area as well. He pops out a new word so effortlessly and I have to do a double take. Why we EVER worry, they just do it all in their own sweet sweet time :)

  8. AWESOME!!

    And Kingsley totally rocks that hairdo!

  9. Love this! Can feel how happy this makes you (and Kingsley) from here!

  10. It's really hard to truley beleive that 'it will come' when you are in the middle of 'it's not there yet'.
    I'm so glad Kingsley decided to show off this last little bit!

    Love that whole photo! The hairdo, the shirt and the bright blue chair!
    Way to go Kingsley!

  11. Love his new zippie and the new hairdo! Can't wait to hear his new words in person! I had to laugh at the photo because it looks like your little mob godfather is summoning his henchmen behind him. hee hee :)


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