Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*drum roll*

I promised pictures. 

All we've been doing is a lot of living and fighting colds. And more colds. And more colds. I went nearly 2.5 years without getting sick at all - I think it was the universe's way of recognizing that I had quite enough going on, tyvm, but that time has passed. I've had probably three colds in the past two months, maybe four, I can't remember. For some reason, my children love sneezing in my face, wiping their nose on my cheek, drooling on my pillow, and any other disgusting way they can find to ensure that if they're sick, I'm sick. It's working. 

Anyway, between these lousy colds, here's what we've been up to. 

We went skating again. Kinger, Cordelia, and I went with a friend of mine. Both Kingsley and Cor amazed us! They had a great time, no complaining and both attempted going out on their own! Kingsley didn't quite have the strength to dig the picks into the ice and push off, but he did a nice job of tapping the ice and had tons of fun being pushed around and around and around. 

It was my birthday! My mom brought this lovely hat over for me. You should've seen King's face light up when he turned around and saw it on my head. I have no idea why, but Kingsley loathes toques, but will wear any other type of head wear without complaints. 

Kingsley also seems to be convinced that every time Happy Birthday is sung, it is sung to him and him alone. He loves it. He also likes to cover his ears when he's really excited about something. 

Kingsley is a moving machine lately. He is so comfortable going up and down and over and back and every which way. He's great. It seems crazy that just a few short months ago, I was in tears over him suddenly being able to get up on all fours. He practically lives in this position now. 

I don't know what it is about this picture that I love so much. It just captures him so well - the blurred arms as he reaches out and signs for me to pick him up, the determined look in his eyes as if he's daring me to NOT pick him up, the way his mouth is mid MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!

My kids are born yogi's. Kingsley has very tight hamstrings, but the rest of him is bendy like his sisters. This is a bit freaky to see him bend back over his Bumbo in real life, but when he wants something, he figures out how to get it. 

The weather here has been GORGEOUS! We didn't have much of a winter at all and it suddenly feels like spring. I even have tulips and rhubarb starting to pop up. It's crazy. It's King's first spring/summer officially on wheels, so we've been a little scrambly on how to make outside work for him. He wanted to crawl in the grass and on the driveway, was convinced that he could go over curbs and would get SO MAD when he'd get stuck. every. single. time., loved chasing the girls down the sidewalk, and had a total blast in the sandbox. We will figure this out. 

The girls are spending the night with Jeff's mom and I desperately needed some way to keep Kingsley happy, as I am nowhere nearly as entertaining as they are. I took him to Michael's to get a few things for Rachel's birthday party and we ended up in the back corner of the store. King so badly wanted into the EMPLOYEES ONLY door. He kept going at it from different angles, as if I wouldn't notice if maybe he backed in to the door instead of going forward, or maybe he could just sidle up next to it... This is the action shot of him backing in to it. 

After Michael's, we hit the library. To get him OUT of the library, I had to put something really interesting in his hands (so I could steer him out!). I found a Backyardigans DVD. I don't know how it happened exactly, but King has fallen in love with Tyrone from Backyardigans. I love watching him watch this show, he gets so excited. He laughs and dances and laughs and dances and yells MOM!! MOM!!!!! to make sure I know each and every time Tyrone comes on screen. 

To fill the time after nap, before dinner, we went to my parent's house. Kingsley had some fun in the doll house. Literally IN the doll house. 

He tried very, very hard to get through this little door. He could get his head through and that's about it. Good effort, buddy. 

My Dad will shake his head at how horribly cropped this picture is, but I do not care ;) I love watching my Dad play with my kids. He's so good with them, which kind of always catches me off guard. Kingsley adores him. I can still hear the joy in my Dad's voice when I called to tell him that I was having a boy - he's the fifth grandchild and first boy. He adores his granddaughters, but as this was his last shot at having a grandson, I think he was quite relieved to finally get a grandson. 

That is it!


  1. Three things:
    1. "recognizing that I had quite enough going on, tyvm, but that time has passed" What does TYVM mean?

    2. LOVE the track suit on kinger

    3. omg, you put dad on your blog. isnt' that breaking a rule?

    the lingering other point. LOVE this post and all the photos!

  2. Love, Love, Love it! He is doing so well, and is growing into such a happy handsome 2 year old :) Hope those pesky colds stay away :)

  3. The pictures are great!
    Missed that happy face!

    Nick's favorite is Pablo!

  4. He's such a busy little guy! That is so wonderful! Great pictures, nice to see all that he has been up to. Love his attitude of keep trying until he succeeds. :) Must echo PP what does TYVM mean? Belated happy birthday and I hope you all remain cold free now that the weather is nicer.

  5. Hi! We've talked on the spina bifida connection before, and I'm newly blogging and checked out your blog. :)

    He's such a cutie. Happy belated birthday!

  6. TYVM=thank you very much, I think. I also learned new short forms and slangs from a youth group session a few weeks back, so I also learned that POS=parent over shoulder and you don't want to know what a blue waffle is. No really, it's not real, and it's so gross.


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