Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I Love

It's Valentine's Day!!  What better time to think about the things that you love, right? ;)

Right now, I love...

My artistic little boy 
I'll confess, introducing him to crafts didn't even cross my mind. So many things just don't seem to occur to me! He didn't show any interest, but again, that was probably because he hasn't had the same experience with exploring that the girls did. Once I (*ahem* or maybe his OT) brought the craft supplies to him, the floodgates opened. Now he's constantly rolling up to his sisters' craft table and causing mayhem. 

Saying goodbye
There have been so many points along this journey where I pause, panic, and wonder: "Is he EVER going to learn to..." and eating non-jarred, non-pureed food was very top of that list. Because of Kingsley's Chiari, he didn't mouth toys or really anything. He had an extremely sensitive gag reflex which meant he easily tossed back to me anything that I tried to get him to eat. Once he had his decompression, we finally began making very slow progress with him eating food. Eating puree's was an accomplishment. Donating all of these leftover jars to the foodbank is an even bigger accomplishment. I'm thrilled to be saying good bye to puree's once and for all. 

Opening wide
I zoomed in as he was opening wide to shove more of his cupcake in. Yesterday morning, he actually got mad when I tried to feed him his oatmeal. It was the first time ever that he wanted to feed himself a food that he wasn't one of his favourites. He wants to eat now and he wants to feed himself. It's been a great year. 

Curious King
He's fascinated with the stairs. Neither of us really knows where this is going to go or how he's going to finally master these things, but he is enjoying testing his limits and I'm enjoying watching him. So far, when he's at the top he just pulls himself forward until his torso is off the step and his arms are on the step below. Then he doesn't know what to do, so he pushes back up to the top. Repeat, repeat, repeat. At the bottom, he's just aching to hoist himself up. He's too small right now, but it's only a matter of time. 
(don't freak out - he's not allowed near the stairs unless I'm there! the baby gate gets locked at the top unless I'm sitting on the stairs ready for him)

My sweet date
Kingsley and I are taking a break from some of our activities right now and just hanging out more. Last week we went on a date to the mall. He used to hate elevators, but now he loves them.  He also loves timbits, people watching, spinning in his wheels and blowing kisses to all the older ladies that stopped to say hello. He likes to check out the wheels that other people are driving. He also likes to show off how fast he can go. He's a fun date. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The girls have been teaching Kingsley some new things. 

Kristin - he's all ready for Rachel's birthday party ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dirty Clothes

It's a little odd, but I get so happy when I see dirty clothes these days.  

Dirty clothes because it's Kingsley that is dirtying them. For so long, his clothes looked pristine, like they weren't even worn. I've made a lot of money reselling them, but that time has passed! 

His clothes get food stains because he is eating food and feeding it to himself. Such a strange hurdle that has everything and nothing to do with SB, but one that we are getting over one meal at a time. His diet just continues to expand and he's starting to eat as much as the girls. No fruit or vegetables though - that's just craziness. 

His clothes are also getting stains all up the sleeves because he rests them on his wheels - his bumbobile wheels, his wheelchair wheels, his dynamic stander wheels. He rests them on there when we're outside the house doing stuff and they get just filthy, but it's awesome because he's out there, getting around. 

His clothes are dirty because his belly sweeps my floor as he crawls from one side of the house to the other. He used to be so passive, we worried that he'd never learn to crawl. He'd just lie there or sit propped somewhere, content to just be. He's not remotely content with staying still now.  He moves from sitting to lying to rolling to crawling to lying to sitting... and then all over again. But it's on the floor where the girls spill and dribble and stomp through in their boots, so he's messy. 

His clothes are getting markers and glue and paint and glitter all over them because he loves to play with his sisters and do what they're doing. He's so much more interested in toys and games and crafts. He colours pictures, he stabs paper with markers, he freaks out when he gets glue all over his hands and wipes it across his shirt... okay, that's not totally awesome, but it's still progress.  ;) 

At night when I take off his clothes and put on his pajama's, I love looking at the mess he was wearing. I used to feel guilty about tossing his clothes in the wash since they pretty much looked the same going in as going out. 

Who gets excited about dirty laundry? This mama. :)  I'm not taking any of this for granted. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Icey Adventures

I forgot to update on finally taking Kingsley out on the ice! It was.... eventful. I had these ideas about taking things slowly. I am not a skater. The girls have never been on skates in their lives - my fault, Jeff begs every year, but I loathe winter and all things cold.  Really, what twisted person thought that sticking thin little blades on the bottom of boots would be a good idea??

Regardless, the girls have been asking about skating. Santa brought Jeff and the girls skates for Christmas (oddly, I was the only one in the family with a pair before then). The girls had been 'skating' in the front hall on their socks to prepare for the beautiful ice dancing they'd do once we sprung them on the ice. We got the sledge. And then Jeff got invited to a family skate at the JLC. Come on, who goes skating for the very first time on the biggest rink in the city? Yeah, us. Brilliant.

It fell apart pretty much as soon as we arrived. It was nap time for Kingsley. We arrived with helmets for the girls and none for King, as Jeff had insisted that he wouldn't need one. Not so. Luckily, some of the incredible staff there found a loaner helmet for King. He was thrilled *cough*  We also realized that it is impossible for a toddler to hold picks while wearing mitts. And that when you bundle your toddler up a la Randy in the Christmas Story, they can't sit up straight in a sledge. Lessons learned.

The arena is HUGE. It's loud. It's bright. It took all of 1 second for Cordelia and Rachel to realize that skating in your socks is not remotely comparable to skating in skates. It took all of 1 second for Kingsley to realize that he would like to be anywhere else.

In the end, Rachel got brave and even managed to shuffle across the ice on her own! Cordelia almost stood up on her own. Kingsley did stop crying when I got him going. It was handy to have the poll that allowed me both to push King along and stand up straight myself ;) And the helmet sort of slid over his face, which might have dimmed the lighting and muffled the incredibly loud music a bit.

We also decided to go all out and take the kids to a sledge hockey tournament that was happening here last weekend. It was definitely a cool experience for many reasons. First, there was no hope of getting an accessible parking spot ;) There were two whole rows and cars were circling like sharks hoping to snag one whenever they saw someone rolling out of the arena. Once we got in there, it was... I don't know the word. There were so many people on wheels. I guess it was reassuring. A reminder that the big wheels are just fine. I'm used to Kingsley getting a lot of looks and smiles when he's out rolling around, and even in this place it was the same - I mean he's a pretty cute kid zipping around, you know?  Once again, he hated the big open arena where the game was, but loved wheeling in and out of all the people outside of there, checking out their wheels and seeing what they were eating. ;)

As for the game itself - holy cow. I am not ready to be a sledge hockey mom anytime soon. It was amazing. My first thought was how incredibly strong these athletes would have to be. My arms ached just watching it! My second thought was: *CRINGE* It's not a gentle game. We saw more than one player get checked out of their sledge. Imagining Kingsley on that ice made me want to cover my eyes! I was assured that the game we were watching was the top level and that there were many lower levels and age groups before you got up to that prestigious (and aggressive) level. Phew. I can be weaned into this, if King decides it's his thing. ;)

Jeff and I took the girls skating again the next day, without Kinger. We were able to snag some of those skating bar things that kids can hold on to when they're learning to skate. Both did great with them and managed to stay on their feet. Mostly. I think we're going to try just going one on one or two on two until at least one of us can get across the ice on our own. 

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