Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday Season

There's this cyclical thing that happens in our household. It starts with Christmas and the discussion of Jesus's birthday. Without fail, it leads to: "Mommy, when is MY birthday?" My niece, Kamille's birthday comes first. She turns the same age that Rachel is, which is an even that pleases Kam quite a bit. It also spurs Rachel to literally start counting the days until her birthday, when she will again be OLDER than Kamille. Between January 9 and May 23, we have Kamille, Kingsley, Auntie Kristi, Uncle Kevin, Grandma Marilynn, me, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Connor, Rachel, one of her BFF's Eric, and then finally Cordelia and my brother, Dave. Jeff is in June, but by then the girls are over it and counting the days until we can start it all over again.

This weekend is not the first party for us. Since my sister and her crew were here over the Holidays, we decided to have an early party. For me, it was a test run to see how Kingsley would handle things.

 oh, he's playing bashful. see that smile? he loved it

 more! more!

 yay!! sing it again! sing it again!

 he didn't blow them out, I had to do it for him. he just wanted to look at them and make us sing again

 Kam's an old pro!

love this big five year old! she picked the icing colour ;)

So, I have three days. Two until his party, three until my baby boy is no longer a baby. I can't believe he's going to be TWO. Reliving his birth this year is so different from last year. I think most people wouldn't understand when I say that this year we are so far removed from the SB stuff, considering the fact that we just got his first wheelchair, he's starting speech therapy soon, we're talking new braces for him, and a few other not-so-typical things are in process. That's all just life stuff though, just the same way we're shopping for new boots for Cordelia, teaching the girls to skate, and finding new ways to challenge Rachel's brilliance. Two years ago, we were drowning in the unknown and preparing ourselves for surgeries. A year ago, we were drowning in the unknown and preparing ourselves for another surgery. This year, we're wondering where we can get a sledge so King can go skating, too. We're wondering what to do with the toy store that exploded in our house last month. We have simple, pointless problems. We are just. so. lucky. 

Are you ready for Elmo cupcakes? I sure am! 


  1. Yes Yes! Elmo cupcakes and LOTS OF PICTURES!! Can't wait to celebrate the King's birthday! :)

  2. ELMO! of course! Can't wait to see the snaps!

  3. I totally get what you are saying regarding removed from the SB thing. It just becomes a part of life. Can't wait for birthday party photos!

  4. Jill, I'm sending you an email about the sledge.

  5. Yum elmo cupcakes!!!
    What's braces and equipment and therapy?! All a day in our life, not so much spina bifida but just our kids. Just life.
    I have to say that 2 is great! So much greater than I thought it would be, or that I remembeer from Katheryn.
    We've been looking at sledges for Nick, I think they have them available for weekly icetime on one specific day for 1 specific hour, which is totally difficult for us to work with. That and I haven't been on skates for 10 years! But I really want to get the kids out. I was worried about not finding a small enough sledge for Nick. Good Luck with your search!

    Can't wait to celebrate with Kingsley and see pictures!


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