Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whole Lotta Christmas Going On

I know Christmas is generally a busy time for everyone, but for us, this year was/is exceptionally insane. We have been going nonstop for about two weeks now. It started on the 15th with Kingsley's MRI and my aunts passing, which of course meant family time as my relatives came to town for the visitations and funeral. The funeral blended into our first Christmas when my brother and sister-in-law were home. The next day we hosted Jeff's extended family. Then we got our Christmas miracle and had our second Christmas with my sisters family. A triple date to see Stuart McLean was next and both girls had their Christmas concerts and last days of school that week as well. Then another Christmas party and we had Christmas Eve and of course the big day itself. Boxing Day was lower key, but was followed by early birthday parties for Kingsley, my sister and my niece, which rounds us out with today when the girls went to the theatre with Jeff's mom and I did a little too much online shopping with all my free time (oops). We have two more parties this week and 5 playdates to arrange for next week while everyone is off. No biggie. ;)

Fortunately (for me) my sister being home means that I got to have someone with a really awesome camera take all the pictures! There are so many cute ones, I cannot possibly post them all, but here's a glimpse at our awesomely insane Christmas 2011.

day one of the insanity - waiting for the MRI with Daddy

my brother and sister-in-law gave King this ridiculously cute hat. he loves it and wears it all the time.

put my girls and my sisters girls in a room together and what do they do? 
Jillian Michaels workouts. 
for real. 
even Kingsley was entertained.

pretty much sums up my thoughts on that first week.
(can you see his scar? people have noticed it a lot more with his recent haircut)

hey! it's me! still feeding Kingsley. sigh.

tracking Santa's progress on Norad. 

could hardly handle the cuteness on Christmas Eve. 

it is really really really really really hard to get a good picture of all 5 kids at once.

time for bed! 
um. yeah, those are the same pj's as last year. they still fit! if it ain't broke...

Christmas for 11 = a very full tree

one of my favourite gifts for Kingsley.

wowing my sister and brother-in-law with his wheeling abilities. I can't count the number of times people watched him with amazement as he rolled around over the past few weeks.

"So many girls. So much giggling. So much squealing."

Phew! OK, I'm done. I have a lot more exciting news, but that's another post! ;)


  1. That hat! That tie! I can't stand it!
    And you look fantastic!

  2. I love that tie, which screams Burberry plaid, which I covet. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that framed print and what it says, and I will be stealing it for something for Charlie so I apologize in advance. And, last but not least, I love K in his Rifton and can't wait for Charlie to get his.

  3. Seriously I didn't think Kingsley could get any cuter but this post proves he can!! Love love his haircut, it makes him look like such a big boy!

  4. Oh my unedited photos! Glad you like them! ; )
    I can't believe you left us hanging at the end with your pregnancy news...That is what you were going to tell us, isn't it?

  5. I love spreading a good rumour!

  6. LOVE that hat!
    Sounds busy, but fun!
    Merry Christmas

    (Google is finally letting me comment instead of giving me a hard time that it likes to do)

  7. As always, great photos! Kingsley has changed so much since I saw you last month!! He looks so grown up with his new hair cut. Such a cutie! I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas! I hope your New Year is filled with good health and happiness for you and the family!


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