Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Happies

The big unknown is bringing me down and putting a damper on my Christmas cheer! Bah humbug to that, so I am trying to make another conscious effort to seek out the Holiday joy in all the things that make me get that warm, fuzzy Christmas glow. Here is my list of things that bring on the Holiday Happies:

1. Peppermint
2. Shortbread
3. A Christmas Story
4. Chocolate mint Bailey's in hot chocolate
5. Candles
6. People who complain about the people who complain about the snow
7. Boots
8. Hot chocolate
9. Elf
10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sung by Judy Garland
11. Gingerbread houses decorated by kids
12. Miracle on 34th Street
13. Scarves
14. Chubby pink cheeks when kids come in from playing outside
15. The way Kingsley's ears perk up whenever 'the newborn King' is mentioned in a Christmas song and the way he looks around to see if anyone else noticed that it's yet another song all about him. Or so he thinks. ;) (this one is his favourite)
16. Christmas cups at Starbucks
17. Christmas pictures, even when they're atrocious

18. Eggnog
19. Love Actually (the beginning and the end at the airport gets me every.single.time.)
20. The nights when it's snowing and the whole sky looks pink and glows with Christmas lights and every sound is muffled by the snow
21. Garland with red bows and white lights
22. Gingerbread lattes
23. New toys
24. Christmas sweaters, especially on people who don't realize that they're funny and even more especially when paired with earrings and/or broaches that light up
25. Classic Christmas commercials that still make me laugh years later
26. Christmas traditions
27. Sarah McLaughlin's Wintersong CD
28. Presents you weren't expecting
29. Matching Christmas outfits

30. Advent masses the whole month leading up to Christmas
31. Charlie Brown Christmas
32. Giving someone the Best Gift Ever
33. Having family fly really far (*cough* via Cancun) to be home for Christmas
34. Online shopping. Honestly, how did parents shop before it was invented?? I'm exhausted just imagining
35. Christmas crafts
36. Family

OK, that's all I've got right now. Go find your own joy. :)


  1. Pretty cool scarf video...who knew there were that many variations. I love that commercial as well! Thanks for the extra smile. It was nice to see you today...I hope everything went well!

  2. I'll take a room filled with #36 and #5 while #9 plays on tv.
    Oh and to go along with that order I'll take a #4 in a #16 please and thank you.
    That's all for now.
    Merry Christmas

    But seriously as I read this post I am wide awake stirring for what tomorrow brings. I'll be in a hospital, wishing a #4 in a #16 was in my hands waiting the results of my Mom's heart surgery. After having a heart attack yesterday, and being in hospital with surgery tomorrow, there is a very different feel to what Christmas really truly means. I am praying so strong for you Jill and little King that you're Christmas season will be everything on your list and more. Hoping everything goes well!

  3. Lots of Christmas cheer!
    I love all the matching outfits!
    Hope they are all happying out the humbugs!

  4. Such a great list! I think you put a few checks in boxes for me this year too! YAY! Watching Elf as I type this! ; )

  5. Oh and Cancun really put a halt to all the Christmas buzz. Summer holiday before Christmas is really over rated....for some reasons!


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