Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

So... Pinterest, right? Weird site. I don't entirely 'get' it, but I do find myself opening the app and suddenly hours have passed and I regret it when I have to get up in the morning. On one of those random nights in which I look at things done by people far craftier than me, I stumbled upon a picture of a row of cousins all wearing shirts with their age on them. Awesome!

My brother does not have children and my sister has two who happen to be born on the alternate years that I did not have kids. That means that from September 2 until January 8 of any given year, our kids are sequential in age - so right now they are 1 (Kingsley 2010), 2 (Karis 2009), 3 (Cordelia 2008), 4 (Kamille 2007), and 5 (Rachel 2006). In two weeks Kam will turn 5 and ruin it all ;) but for now, we decided we should try recreating that very cool idea.

We gave it a valiant effort.

first, add the big girls

second, add the little ones. give numbers. so far, so good. 

practice smiling. hmm...

add backdrop and hold up your numbers!

demonstrate how to hold up numbers for Kingsley - which he thinks is funny

intervene with the little ones. 

Kingsley is annoyed with my attempts to get him to actually HOLD the number.

ok, numbers on the toes then. pretend I'm still holding the backdrop correctly.

fleeting attempts to revive the photo shoot. 

...and we're done.

Now scroll back up and look at Cordelia in all the pictures. She makes me howl. 

Rachel is a pro. 

We plan on doing this whenever they/we visit. I think it'll be cute to see over the years. 


  1. Rachel smiles perfectly in each one, like a model. I love Cordelia's red hair and her hilarious personality. Also love that look on K's face of annoyance! I think they are fabulous!

  2. Rachel loves the camera! Cordelia does not lol. Kingsley is just super cute as always! Your kids r beautiful :) I bet they had a absolute blast with their cousins staying! :) The photo is a great idea!

  3. I love Kingsley's stink eye look!! Did he get a haircut? he looks mighty handsome! Cordelia is hilarious!

  4. Good effort Momma/Auntie. You are MUCH braver than me!

  5. AWESOME! Bummer that I didn't get to edit these up better for you, but cool none the less. ; )

  6. Your kids crack me up!
    I love how you can capture each personality with these pictures! Such a great idea!

  7. Those are some really amusing pictures! I like the idea, and I think it is a great depiction of how they are right now. Always great expressions on Kingsley & Cordelia's faces. :)

  8. I'm impressed at the fact that you got 5 kids 5 and under to stay on a table for more than 2 seconds :)

  9. I'm impressed at the fact that you got 5 kids 5 and under to stay on a table for more than 2 seconds :)


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