Saturday, October 15, 2011


For a long time I didn't want to admit this because I thought it was kind of weird, but then one day chatting with other moms like me I realized I am not alone. I collect hospital bracelets. OK, maybe not collect, but I keep them. All of them. Not just the new baby ones with BABY GIRL BELL written on it, but also the big red ALLERGY ones that Kingsley gets and anything else they put his name on.

I have quite the collection. Cordelia has only 4 bracelets from when she was born (including mine and somehow the one that is supposed to set off the alarm that managed to come home with us). Rachel has her birth ones, plus one trip to the ER when her whole face swelled from a mosquito bite. Kingsley has his collection from his birth, his two MRI's, his two surgeries, one ER visit for a shunt scare and now a second ER visit from last night. Lucky boy.

No worries, everything is okay, but we had a big scare! Just as I was about to head up to bed last night, I heard the strangest strangled cries from upstairs. I had to stand in the hallway for a few minutes before I could figure out whose bedroom to go into, as it didn't sound like any of my children. It was Kingsley.

My first thought was that he was choking. He couldn't breathe and was making the most horrible noises as his whole ribcage struggled to get in air. I scoured his crib, looking for any signs of what he could've been choking on. Nothing. Raced him downstairs and out the door for cold air. No change. Panic.

He wasn't crying, seemed totally relaxed about the fact that he could hardly breathe. I think that was what scared me the most. He just wasn't sick. If this was croup, wouldn't he be sick? And if it wasn't choking and wasn't croup, what was it?

That's where the mind flies to 'complications'. Things related to SB. Stridor is a symptom of Chiari. You know, that big bad thing he had that big bad surgery for last November? My mind went there. Jeff's mind went there. When I woke up my poor mom in the middle of the night, her mind went there. I don't have a clue how or why he would suddenly have Chiari symptoms again, but in the middle of the night it doesn't really have to make sense - I raced him to the ER.

About halfway there, his breathing quieted. I could still hear it from the front seat, but I had to listen for it. Thankfully, the nurses and doctors we saw did a good job of not laughing at my panic as they diagnosed him with very mild croup, gave him a dose of steroids and sent us home. Turns out, you can have croup without being sick. Who knew? They did say that if the stridor continued longer than croup would to come back and we'd investigate other stuff. He's doing great today. Some normal coughing, but his breathing is fine.

One more bracelet for the pile.


  1. Oh my! Kingsley, way to give your mom and dad and grandma heart attacks!

  2. I'm so happy to hear everything is ok! And, I save ALL of Davis' braclets too! Every single one of them. :)

  3. Oh my, thank God he's ok, i didn't know that you could have it with no symptoms!

  4. So glad it was a silly me kind of diagnosis...and nothing so scary! I'm also glad to hear he's feeling better! :) Here's hoping his collection doesn't get a big as E's.

  5. Oh my! I would have freaked too! My pulse was quickening just from reading this! lol. So glad he's okay and that you took him in. :) HUGS!


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