Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tomorrow is September 1. We've had such a great summer and Kingsley is doing fabulous, but here is when the voice in the back of my head starts leaning forward and whispering how cruel September is to us.

Last year, we were realizing that Kingsley was not moving the way he was, the way he should have been. We fought to be heard and it was the beginning of a long, challenging winter.

Two years ago (tomorrow), the words spina bifida were first said to us. Although those days are a long distant, painful but faded memory, they are a reminder of how those two little words love to blindside you.


I will not get ahead of myself. I will not let the past haunt the present. As of right now, September is going to be just fine.

Bring on the fall. We are getting ready.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mischief Managed

I mentioned that Kingsley is starting to explore his world now and sometimes getting into trouble. I think it's stinkin' cute. Of course, it's always cute until it's not, right? I'm sure it'll get old one day. For now, his mischievousness just makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. 

Cordelia was napping on the couch at the cottage. He rolled over and decided it was a good time for peek-a-boo with the blanket she was using. 

When that didn't wake her up, he decided to go for gold: her blankie. Sneaky devil!

When I took the blankie from him (we all fear the wrath of Cordelia losing her blankie), he decided to go exploring around the room. This heart was fascinating.

Rachel is a bit obsessed with mermaids these days. She decided to make mermaid tails for herself out of paper. Apparently, Kingsley thought they were pretty cool, too. Fortunately, Rachel was not that upset. She happily made another. Dozen. ;)

Outside, he is in love with bubbles. He watches them for hours. Wheels over for closer looks. Hollers for more.

He sat and played at this flower pot for about 15 minutes. He pulled off flowers, pulled off leaves, pulled apart the leaves and flowers, started again. I eventually stopped him before the whole thing was shredded. That brought on the Stink Eye.

The beach provided lots of opportunities for exploring and trouble.

I can't get enough of this stage. I love the second year for this reason - the learning, the exploring, the growth that happens. I'm so excited that Kingsley is diving in.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Unexpected Toys

This morning Kingsley and I had a consultation with the Seating and Mobility people at the centre. I didn't think much of it, figured we'd talk about the next steps, what King's needs were, discuss a wheelchair, nothing too exciting.

I didn't expect that he'd roll out of there!

(sorry for the lousy pictures, like I said, I was ill prepared! All I had was my phone) 

We did talk about wheels. She was pretty excited to hear that Kingsley was The Boy who had the Bumbobile and I kicked myself for not thinking of bringing it. We decided that since it takes a few months to get things rolling with equipment, what with trialing things out, then ordering, then adjusting... No time like the present to get the wheels rolling! This chair ^^ was the smallest thing they had kickin around and they decided it would be okay if we took it home for a week, just to get a feel for what we liked and don't like and have some base knowledge when we start looking at what wheels we want to buy for him. It's not the right size or anything, but he can go in it and that's all that really matters right now. 

So, spam me Mama's. Those of you with kids on wheels - what one do they/did they have? What did you like? Not like? She mentioned the Zippie Zone, MyOn Jr., TiLite, and Comet (which is what he's borrowing).  

I have to say, I keep waiting for the sucker punch. The ohemgeemykidisinawheelchair moment. I don't feel it. It doesn't hurt to see him sitting there, not at all. I can't believe that it was less than a year ago that I realized Kingsley's legs weren't doing what they were 'supposed' to be doing. It feels like a lifetime ago that I felt that pain. I don't know if it's everything we have gone through with the syrinx and surgeries or if it's just the people that have surrounded me with support and stories, but wheels just aren't the end of the world anymore. 

Maybe it will hit me later, but for now I am crossing my fingers that it rains tomorrow so that I can take the kids to the mall instead of pool. He's such a rockstar. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stink Eye

This past few weeks something has occurred to me: I have a one year old.

I know, earth shattering, right? It has been rather earth shattering though. It's like Kingsley went from a baby to a 'toddler' overnight. The lack of toddling part has made it hard to notice. Fortunately, he's enjoying his wheels again and that's started to cause him to get into trouble, just like any other one year old.

He's exploring.

Exploring leads to trouble and trouble leads to...

The Stink Eye.

He's mastered it.

He's still pretty cute though. It's actually hard not to laugh whenever he flashes it at me.

We've Been Away

And it's been awesome.  No phone, no internet, no cable. Who knew you could still escape like that? Well, okay, so technically I still had my phone and that had an (very slow and annoying) internet connection. Otherwise though, it was a lot of snuggling with that face and a little mermaid and a little ladybug.

I love holidays.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Music to my ears.

Kingsley had a speech assessment last week and came out AVERAGE. Then we looked over a whole bunch of measurements for development and he's coming out just fine. Obviously bottoms out in gross motor, does great in fine motor, personal-social is alright (brought down by things like 'comes to you for help doing something' and 'drink from a glass' or 'uses a spoon' which cause me zero stress), problem solving and communication are both good.

He'll be reassessed in 6 months when he's 2 years old, or sooner if he doesn't hit a language burst in the next few months. In the meantime, I have accepted that King learns in spurts and he likes to keep me on my toes. He's gone through some steep learning with the bumbobile, worked really hard to sit up on his own (which he mostly does now), has suddenly started eating 'real' food more, and is getting really interested in toys. So, he hasn't focused on speech or taking care of his personal needs, oh well. He will.

The way I figure it, he was held back by his cumulative month in the hospital and all those long weeks of recovery. Correct his age a bit, subtract all of the measures that are irrelevant to his situation and my boy is a rockstar. ;)  Which I already knew.

Hey there, handsome. 
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