Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Surgery

Things were a little tense around our house yesterday. There was a huge storm predicted to roll through. Snowmageddon part two and all of that. 30cm were predicted for last night, blizzard conditions, total white-outs, oh the drama over snow is never ending! Kingsley and I went for his pre-admit appointment and the PCCU doctor casually mentioned that the unit was closed - as in there were no beds, so unless someone left, there would be no place for Kingsley to go post-op... or in other words, there would be no operation at all. One child was due to leave, but if there was an emergency or that move didn't take place, we'd be dropped. Then, if those two things weren't making us nervous enough, Kingsley's cold moved into his chest last night and he got raspy sounding.  Three barriers stacked against us.

No call came through the night to cancel surgery because of a lack of room - one hurdle down. The snow came, but not as dramatically as they predicted. It was a bit rough getting out to the main roads, and things were slow going, but we got to the hospital and were checked in bright and early at 8am. Two hurdles down. The nurse checked him over and declared him still fit for surgery. Three down, let's get it on.

Unfortunately, there was some trouble with the surgery ahead of Kingsley. Not sure what it was, obviously due to patient confidentiality and all that fun stuff, but it went on and on and on and on. And we waited and waited and waited and waited. For six hours.

No worries though, you know what I'm going to say right? Yeah, he was a rockstar. ;)  I had breakfast this morning and I don't generally nap in the morning, but even so I think I was the grouchier of the two of us.

He posed for me....

And paced the halls with Daddy...

Sang to all the nurses... ("Hey kid! Nice wheels!")

He eventually cried himself to sleep around noon (3 hours later than he would've usually napped) and had a quick power nap...

And for the rest of the wait, he just gazed around gloomily, not really interested in doing anything but snuggling and probably wondering what in the world we were doing there for so long...

They took him into surgery at 2pm. It was rough saying good bye. I have realized at this point that it's just not something that is ever going to get easier. The entire 6 hours of our wait I was torn between wanting to hug and squeeze him and never leave the waiting room, and wanting to pass him over as quickly as possible so that I can get him back sooner and know that he's okay.

As I was writing that ^ his neuro nurse came to find us to let us know that they're closing him up already. They're done. Nothing concerning to report and we will see his surgeon in the next half hour to hear how it went. Then we'll see our baby boy again. This is about 2-3 hours faster than we had been told! I'm so anxious to see him.


  1. Oh Jill,
    I'm so glad it's done and it went well! Looking forward to hearing good things...and those pics...Just beautiful.

  2. Oh I can't WAIT to hear that all went fine and Kingsley is recovering. What a day, and what an amazing boy to be such a trooper through it all. He is truly a rock star. And his gorgeous blue eyes already make the girls swoon!

  3. First of all - OF COURSE HE WAS A ROCKSTAR!
    Second of all - I'm so glad he came through okay and I'm dying for an update. :)
    Third of all - THOSE PICTURES!?! AMAZING! Of course he's always gorgeous but these are especially beautiful! And in a hospital?! Look at you and your mad-photography skills!! :)

  4. He is doing great. Stridorous but good. Wiggling his toes in his sleep.

    Joanna - I had 6 hours to get a good shot and 3 hours to edit ;)

  5. So glad he is doing good! Thinking of you guys all day! All that fuss over the snow, all that worry and it wasn't a big deal.
    I totally agree with Joanna - those pictures are beautiful.
    So glad all the waiting and unexpected delays was before the surgery and not during the surgery! Thanks for updating us!

  6. I've been praying for you guys ALL day and was so glad to see this update. Those eyes, that sweet face - ahh you got me. I truly feel your pain. I am so thankful though that he is getting what he needs to be healthy and move forward.

    Sending you all lots and lots of hugs!

  7. That boy has the sweetest face EVER! I think if any organizations are looking for donations, all they need to do is put K's face in their ads. All hearts will melt. Glad to hear everything went as planned.

  8. LOVE these photos of him. xoxo Such a strong little dude! Love the "Hey, nice wheels" comment! Made me giggle!

  9. He is just so cute! I must say, that I too have found it never gets easier to leave them for surgery... He really is a rockstar to go that long without food and still being cooperative enough for photos.


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