Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I LOVE being at home with all of my kids!! Oh, bliss. Well, near bliss.

The last few days have been long. Kingsley has not slept well in the hospital. He fights sleeping and loathes the crib like you would not believe. He misses the girls and cries a lot. Yesterday, we got a new roommate. She was a four year old who had her appendix removed. She would sleep a lot, then randomly wake up screaming. Usually just after I had gotten Kingsley to sleep. It was frustrating. He would get so excited when he heard her talking, then realize it wasn't Rachel and get sad again.

To keep him occupied (and quiet), we uncovered a wagon and did laps. Lots and lots of laps. Everyone on that floor knew Kingsley by the end of two days in the wagon.

The girls did come to visit again.

And then we did more laps.

His bandage was removed and I got a look at his scar for the first time. It is scary looking. It's a couple centimetres longer than it was before and a lot of the red skin that he had has been... I don't know actually! Sewn in maybe? It's not there anymore. Not as much anyway. It'll be a lot more subtle when it heals.

Today, after doing a few laps in the stroller, he got his discharge papers. Alleluia.

(notice his sleeper? thanks Kathy!! perfect for my rockstar)

Since we've been home, things have been up and down. It is hard to keep him lying down. There's not a lot he can play with. He's sick of his phone games, sick of the usual books, not interested in cartoons even! He's crying a lot. I can't wait until he can talk and just tell me what is going on. He's sleeping now, but refuses to stay on his tummy. He's figured out rolling again and flips over the second I leave him alone. He's not settling well. We went through this last time, where there was a few days of adjustment to being home again. My poor boy. The girls are very happy to have us home. Rachel decided that she was going to throw a party for us and decorated the whole playroom and I've promised Cordelia a morning of snuggling tomorrow, just the two of us while Rachel is at school and Kingsley naps. This hospital thing is just no fun for anyone.


  1. SO thankful you are home and IHope things get back to normal soon!

  2. How you anyone walk past that gorgeous boy in the wagon? Mr. Social, here I come! How delish! Super super great to have you home. Good luck with the transition! xo

  3. Absolutely it's no fun in the hospital! I can't imagine having to stay that long. :( And I have SUCH a low patience when people wake up my baby - even if it is another child - so I commend you for not pitching an absolute fit like I would have. lol. I'm so glad you are all home now and readjusting. I'm sure the little rock star will be healed up and back to the kind of playing he's longing for very soon. :)

  4. So glad you guys are home!
    Finally to get back to a normal routine again. Love the wagon! Great idea they have there!
    Hope you spend all day cuddling, snuggling and relaxing.

  5. So glad to hear you are home! And that Kingsley gets to see his sisters in person whenever he likes. And even when he doesn't like...Love the little red wagon and the look on Kingsley's face when he checking out those photos!

  6. Poor Rachel and Cordelia. Kingsley is so lucky to have those sisters. So glad you are home and getting back to normal. Hoping for good outcomes for sweet Kingsley!

  7. I love that Kingsley loves his sisters so much - SO CUTE! It's great that you are home...I'm sure your little rockstar will be settled in in no time :)

  8. Awww...so glad you are home! I know that Kingsley being home in his own bed with his beloved sisters is going to help him recover quickly! Hang in there, momma, and keep trusting! Sending hugs and praying lots!

  9. so glad you're home and hope the next few days go by quick and Kingsley is back to his sweet, sweet self. LOVE the pics as always!!!

  10. Glad to hear you are settling in at home! He looks great.


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