Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tragedy!! ;)

I don't know if other people take as many pictures as I do. I am by no means a photographer, but I grew up watching my dad take pictures of everything, then my sister and brother and I joined in. The digital age has turned me into a mamarazzi nightmare. Every single thing my kids do has been documented in some manner, and then memorialized in prints, photobooks, and video montages.

And today it all ended.

I think I broke my camera. Again. I have the worst luck with cameras. I go through them like you would not believe. I honestly have no idea how many cameras I have gone through in the last 10 years, but it's been quite a few. Plus one video camera.  This latest one is the one that Jeff got me for Christmas 2 years ago and I promptly broke 2 months later, but then it miraculously fixed itself a few months back just as my old camera died.  Now it has broken again and I have no backup!  I shouldn't say I broke it because I'm pretty sure it just died on its own.

Of course, mere hours after it died, Kingsley did the most amazing thing. I put him in his Bumbo and put the tray on and put this silly, annoying zoo toy that the girls dug up from the basement on the tray and he started pounding away at it! Both hands going, sitting up tall, just so delighted at the lights and music that it was making. He swatted at that thing for ages, pausing to whine everytime he had knocked it out of his reach. He kept looking up at me with this little smile and bright eyes as if saying, "Are you seeing this Mommy? This is cool stuff." 


It was painful.

So, instead of posting a picture of how absolutely adorable he was today, I played around with some pictures from when he was only 3 days old. This was the first time I got a little snuggle with my baby. I was holding him while he lay on a board on his tummy and the nurses sort of got busy and left him with me for over an hour. It was heaven.

Cross your fingers for another camera miracle tomorrow.  I feel a little faint thinking about all the cute things my kids will do that will go undocumented. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Milestones

Kingsley has been working so hard lately. There is nothing cuter than his little grunts as he pushes himself to hold on to something or do something new.  Right now he's working on:

Sitting up!

Not quite there yet, but he can use his hands for stability and hold it for awhile. He just grunts away while he's doing this. He does smile. He's quite serious in these pictures, but I think he was mesmerized by the double flash.  

He is also working on playing with toys. He doesn't eat toys. He's just got his hands to open up more (as you can see above) to grasp toys and now he has to work on bringing them to his mouth. I bought him a bunch of new ones. The sunshine rattle you can see above is one of his favourites. I lay him on his side and put the toys in front of him so he can practice reaching midline for toys. It's working! He is swatting and grabbing and today he was even gumming the sunshine rays.  

Tummy time is still a chore. He does it a lot without complaining, but he doesn't seem to be getting any better at it. He has now started to do an airplane sort of action with his arms, resting on his big belly. I think he's attempting some sort of locust pose. 

And at long last, he can now sit in the Bumbo chair if he's not too tired. If I put him in there at the end of playtime, he slumps over sideways and then gets pretty angry grunting and trying to get himself back upright. But if he's fresh and full of energy, he sits up all pretty. 
Other than his motor skills, Kingsley is doing fabulous. He is doing really well with solids. He's super social and smiley and happy. He's just so darn cute. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Talk, part two

I was thinking about The Talk again; the talk that the doctors give you after your baby receives a diagnosis in utero about terminating your pregnancy.  It started when I was writing out Kingsley's story and then just snowballed after chatting with another SB Mama about her son's story.  It's still bothering me!

When I first started talking to people about our experience and how we found out, I used to say, "I understand that they had to say that, I just don't understand why they had to KEEP saying it."  But now I've changed my mind. I don't understand why they had to bring up the option of terminating.  Why? Because he had a birth defect? Because he wasn't perfect? Because his life wasn't worth as much as a 'perfect' baby?

How is that okay? No one stopped me at my 20 week appointment with Rachel or Cordelia to warn me that time was running out for a simple termination.  Are they better than Kingsley? Worth more? Why was it okay to encourage me to terminate one pregnancy, but unthinkable to do it with the other two? 

The thought of an OB routinely counting down weeks-left-for-termination for a healthy fetus without any indication from the mother or father that this would be of interest to them is laughable. The doctor would be flamed.  And yet, everyone just accepts that it's what they 'have to mention' when the baby isn't what you're expecting.  It's modern day eugenics, plain and simple. It's a stupid world we live in.

I'll get off my soapbox for now.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

House Overhaul

I got hit by the reality bus again today. Totally blindsided me.

I went out and bought three new toilets for my bathrooms. Then I was contemplating what our next home-improvement purchase or project would be. I was ticking them all off in my head, the order we'd do them in, what needs to be done this year versus five or ten years from now. I was discussing the different toilet options with my mom about it and which would be easier for Kingsley to one day use and she said it didn't matter because we'd be in a different house by then.

What? I have no intention of moving! I love this house, although it does have flaws. The neighbourhood is perfect, the school zone is great. I have visions of raising our family here and getting old here, having grandchildren come visit here. I have a ten year plan for the renovations that will make this place a dream home, I have no plans on moving until they cart my arse over to the old age home.

But, here is my mother telling me that we will need to move for Kingsley's sake. Whether he has a walker or wheelchair in two years or in 20 years, this house won't be accessible for him. And she's right. Why have I never thought of this before?  I mean, I did, right after he was diagnosed and they told us he'd never walk. Then they told us he WILL walk or at the very least, be ambulatory within his home and I just didn't think any further than that. How long will that be the case though and what will that look like? His bedroom is upstairs and it's the smallest room, not enough space for a walker to get around if he needs one. The downstairs bathroom is around a corridor. The play/rec room will one day be in the basement. None of this will work for him.

So, here I am, looking around my house and seeing it so differently. All I see are the things that I let go because in my head we'd be here forever. Pen on the walls? Whatever. Stains on the carpet? We'll replace them when the kids are older. Horrible window treatments? Fix when kids are old enough to not yank/pull/tear. Now, all I see is the work that will have to be done to get this place in selling condition. 

And how soon do we have to move?  I guess it depends on whether we can find something close to here. Rachel starts school in two months. I don't want to change schools once she's made friends. We have to be settled by the time she hits grade one. Two years. Or, we stay in the area. New house, old house? There are a few in this neighbourhood that are accessible. One is across the street from my parents. I dont like it. There are new houses just over being built, but the new houses don't have backyards like ours!

My mind is on overdrive: thinking, planning, shopping, packing.  I don't want to move!  If I had known we were moving, I wouldn't have spent so much on the toilets.  I need those people that come in and fix up your house for dirt cheap so you can sell it. Good grief! How much does moving cost, anyway?

But Kingsley. Kingsley Kingsley Kingsley. Of course we have to, if it's for him. I'd move to the moon for him if that's what he needed.

Everyone laughed at the generic-ness at the time, but the psychic I saw last week did say that there was a new property in my future. Is she going to end up being right about everything? She also said some good stuff about money. I'm buying lottery tickets tomorrow.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Predict that you are a Skeptic

I went to a psychic. I know! I was talked into it and I had never done it before, so there I was.

I was worried about what she would say, I won't lie. I didn't want to hear anything bad, but on the other hand if she told me a load of garbage I would've been mad at the waste of money.

Was she truly psychic? Who knows. It ended up being an interesting night, either way. Food for thought, I suppose.

She started by doing my numbers and things got a little creepy. She described my personality and what that meant as far as the type of career I should have. According to her I should be managing staff or running my own business, working directly with people in a helping field where it's sometimes okay to let myself get emotionally involved, because it's going to happen either way.  She said that currently I was in the career I was meant to be in. Yeah.  Hm. Okay, round 1 for the psychic. There were some other work-related things she said that were eerily accurate. And all I had said at this point was my birthday!

She also said that last year (March 09-March 10) was the worst year of my life to date and this year I would be adjusting to the life-changing events of the past year. Ding! Round 2.

Then she got into my personal life, pulling out the tarot cards.  She asked about why (according to the cards) I was at such an impasse  in my life right now, what had happened recently that was changing all of my life plans. I told her I had just had a baby boy who had a birth defect. Ta-da! There he was, the Prince card. Interesting that she saw that card to represent my King. ;)

She said he was going to be okay.  

Hm.  Define: okay.

She said I would be able to prevent his condition from getting any worse and that some aspect of his condition would be resolved, i.e. it would be 'cured'.
I said that wasn't going to happen.
She said, yes it was.
I said no.
She said yes, it's right here.
I said he's paralyzed.
She paused.
Then she asked what his birth defect was.
I told her about spina bifida and what it meant for Kingsley, the spinal cord damage, the hydrocephalus.
She flipped her cards some more and insisted that something at some point was going to be better.
I was silent.
She asked what happened before shunts were invented.

OK, point taken, but that line gets old.

So, now I question myself. Am I a pessimist or a realist? Is it wrong for me to not be overly optimistic about Kingsley being 'cured' of his (four) diagnoses? I know the Xiao Technique is rumbling and King has a long lifetime for there to be breakthroughs.... but I'm not holding my breath there. I can't be the person that is hanging onto every research journal convinced that the Next Big Thing is out there and all of the lousy will go away one day.  I feel like that would be a disservice to Kingsley and who he is. As if I'm not accepting him for who he is or that I'm unhappy with him.  But now I'm worried that I'm going to be holding him back somehow! There's no winning in parenthood, is there?  I would LOVE for the spina bifida to go away. All of it and all of the stuff associated with it. Poof, gone. I would also love to win the lottery and be a size 4.  And if none of those things ever happened, I would not die feeling unfulfilled.

The psychic also told me that my mom was going to have a good time on her trip overseas with my dad (they're going on a cruise in Europe soon), my other children 'are fine', I have a lot of love in my life, Jeff and I are good, I have the three children I am destined to have (there are no more that are in my destiny although I could make the choice to have more), we're going to be having a great year financially, and there is a big heavy door closing right now.  Some of that was vague, but it was all true for one reason or another.

And so I will hang onto this CD recording of her predictions.  We will see.

Monday, July 19, 2010

La Dee Da

I feel odd going a few days without posting, but nothing really Kingsley-related has been happening lately. The poor kid has practically been banished to the bouncy chair and play mat while I deal with Cordelia. We are toilet training. So far, so good. The first day was horrendous. Second day, she held it. Third and fourth days she's got it! Going independently even. Except the big ugly. That still happens in her unders. Greeeeat. Still, for day 4 I'm pretty happy.

Rachel started swimming lessons today. She's hilarious. With two former lifeguards as parents, she's destined to be a swimmer. Unfortunately, one of the first things she said was: "Well... I don't want to put my face in actually."  Doomed! ;)

Kingsley has now eaten apricots, sweet potatoes and pears. Gagged a bit on the sweet potatoes the last time he had them, but I think he liked the pears.

Oh, wait! There was something exciting. We've been working on sitting up and the other day he sort of, kind of, almost did it. It was kind of a hard thing to spot him and take a picture, but this is what I've got:

He sort of leans on something to support himself in the tripod way. It lasts about 2-3 seconds at best. I need those hands to open up! I'm going to see about buying him some new toys this week as well. I feel like everything the girls used is inappropriate or not 'right' for him.  They also didn't start teething until they were 8.5 and 11.5 months old and I swear he's got a tooth bump already. I have to get him some teethers he can manipulate before he eats his hands.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Six Months

My baby boy is officially 6 months old (yesterday, actually).  It's so cliche, but seriously, where did the time go? He is definitely not the teenie little baby I brought home so carefully all those months ago.

So, what's been going on with my little man now that he's such a mature age?  *drum roll* He is eating food!

Rachel and I spent an hour making baby food the other day. Rachel started, but got bored. Apparently baby food is not as exciting as cupcakes. We made:

Sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, and blueberries. Um, yum? Pureed food is not really my thing. Today, I added pears and peaches to the menu.  When I get another spare hour I'm going to make peas, beans, squash, and plums. It's funny, when we made Rachel's baby food, my friend Silvia and I nearly two dozen different foods in one day. It was wild. I'm not so ambitious anymore and I will never again puree any type of meat.

And the verdict from Kingsley?

So far so good. He has tried the apricots and the sweet potatoes. At first, he wasn't so sure what to do with food in his mouth, but he's getting there. He even opens his mouth occasionally when the spoon is in front of him, which was one of those feeding-cues that was absent before.

With the monthly milestones of course comes a visit to the paediatrician. Kingsley is 18lbs, 8oz. Not as much as my lousy scale says (which makes me hopeful that my weight is also a lot less! ;) ).  His weight is about the 50th percentile, his height is about the 90th, and his head circumference is about the 75th. A little inconsistent, but endlessly cute of course!

He also got shots.  I know a lot of mom's get upset when their kids get the shots. It's hard to see your kids cry.  But, I gotta tell ya. It's harder when they don't even flinch. King had absolutely no reaction to getting his vaccine in either leg and that was really hard to watch. I'd take Cordelia's meltdown any day.

Six months is kind of a big milestone for Kingsley for other reasons as well. As of Sunday, he will be six months shunt-happy. No revisions, blocks, malfunctions or any of that other nightmare-inducing drama. Six months, oh my gosh, I am so unbelievably happy about this. The odds of shunt problems decrease after six months and one year, I've read. I've almost stopped thinking about it, which is lovely and peaceful. I know that at some point we'll have to deal with it. More surgeries, more recovery, more terror and panic. But, for now, we are thinking about swimming lessons and sitting up with assistance and road trips to see Harry Potter exhibits and toilet training an indecisive toddler.

Kingy's big half birthday ended with Cordelia deciding that Kingsley should get his long blonde locks out of his face. At least it matched his outfit.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spina Bifida on Prime Time

Paul Reiser (the guy from Mad About You) has a new show coming out in the fall. It's based on his life, loosely, and since he has a son in a wheelchair (cerebral palsy) he wanted a boy in a wheelchair to play his son.  The boy who got the part has spina bifida!

I've just become this kid's (and this show's!) biggest fan. :)

Here's more about him: Brock Waidmann, Brock on Facebook  

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dinner Time

Today it happened. Kingsley ate off a spoon for the first time.
After much contemplation, what ended up being on the dinner menu was:

... well, it wasn't peaches, that's for sure. It was Lansoyl.  It seems Mr. No-Poop might need some help and this is supposed to do that.  It tastes like a jello shooter.
Started okay.
Those lips are sealed.
OMG, Mom! This stuff is groooooss!

I was a bit disappointed to be giving Kingsley a third medication. It's not that I'm anti-medicine for kids, I just am not one to give them medication unless it's absolutely necessary. And I know Kingsley's medication is necessary. See how I'm trying to convince myself here?  I guess I thought I had another week before we had to start dealing with bowel issues. I wish we did. I need more time to be okay with this! I can't believe how fast time is going and how old my sweet little baby is already.

Oh, and for first real foods, I've changed my mind again. I think I'm going with apricots. Then maybe squash.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Head to Toe

King's had a lot of things going on lately, I feel like I need to write them all out before I forget. It's helpful sometimes to really think about where they are at so when they move ahead you can see how far they have come, you know?  So, here is where Kingsley is at as of today.

I'll start at his head! He had a neurosurgeon appointment yesterday and he got the thumbs up. It was actually one of the oddest appointments he's had so far because it was so short! From into the parking lot, to out of the parking lot was less than a half hour. For those of you with experience feeding your credit card into a hospital parking thing, you know how incredible it is that I only paid $3.50! Anyway, his shunt had been feeling odd to me lately, but she said it was fine and felt good and everything was attached. No more worries there. She also gave the all clear on his incision, not that I had any worries, but I'll take any good news!

His neurosurgeon asked about his leg movement. There was a moment where I stopped breathing. It's in the back of my head and I hate it. I hate thinking about it, I hate not thinking about it. I hate the nag nag nag that is always there and here it is: I don't think his legs move as much as they 'should' and when she asked this question, the way she asked it and the fraction of a pause she had when I responded felt like a confirmation of that. When we went for the MRI, it showed that there was slight splitting at L5, definite split at S1 and S2.  My OB and the doctor who reviewed the MRI were cautiously optimistic that he would 'have' L5 functioning and only S1 and below would be effected. I don't think that's the case. I don't know. I try not to think about it, but I look at the charts that show what L4, L5, S1 and S2 control and I get the queasy butterflies in my stomach. Does it matter? I don't know. In many ways, no.  In some ways, yes. His mobility is what is at stake here. Walking? Walking with orthotics? A walker? Canes? Not walking?  Jeff has noticed it too and he wonders if it's because Kingsley didn't have a sac over his opening; maybe more of his spinal cord was damaged. Who knows?  Does that even make sense? I don't need to be hung up on this right now. It's too far in the future to be losing sleep over. And so, I will block it out for another day. :)

So, back to his head. Shunt - check. Head size - check.  The other thing I was worried about was his fontanel. It seems to be closing up. We don't need more head problems! All good there though. She says it's fine and it's okay that it's closing.  He may end up with a smaller head than the girls and Jeff and I. She actually said that. Uh, hi. Have you seen our Frankenheads? Ha! Smaller than us equals normal! Yay Kingsley!

I forgot to ask her about the Chiari stuff. He is still gagging a lot when he eats his hands and one day last week he kept making himself spit up (which would've been fine if he wasn't in the mei tai, puking into my shirt!). 

Head control is something Kingsley is still struggling with a lot. He holds himself up in tummy time if he has something under his chest. If he's just on the floor, he puts his head down and whines. When I hold him, he sometimes flops his head around. I still have to make sure I have a free hand to grab him in case he arches back. Remember when that happened to Britney Spears and her son?  I think of that all the time.

Moving along, his hands. Three weeks ago when HVPI saw him he wasn't opening his hands that much yet. Now he does. They're more often open than closed, unless they're in his mouth. He will reach for toys and grab things in front of him. He will poke at noise/light toys if they're within arms reach and it isn't too much effort. When he's on his tummy, he puts his left arm down by his side. I'm not sure why, but he just always moves it down. I keep forgetting to ask what's up with that.

Belly.  It's gorgeously squishy. I tried weighing him on my lousy scale and I think he's nearly 20lbs. Sure feels like it. I don't think Rachel was this heavy until she was a year old. His torso is weak, like his head/neck.  Sitting doesn't seem to be in his immediate future, but we're working on it. Since he's 8 days away from being 6 months old, I've been facing the inevitable: solid foods. I have put more thought into his first food than just about any other meal. It can't be banana's or avocado's because of the latex thing. Can't be rice cereal (not that it would be anyway) because that's constipating. The whole vegetable vs fruit debate isn't much of a factor because he's breastfed (sweet, so that's what he's used to) so I was thinking of going with peaches. But even as I write that, I second guess myself.

And along those lines, here's where you'll want to cover your eyes if you don't have kids - and maybe even f you do - because we're going to talk about poop! Specifically, the fact that Kingsley hasn't gone since Friday. How bizarre! He has gone every single diaper and then some since he was in the hospital. It's seriously a constant, never ending thing and in one day - poof! Done. The faucet was turned off. He's not remotely bothered by this and I kind of like it, to be honest. I could leave the same diaper on all day if I wanted! Which of course I don't. The neurosurgeon said he didn't seem blocked up. I talked to a nurse today that said it could be the heat. His pee has been the same (yea, cathing!) so he's not dehydrated.  Wanh wanh wanh. What it boils down to is that I have to call his paediatrician tomorrow. Not sure what she's going to say, but we'll see. And then I'll start him on solids and begin the life long battle with bowel issues. Yea.

Which brings us down to his legs and feet.  I kind of already covered that. I don't know. His hips are good and he's got nice range of motion. I'm trying to get him to try out some weight bearing stuff.  He's so heavy! I hold him under his arms and it makes him a bit angry, which I imagine is because it's not that comfortable. I do chair pose on his back and try to get him to push against my hands. Sometimes I feel it. He still wears his boot (i.e. splint) most days when we're not out in this scorching heat.  My sister just pointed out that blogger now lets you upload videos (YEA!) so here is one from last month. This is the extent of his leg movement, I think. He doesn't do this often, which is hard to expain to some people. The frequency is one of the big difference between him and other babies, I think. I mean, other than the limitations obviously.  Seems he can do this, but he doesn't often.
(and thank you to Rachel and Cordelia for the background commentary. clearly, Cor is experimenting with sitting on the toilet)

I guess that's it. He is so happy and smiley and is in love with his sisters. He cranes his neck to find them when he hears their voices, huge goofy grin all set and try as I might, I cannot make him laugh as hard and long as they can. Cordelia, who is forever giving us a running commentary on our lives, just loves yelling out, "KINKY MILE!!" which in Cordie speak means 'Kinglsey is smiling,' because he always is!  I should spruce this up with pictures to make it more interesting, but all this thinking about him has made me want to go get some sugar instead. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day

Now that Rachel is four and Cordelia is two, I'm finding holidays to be so incredibly fun. Rach is old enough to *get* them for the most part, once you explain what the point of the celebration is. She also gets satisfyingly excited about them and wrapped up in the occasion. As a result, Cordelia happily tags along, giggling and carrying on.  Kingsley, well. He is my little holiday doll that I dress up and present to the world as the Cutest Little (insert holiday) Baby Boy EVER. 

This year's Canada Day was no exception! It was the first year in a long time that we really celebrated.  Port Stanley was doing a big CanFest, which was a bit of a bust in many areas, but the kids didn't mind in the slightest.  For example, our day started with the parade. A Canada Day Parade!! So... American, LOL! We all put on our Canada tee's, painted our toenails red, and had Rachel bedazzle us with Canada stickers before we loaded the kids into the wagon and off we went to the main strip for the parade. We laid down our Ottawa blanket, grabbed a few flags to wave, even got a few Maple Leaf pins. Bring on the parade.
And this was it. As in, that's the whole thing right there. To the left is the start, and to the right is the end. It lasted about 90 seconds and they weren't moving quickly. Ah, well. They had cake after. The kids were happy.

After the cake, we headed to the beach for the bouncy things. Kingsley and I sat on the beach and watched the girls heads bob up every so often. 

In the afternoon, we hit the beach and the girls participated in a gong show of a pirate hunt. Good idea, bad follow through. It was for 8 and under and the prizes at the end were gum, skipping ropes and those paddles with the ball attached by an elastic. Fabulous. Rachel is still wearing her pirate hat though.

We had an awesome BBQ and then tucked the kids into bed in their clothes. I had a brilliant plan to wake them up and take them down to the beach for fireworks at 10pm.  My sister was skeptical.  My mom volunteered to stay home with Karis and Kingsley. 

It was a brilliant idea! The girls loved it! Although, about halfway through the fireworks, Kristin and I looked at each other and realized that there was a good chance our mom was at home with two screaming babies. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. They slept through it!

What a fabulous day!  Yay Canada!!  I am so incredibly greatful every single day to be living in this country.  HST and all ;)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Big B Day

Kingsley was baptised today.  He was, as usual, a superstar.

We ran around like mad men this morning, trying to get the laundry out of the way, tidy the house, get little kids all cleaned up and stay cleaned up. Shoes were missing, dresses were put on backwards, wrong outfits were put on.  Note for the future: don't plan big events the day after you get back from vacation!

It's also really hard to find a dress that allows you to feed your baby without having a wardrobe malfunction while you lean over the baptismal font. Modesty: FAIL.  The above picture is the least revealing.  Ha! My sister, Kristin, did better with buttons. Kristin was King's Godmother and my brother, David, was the Godfather. They did a great job ;) 

I had such trouble finding an outfit for Kingsley.  To be fair, my shopping options are slim when you have 3 children who don't love to shop all that much, especially for clothes. All I could find were full suits or frilly, lacey gowns. And then I found a white romper. It seemed like a good option, until I put it on him today and as my brother pointed out, it was a little bit MC Hammer-esque. Can't touch this.

So, as I'm sitting there watching all of the little babies get baptised, I was thinking about the events have happened at our church. We've been going there since before I was born. I was baptised there, I had my first communion there, we were married there, the girls were baptised there.
But it's the little events that stand out the most. There's a moment when you walk up the aisle at communion, and you know you should be thinking about something other than parading, but that's what you're doing. My mom loves the parade of having all 5 of her grandchildren there with her; bonus if they're wearing coordinating outfits she's bought them.  I love the first time you walk up the aisle with your new baby and everyone there has seen you pregnant and know this is the new baby they've watched growing all those months. Everyone smiles, you're smiling... usually the baby is not smiling. My other favourite is the first time your baby walks up the aisle. Usually holding both of your hands and toddling along, half hanging, half dragging, but definitely walking.  I have no idea when or how this is going to happen for Kingsley, but I'm already excited for it. I am seriously going to have to work really hard not to tear up when he does it. What a day that will be!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a week!!  Kingsley finally met my sister, Kristin and his two cousins, Kamille and Karis. Love at first squish. 

Karis was quite take with Kingsley. Yet another older girl in his life to poke and prod him. Poor guy. No wonder Cordelia and Karis got along so well!

We took the kids to a cottage in Port Stanley for a week. It was awesome to have all the cousins there getting to spend time with each other. The K's all live over in BC so we don't see them that often. BFF's all over again.

I'm exhausted now though. I've been doing endless de-sanding of everything we own. I think half the beach came back with us. Kinglsey's baptism is tomorrow, so the fun continues!

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