Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I can't even begin to tell you what a rockstar Kingsley is. Remember how I was worried about his development and so scared that he wouldn't hit milestones and ever conquer the tummy time...

Well, check this out!!

KINGSLEY ROLLED OVER!!!  I put him on his tummy in the hallway while I was getting the bath ready for the three of them, but was distracted by how darn cute Kinger was just lying there so I started taking pictures. He hiked himself up on his side, then more, then more, then next thing I knew he was on his back!

I flipped the switch to video, put him back on his tummy and he did it again!

And apparently photobucket hates me because it's not working! 

After their bath, I put him back out to get him out of the way and he kept rolling over! I think he was just showing off at that point. Huge puffy diaper, big chubby tummy, thunder thighs and a thing on his foot and this boy rolled anyway. I was so proud I could have exploded on the spot. Kingsley is amazing.

Incidentally, this is the exact same age both girls were when they first rolled over. Who would've thought I'd ever get this excited about my baby rolling over!


  1. LOVE it! Oh my sweet Kinger! I love the photo flip-book like capture of his roll...if you scroll down fast enough it turns in to a video, for sure!

  2. Go Kingsley! That's awesome. I remember the first time Caleb rolled over, I think I cried :).

  3. WTG! Kingsley!!!! You are the man!!

  4. Yay Kingsley!! That's so great!

  5. I actually teared up following the sequence of photos! It was just so exciting!!
    I cannot imagine how proud and pleased you all must be... 'cause I sure am! Way to go, little King!


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