Thursday, May 6, 2010

What do Babies with SB Need?

I remember wondering this and I've seen so many pregnant moms ask this. Usually the answer is: "Same things any baby needs!" But I've figured out something special that they do need! Sleepers that have snaps all the way down the middle and down both legs.

Here's why. When Kingsley first came home and started wearing clothes, they had to be one piece outfits (i.e. sleepers) that allowed his back to be exposed to the air. So we just put his sleepers on backwards and left a few snaps undone in the middle. You can't do this if they have a zipper and you can't do this if the snaps go down the side of the sleeper.

Also, we have to catheterize Kingsley four times a day and because he is such a great sleeper :) we have to do his last cath after he's gone to sleep already. If his sleepers have snaps down both legs, I can undo just the bottom, get it done and get him dressed without waking him up. When they have zippers or just go down one leg, I have to either strip him or wrestle to get the one leg out, which usually wakes him up. So frustrating!

So, there you go.  That's my 2 cents on what you need.

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  1. I have a couple cents to add to that!
    1. A watch with a timer and/or alarms. Between cathing, dressing changes, medication times, feeding ect I found that if I had an alarm to remind me that it was time, it took stress of remembering too much.
    2. Also an angel care mat (alarm is supposed to go off if they stop breathing) to help me sleep better with a tummy sleeper
    3. Plastic shoe boxes, with snap on lids. Something to keep all the catheter and dressing supplies together, but transportable. Really helpful when you have a toddler that wants to 'help'


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