Monday, May 31, 2010

Waiting and Waiting Lists

We have been really lucky so far.  From my midwife team, to my OB, to the SB team, and his paediatrician, we have encountered only fabulous people and services. I know that at any time I have a number on my fridge that will connect me to someone who will answer any questions or help me with any concerns regarding Kingsley.  So far, we have gotten everything we need before we even know we need it.

But now, there are two services I suddenly want and can't have and it's making me crazy! The first is to finally meet the developmental paediatrician with the SB clinic. We've had 2 appointments cancelled so far and the third is on a day that we'll be out of town for Jeff's birthday.  I know that when I call to get the next available date, they'll tell me it's the week we're at the cottage this summer. I just feel like we're never going to get in with her and it's frustrating me.

The second is the Home Visiting Program for Infants that we've been on the waitlist for since King was born.  It wasn't a big deal at first.  I haven't had a need for any regular help. I was confident that his needs have been met through all of the other services. His development has been fine and until now the only PT he's needed has been on his foot.

The reason I want these services now is because I'm suddenly worried about his development. His torso seems weak, he doesn't hold his head up that well, he is not improving with the dreaded tummy time. I need someone to come in and tell me whether I need to be concerned or not. What's the spectrum? Is he on it? Is he way off? What can I do with him to get things going? I feel like there has to be exercises that I can be doing with him to strengthen his torso, but I have no idea what they are.  Baby yoga only gets me so far ;)

As far as HVPI is concerned, I'm not upset about being on the waitlist. I work in the autism field, so to say that I have experience with waitlists would be an understatement. It is odd being on this end of things: the waiting instead of the waited for. I know it's coming.  I know it will be worth the wait. I know there's absolutely nothing that can be done about the wait. But I hate waiting!!

Come on, look at this face. You going to keep making him wait?

To be honest, I think he really needs the excercises because he's getting a bit chubby. Don't you think?  This boy needs to get in shape!



  1. Its his cheeks..they are weighing him down front and side to side, of course!
    Anyone else on the SB blog circuit got any advice about his development?
    Regardless, he needs snuggles from me.

  2. That boy keeps getting cuter every time I see a new pic! Chub is definitely cute on babies. Funny how it's not cute when it's on us though, eh? I guess chub could make that tummy time movement difficult though.

  3. I agree with LJ he gets cuter everyday!! (hugs) I'll be praying that services start to come through for him soon!!

  4. Such cute pics! He's a chunker like my Nickolas!! We only started regular PT last month (at 6 months) at the SB clinic - 1 hour away - and we are on a wait list at our local PT/OT centre. I wish I had some kind of advice of what to do, but Nick's head and torso are weak and that is what we are working on.
    Is there a social worker you can talk to at your SB clinic? Maybe she/he can work with you to help get the services or seek alternates. It's so hard when you are worried that you are missing out on services that he needs!

  5. hahah I LOVE the pictures!! Chunky babies are the best!! Grey was a big chunk too, he started to think out some around 10ish months. I just love chubby babies! :)

  6. oh my gosh, he is such a LOVE. My Alex is a sweet squish of love too!!! oh and the waiting on anything that you want for your baby is the worst!! I'm no expert but I think he's doing fine!!

    Can you talk to your pediatrician for advice or reassurance? Alex is almost 10 months for his adjusted age and is still working on getting stronger in his torso, sitting, etc. It just takes a bit longer with some babes. He's much better on head/neck strength now but it felt like it has taken QUITE awhile and we still work on that because of some torticollis he developed as an infant (tight muscles on one side of his neck). The BEST exercises we have been given were the dreaded tummy time ones, they really DO help improve head/neck/torso/back strength. I'd find all of his favorite toys and try to hold out giving them to him until these exercises several times a day so he'd be more motivated. Also as he's gotten older, we have this big exercise ball that we actually sit him on top of and roll him a little side to side, front to back so he had to try to work his torso to keep upright and stable. It only took the most minor movements and he definitely works these muscles. Plus he loves the ball, I bounce him on it to give him breaks in between and he thinks its a game. Sorry, I wrote a book, I hope some of it helps though.

  7. I absolutely love the chub! He looks fantastic! :) I know we're not in the same situation...but Finn didn't like tummy time until he was over 5 months old and even now it's definitely not his favourite...I did a lot of small bouts after diaper changes with lots of pats on the bum with funny noises to keep him there longer - that's my best trick ;)

  8. Our 1st daughter had hip dysplasia and she wore a harness for 10 weeks to correct it. Her hip healed great, but when she came out of that thing, she was so weak all over. We went to PT at 4.5 months because she wasn't holding her head up well and hated tummy time. The exercises she got were: sit-ups while she held onto the PT's fingers, some leg stretching up to her chest, and finally the PT balanced her on a big inflatable exercise ball. She really hated that. We only had 5 sessions and then did the exercises at home. I think the sit-ups worked the best.
    Hope that helps until you get off that waiting list!


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