Thursday, May 6, 2010

Retail Update

I finally got some decent pictures of my Mei Tai (forgot to credit her again! Natural Mother Productions) and a couple not so decent pictures of the diapers. A friend of mine came over to try out my MT with her daughter and Rachel watched and is now wanting to be worn in it all the time. Which, of course, means that Cordelia does as well.

And these are my new Kawaii pocket diapers. The night diapers have animals, the day diapers are solid. I even took the inserts out and used the day diapers as swim diapers today and they kept Kingsley's messy stuff in just fine!


  1. Oh, and I have to add, Hanna and Mya have also given themselves haircuts, it's so heartbreaking! Happily it's only hair and tends to grow back.


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