Sunday, May 2, 2010

Retail Therapy

So, during my grouchy phase last month, I treated myself to some retail therapy and Kingsley and I are now benefiting from it.

I started off with new running shoes and an iPod Shuffle for me. The running thing has to happen and I needed some financial motivation. If I have paid the big bucks for the fancy kicks and stuff, I would have major guilt for not following through. It's working. I'm done week 4 of the Couch to 5K program and I'm down about 6lbs. I still hate running though. I don't have pictures of my gear, but everytime I see the shoes by my front door I think my mom is here hiding somewhere. I'm not used to associating fancy running shoes with myself.

Then I got Kingsley and I a new mei tai carrier. It's made by a local mom and it's gorgeous. I don't have any good pictures of us in it, but here's a look at the fabric, and a lousy picture of King from the top. It's so comfy and is sturdier behind his head than my last one, which makes it completely hands free. Because he's little age-wise, but not little size-wise, I found that when he was in my old one I always had to have one hand on his head/neck to make sure he wasn't flopping everywhere when I was walking. Now, I don't have to worry about that. He can fall asleep or stay awake and look around and either way I don't have to hang onto him.

I also got a whole new stash of diapers! I have switched from cheap All-in-Ones to shmancier pockets and Kingsley is officially in cloth diapers now. I was nervous about him wearing them because of his incision being so low and directly into his bum crack, but these are great for pulling away the wet stuff. And they're cute. Whoa, is it ever different having 2 kids in cloth diapers! I don't have a single picture of them, but they are cute and Kingsley's bum is huge so I'll get some soon.

The kids also all got new bathing suits. I'm so excited to be home all summer. We're going to be spending a lot of time at the splash pad, the wading pools, and in the backyard turtle pool! And Rachel will be starting swimming lessons! has awesome rashguard suits on for 50% off. How do I turn that down?  They sort of all match. Actually, I found out Kingsley and Cordelia will even be matching my nieces when they come visit in June! Same same!

Lastly, I bought The Princess and the Frog DVD because I'm just about done with watching Toy Story I and II.  Treehouse annoys me and I like that some of these movies have jokes for adults, too.  It's a cute movie, but not my favourite. At least I don't have it memorized yet. ;)

And now for a gratuitous picture ...


  1. I love gratuitous photos - especially of my little King!
    I am excited for our kiddies to be SAME-SAME!
    Yeah for shopping!

  2. Great job on the running!
    I am a pocket diaper fan too. That's what we used for Zoe.
    That is a sweet picture of the little King! He gets cuter all the time. I love that about babies. :) His cheeks are just perfect!

  3. So what kind of fancy shoes do you use for running? My son wants to start jogging and I told him I'd go with him...but I know I'll need proper shoes for sure. Any advice?

  4. Which diapers are yo using? I'm annoyed with my Happy Heiny's right now and looking to try out some others....

  5. Oh wow. I absolutely love that last shot. What BEAUTIFUL eyes.



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