Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama's Boy

Have I said it before? Kingsley has the goofiest smile! His whole face erupts in this big open mouth grin that just makes me melt and laugh at the same time. It's like he's experiencing pure joy and I love it.

I've also realized that he is a mama's boy right now. When he was first born and in the hospital, my mom commented on my ability to calm him down. When the nurses were doing stuff to him, I'd reach through the little circles of his incubator and rub his head, whisper to him and somehow get him to settle without picking him up. I figured he just needed anyone doing that, but they insisted it was just me. Now, he's the same way. When he's upset, he wants me. If I'm slow to get to him (or someone else tries to settle him and gives it a valiant effort before passing him over) he will almost yell at me as if saying: "Where were you, Mommy? I wanted you!" He won't even start to nurse until he's done yelling and getting his point across. Then he settles in and gives me some love. Oh, the love that boy can give you with his snuggles and coo's and gazes.  Melt my heart, what more does a Mama need?

One of his favourite times to yell at me is when I make him do tummy time for too long. He'll tough it out for a bit, then glare at me, then get mad. He'll never roll at this rate.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. That is really sweet. That melts my heart just thinking about it! That second pic is awesome. It is amusing, although Kingsley does not appear to be amused! :)

  2. What awesome pics :) I can't pic a favourite...both are perfect.

  3. I LOVE that pic of him doing tummy time!


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