Thursday, May 6, 2010


This doesn't have much to do with Kingsley, but 2 days ago my darling long-haired girl who was bald for so long I swore I'd never cut her hair... cut all her hair off.


This was so unRachel-like, I was completely thrown. One minute I was running around dealing with a climbing Cordelia, feeding Kingsley, getting dinner going, the next I was staring into a garbage bag full of hair trying to wrap my head around what I was staring at. She gave herself a mullet.  I took her yesterday to get it fixed and voila! Summer haircut. It looks like she cut her own hair.

AFTER: here is her new short 'do.  It does look cute, if not a little choppy. She also has very short bangs because she chopped them on one side. We have had some serious 'chats' and if she ever dares to snip so much as a hair on Cordelia or Kingsley's heads I will not be so understanding!

(Mommy!! Don't let Rachel near me!)


  1. Aw, her sweet little face looks SO sad. :( The new do looks adorable. I bet you'll be happier with it when her bangs grow a bit. At least if she did cut Kingley's hair you could shave it and his head would still look adorable.

  2. Her face does look so sad! I let a kid cut my hair with pinking shears as a child. I wonder what it is that fascinates littles so much with cutting hair off...

  3. she still looks adorable but she does look really sad!


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