Sunday, May 16, 2010

4 Month Check Up

On Friday, Kingsley saw his paediatrician for his usual check up stuff. He is doing fabulous. He's checking in at 16lbs, 10oz which is up almost 3lbs in 2 months and over twice his birth weight. Despite starting out smaller than both girls (8lb6oz, 8lb13oz and King was 7lb13oz), he is now bigger than either of them were at his age. Healthy? I think so.

Well, other than that, Kingsley was once again called a girl by the receptionist. And he got his shots, which he did fuss a bit for. Funny how I was happy that he didn't like getting needles in his thighs.  Last time when he didn't react at all I got all freaked out about whether or not he could even feel his legs. Sometimes, I wish we could just fast forward to knowing what he can and cannot feel/do so I can just rewind back to now and relax about it all. 

His doctor wasn't concerned with his head control. She watched him on his tummy and said he is trying to roll over from a neurological standpoint, but his legs are slowing him down a bit. I took that to mean he was trying, but couldn't do the final kick to get his lower body over. He'll get there in his own time, she said. Both of the girls had randomly rolled from their front to back by this age, but neither were doing it consistently and it was another few weeks before either pushed up onto their forearms. I know I'm not supposed to compare, but it helps me put things in perspective.

He's also starting to lose his hair. Poor guy, he is going to be his Daddy's clone before you know it.


  1. Love that photo of the wee, I mean BIG boy. Karis just weighed in at 15lbs, 6oz at 8 months. Hmmmmm....I'd say he's lovin' his momma's milk.. ; )

  2. he is just so darn cute!!! He's got the best cheeks!


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