Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 4

My little man is doing so well. Honestly, you would not believe what he has been through unless you saw his battle scars because he is just awesome. I've been discharged so I'm spending my time now just sitting beside him watching him sleep. I could do this all day! ... actually, I probably will.

They've got him on a few monitors still, but nothing on his beautiful face anymore. He has been taking formula and now *drum roll* breast milk! YAY! When I'm here, I get to try and feed him before giving him a bottle. So far, he doesn't quite know what to do with it in his mouth and my milk isn't strong enough to give him the idea, but we're going to figure it out eventually.

As for the long term stuff... right now they are cath'ing him every 4 hours. I saw how it was done and it's not as scary as I thought. Most things aren't as scary once they're applied to my little angel though. He just makes things seem bareable. We're almost certain that he does have the L5 stuff and that his limitations begin at S1. The neuro said he'll walk for sure, just with braces likely. He has movement in his toes and some in his ankle/foot, but not full movement we don't think and possibly not feeling.

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