Friday, November 6, 2009

Another OB Update

I had a neurosurgeon and an OB appointment this week with another ultrasound. The baby looks fine still. He still has some of the lemon head thing happening, but it should go away. No problems with his feet. We got a good look at them moving around and I could sure feel it. He's flipped head down, so his feet are right under my ribs. Unfortunately, so was his bum, so still wasn't a fabulous look at his back. The little stinker wants to keep secrets.

They looked to see if hydrocephalus was developing yet. His ventricles are measuring 9mm. Normal goes up to 1cm, so he's at the high end, but still normal range. It's just a matter of time though. It sounded like my OB was anticipating seeing it develop soon.

As for the lesion, once again they were saying sacral. For some reason, the u/s techs keep saying it's lower, but the OB and radiologist who did his diagnosis think it's about L5 (just above sacral). It's the teeniest of differences that could mean a lot for him regarding walking though. Hopefully the MRI at the end of the month will clarify once and for all. There is a little sac on his back, but the word is still that his lesion is small.

That's it.

I'm 28 weeks and I feel huge. I'm so uncomfortable.  I do not like being pregnant!!

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